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Nevada Scholastic Championships

Posted in Events, News, Scholastic on February 9th, 2018 by Alan Losoff
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A USCF Rated Tournament in 4 Sections
Open to Nevada residents or students

March 17, 2018
Las Vegas Day School  3275 Red Rock  Las Vegas

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Nevada State Girls’ Championship 2017.

Posted in News, Scholastic on March 24th, 2017 by Juan Jauregui

The first Nevada State Girls’ Scholastic championship took place today at our center. After five rounds Samira Prieto finished in first place with four points, tied in second to 5th places Nare Khachatryan (a great performance by Nare, she defeated the highest player in the tournament and current High School champion Naomi),  Shemmei Wu, Naomi Santiago, and Jan Stephanie De Leon, all with 3.5. Stephanie took the trophy for the best Under 800 section. Shanti and Riya from Clarence Piggott Elementary took the best team trophy.

Congratulations, and thank you to the players and the parents for making this great event possible.


Next Saturday , March 25th, the State Scholastic 2017 will take place at the Las Vegas day School, over 200 players are already registered online so far. Read more »

2016 Nevada State Scholastic Chess Championship

Posted in News, Scholastic on January 30th, 2016 by Tom Brownscombe
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The 2016 Nevada State Scholastic Chess Championship
will be held at the Las Vegas Day School 3275 Red Rock Las Vegas

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Entry Fees increase after February 25th and again after March 7th.

Click Here to Learn more about this event and enter today.

2014 Nevada Scholastic Championships

Posted in Events, Scholastic on March 11th, 2014 by Nevada Chess

Saturday, March 22, 2014 at Las Vegas Day School

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On line entry will be available up to the start of the tournament. Entries received after Friday  March 21 will incur an additional Late Fee. On site registration starts at 8 a.m.  Players who enter on site after 8:30 a.m. Saturday may not be paired for round 1, and will receive 1/2 point for that round.

2014 State Scholastic Championship

Posted in Events, News, Scholastic on January 20th, 2014 by Tom Brownscombe

Attention scholastic chess players! The 2014 Nevada State Scholastic Chess Championship will be held Saturday, March 22 at the Las Vegas Day School. For more information, click here. If you would like to register for the tournament online, please visit our registration page.

