Annual Members Meeting – March 15, 2003

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Minutes of the Annual Members Meeting, March 15th, 2003
CCSN, Bldg D, Room 219

The meeting was called to order by President Allen Magruder at 2:58 pm.

First, a review of the last members meeting was discussed. This included the application of non-profit status by Nevada Chess and Chris Bird is handling this. Also, the list of Directors to the Nevada Secretary of State was 2 years late and this has been updated, with fines paid.

The Budget was discussed. The budget balance for fiscal 2002 was $1320. For fiscal 2003, for at least the first 9 months, income was $956, while expense totaled about $1375. With this deficit in mind, a motion was raised and seconded to raise the dues to $12 a year for 2004. Greg Niemi proposed an amendment to raise the dues to $15. In the discussion that followed, the member’s dues offset the cost of the bulletin, the State Scholastic pays for the $300 stipend to the Denker candidate and the State Champion’s expense is paid by the gifts received (i.e. Ken Sims and Reno Chess Club). Members were in favor of an increase in the dues, but an informal poll indicated a 50-50 split on whether it should be $12 or $15. A proposal was made that a subcommittee be created to analyze both increases and advise on which increase should take effect in 2004. A further motion was made that the Denker contribution be standardized at 50% of the Nevada Chess income from the State Scholastic, with a $200 minimum. The motion passed.

On behalf of the current State Champion, Jerome Weikel, Allen Magruder started a discussion regarding the prizes awarded to the State Champion and runner-up. It was felt that the Nevada State Championship has lost some of its prestige with small prizes. It was also felt that the qualification procedure also lacks prestige, funding and standardization. In the discussion, it was determined Nevada Chess needs to take control of the qualifiers in order to raise funds for the State Championship and to even incorporate the idea of Class Championships. The motion was made to form a subcommittee to look into improving the State Championship qualifiers. This passed.

Next Norm Harvey made the motion that the Board call another Membership meeting to amend the Bylaws by late May. Chris Bird suggested another subcommittee be formed to look at Norm’s drafts and to make any necessary changes. The proposed Bylaws will then be published in the April Bulletin and a membership meeting be scheduled for approximately 28 days after the Bulletin goes out. This passed.

Next, the ballots for Election 2003 were opened, verified, and counted. 19 Ballots were received and 18 were verified (one lacked a signature). Votes tallied were as follows, Dan Conver 14, Allen Magruder 13, Brad Zentmyer 12, Greg Niemi 6, Charles Hatherill 6. Since three take office, Magruder and Conver continue as directors. Zentmyer replaces Hatherill for 2-year term. With this, the meeting was adjourned.

At 4:30 pm, the Board of Directors, with a quorum present (excluding only Ron Gentil) met to discuss Officer placement. John Trivett proposed the following slate, Chris Bird President, Dan Conver Vice President, Brad Zentmyer Secretary and Allen Magruder Treasurer. Zentmyer refused the Secretary position so Trivett agreed to continue and the officers were officially placed unanimously. John Trivett pointed out that he actively solicited for nominations from Northern Nevada and that since none were forthcoming, one of the other ballot candidates, Niemi or Hatherill be appointed by the President until the 2004 election. Under advisement of the Board, as per the Bylaws, President Chris Bird appointed Charles Hatherill to serve the one-year term.

Annual Members Meeting – March 23, 2002

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Report on the Annual Members Meeting & Election 2002

The annual membership meeting was held March 23rd, 2002 at CCSN, Building D, Room 170A. First business was tallying the ballots of the 2002 Election. Results were: Chris Bird 8, John Trivett 10, Ron Gentil 10, Basil Zangrave 5, so Bird, Trivett, and Gentil are elected to two year terms (2002-2004), joining Charles Hatherill, Allen Magruder, Dan Conver, and Milivoj Filipas on the Board of Directors of Nevada Chess, Inc.

After some discussion regarding the non-profit status of Nevada Chess, Inc., Chris Bird was asked to look into the IRS requirements with the objective to file with the IRS for non-profit corporate status.

Chris suggested we might promote Nevada Chess membership by holding and advertising a Southern Nevada Championship tournament separate from one with a scholastic section, and provide a discounted entry fee to Nevada Chess members. Brad Zentmeyer suggested some number (10?, 20?) of the top finishers in the June scholastic tournament be given discounted or free entries in the Southern Nevada Championship. Chris volunteered to see whether there might be any conflicts with a Southern Nevada Championship Tourney in the July-September timeframe.

Board members need to decide in the near future assignment of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary posts.

Report by Allen Magruder

Annual Members Meeting – March 24, 2001

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Report on the Annual Members Meeting & Election 2001

On March 24, 2001, the annual members meeting of Nevada Chess, Inc. convened at 3:30 PM, and was chaired by Allen Magruder with John Trivett taking notes. The first order of business was determining the result of the election of board Members. Milivoj Filipas, Charles Hatherill, and Allen Magruder were elected to office with unanimous votes, which were counted in front of those in attendance. The new board members take office at the end of this Members meeting. The Chairman of the Election Committee extended the deadline by a few days in order to retrieve undelivered ballots known to have been mailed several days previously. With this election, Jerry Weikel and Norm Harvey leave office, and we thank them for their service.

Next, the bulletin was discussed and it was suggested that the page count be increased and paper quality be upgraded. A dues increase of $2.00 (to $12.00 a year) would pay for the postage increase. Another question raised was the financial justification for the October bulletin mailing to all USCF members in the state, since the SASP funds are now gone, and consequently financing this mailing is a significant burden on the annual budget. The possibility of two issues, a normal one for members and an abbreviated one for the rest, was discussed. The October issue is important for soliciting new members and nominations to serve on the board. The income statement was produced and discussed. Balancing the budget with reduced revenue was discussed, for the principal expense items of the bulletin, the Denker candidate stipend, and the state championship prize fund.

Report by
John Trivett
Election Chairman

Election 2001 – final tally:

Mike Filipas 7-0-1
Charles Hatherill 7-0-1
Allen Magruder 8-0-0

The new directors (2 year term) are Allen P. Magruder, Milivoj Filipas, and Charles Hatherill. They join the four approved in the year 2000 election (1 year left in term): John Trivett, Dan Conver, Ron Gentil and Regina Straver.