2007 Nevada State Scholastic Team & Individual Championships

Posted in Results, Scholastic on March 24th, 2007 by Nevada Chess

K-3 Results

 USCF ID PAIR       NAME        ST   1     2     3     4     5     6   TOTAL
-------- ---- ----------------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
12931319    1 BALDYGA, MICHAEL  NV W--20 W--23 W---8 W---6 W---2 W---3  6.0
13240142    2 KOLOSKY, C J      NV W--35 W--10 W---4 W---7 L---1 W---8  5.0
13516145    3 SANATINIA, ARMAN  NV W--27 W--13 W---9 W--32 W---7 L---1  5.0
13525086    4 ADRANGI, KAYVAAN  NV W--54 W--15 L---2 W--11 W--12 W---6  5.0
13072274    5 MARTINEZ, LUKE X  NV W--43 D--48 D--18 D--31 W--20 W---9  4.5
12933076    6 AGRAWAL, ALEX     NV W--28 W--18 W--17 L---1 W--23 L---4  4.0
13478741    7 MASON, SAMUEL REE NV W--50 W--11 W--12 L---2 L---3 W--17  4.0
13112768    8 HANSEN, AMANDA    NV W--38 W--40 L---1 W--10 W--15 L---2  4.0
13615024    9 LEE, GRAHAM       NV W--45 W--25 L---3 W--14 W--32 L---5  4.0
13242965   10 SAN MARTIN, GABRI NV W--41 L---2 W--53 L---8 W--27 W--30  4.0
13117744   11 HOOD, JIMMY       NV W--39 L---7 W--28 L---4 W--38 W--31  4.0
13397393   12 HANSEN, TUCKER    NV W--46 W--21 L---7 W--34 L---4 W--32  4.0
13335663   13 TEGTMEYER, DAVID  NV W--31 L---3 L--38 W--28 W--44 W--33  4.0
13072280   14 MARTINEZ, ALEXIA  NV W--33 L--16 W--42 L---9 W--29 W--22  4.0
13514216   15 HIEW, JASON       NV W--56 L---4 W--43 W--16 L---8 W--23  4.0
13080446   16 HIRALES, CHRISTIA NV W--37 W--14 L--32 L--15 W--26 D--18  3.5
13242938   17 BALDYGA, ALEXANDE NV W--53 W--30 L---6 D--20 W--19 L---7  3.5
13514311   18 ALEXANDER, JOSH   NV W--47 L---6 D---5 D--30 W--49 D--16  3.5
13514201   19 WILKINS, AUSTIN   NV L--30 W--29 D--44 W--48 L--17 W--37  3.5
13400836   20 GIALKETSIS, GEORG NV L---1 W--55 W--25 D--17 L---5 W--36  3.5
13396170   21 FAGAN, DON        NV W--44 L--12 W--48 W--38 U---0 U---0  3.0
12979323   22 HAN, AMANDA       NV W--42 L--32 L--26 W--52 W--25 L--14  3.0
12932386   23 HIGA, JANE T      NV W--51 L---1 W--35 W--26 L---6 L--15  3.0
13513496   24 CARNATE, NATALIE  NV D--29 L--34 L--33 W--51 D--42 W--44  3.0
13317871   25 MARTINEZ, JUSTIN  NV W--52 L---9 L--20 W--46 L--22 W--42  3.0
13400878   26 GARCIA, MATTHEW   NV L--48 W--49 W--22 L--23 L--16 W--43  3.0
13400925   27 GUAN, RAYMOND     NV L---3 W--56 L--34 W--43 L--10 W--49  3.0
13349333   28 BROWN, REMINGTON  NV L---6 W--47 L--11 L--13 W--55 W--50  3.0
13632205   29 BINFIELD, ROBERT  NV D--24 L--19 W--50 D--33 L--14 W--40  3.0
13677366   30 BORGEL, HANNAH MI NV W--19 L--17 W--40 D--18 D--31 L--10  3.0
13630743   31 DASELER, ROBERT   NV L--13 W--37 W--36 D---5 D--30 L--11  3.0
13630440   32 ESTIMOS, KENNETH  NV W--34 W--22 W--16 L---3 L---9 L--12  3.0
13630764   33 FIORENTINO, GAGE  NV L--14 D--50 W--24 D--29 W--34 L--13  3.0
13107376   34 DE LA CALZADA, YA NV L--32 W--24 W--27 L--12 L--33 D--38  2.5
13400946   35 KWOK, ANDREW      NV L---2 W--54 L--23 L--37 D--39 W--55  2.5
13513020   36 TEGTMEYER, SARA   NV L--40 W--46 L--31 D--42 W--48 L--20  2.5
13358295   37 SILVA, ANGELA     NV L--16 L--31 W--55 W--35 D--40 L--19  2.5
13400910   38 SELLINGER, JAKE   NV L---8 W--51 W--13 L--21 L--11 D--34  2.5
13632191   39 WIECZOREK, EMERSO NV L--11 L--42 D--54 D--50 D--35 W--52  2.5
13514243   40 HORNS, NOAH       NV W--36 L---8 L--30 D--44 D--37 L--29  2.0
13514237   41 GATLIN, VICTORIA  NV L--10 L--44 L--49 D--56 W--51 D--48  2.0
13514291   42 MANCUSO, ZIA      NV L--22 W--39 L--14 D--36 D--24 L--25  2.0
12975430   43 PATEL, KUVAAL     NV L---5 W--52 L--15 L--27 W--53 L--26  2.0
13516103   44 PATEL, SAHIL      NV L--21 W--41 D--19 D--40 L--13 L--24  2.0
13130854   45 WU, HERMAN        NV L---9 L--53 D--51 D--54 D--52 D--46  2.0
13514285   46 BREEDING, EDDIE W NV L--12 L--36 W--47 L--25 D--50 D--45  2.0
13513475   47 HIRALES, YOVAN    NV L--18 L--28 L--46 L--55 B---0 B---0  2.0
13683856   48 PAN, LUCAS        NV W--26 D---5 L--21 L--19 L--36 D--41  2.0
13677021   49 THUMMALA, TARUN   NV U---0 L--26 W--41 W--53 L--18 L--27  2.0
13415171   50 CRUDEN, CAMERON   NV L---7 D--33 L--29 D--39 D--46 L--28  1.5
13683820   51 SARNO, ELLIOT     NV L--23 L--38 D--45 L--24 L--41 W--53  1.5
13683835   52 VAYNER, ALEXANDER NV L--25 L--43 W--56 L--22 D--45 L--39  1.5
13514305   53 KAMBOJ, SANA      NV L--17 W--45 L--10 L--49 L--43 L--51  1.0
13525071   54 YEAGER, JOHN, IV  NV L---4 L--35 D--39 D--45 U---0 U---0  1.0
13654755   55 SHAH, SIMRAN      NV U---0 L--20 L--37 W--47 L--28 L--35  1.0
13683841   56 SORENSON, MADELEI NV L--15 L--27 L--52 D--41 U---0 U---0  0.5

K-5 Results

 USCF ID PAIR       NAME        ST   1     2     3     4     5     6   TOTAL
-------- ---- ----------------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
12931319    1 BALDYGA, MICHAEL  NV W--38 W--18 W--10 D---2 W---9 W---3  5.5
13072226    2 MARTINEZ, MATTHEW NV W--39 W--23 W--16 D---1 W---8 W--11  5.5
12898026    3 HIGA, JOSHUA ZEN  NV W--28 W--12 W--22 W---5 W---7 L---1  5.0
13478741    4 MASON, SAMUEL REE NV W--43 L---5 W--39 W--27 W--22 W--13  5.0
13654740    5 SEID, RAYMOND     NV W--25 W---4 W--21 L---3 W--16 W---7  5.0
12975095    6 ARTEAGA, REBECCA  NV L--29 W--34 W--27 D--17 W--24 W--21  4.5
13072295    7 MARTINEZ, ISAAC C NV W--35 W--17 W--33 W---9 L---3 L---5  4.0
13240142    8 KOLOSKY, C J      NV W--52 L--13 W--37 W--18 L---2 W--25  4.0
13397413    9 MUNOZ, RYAN       NV W--15 W--45 W--13 L---7 L---1 W--17  4.0
13131025   10 BANERJI, NEIL     NV W--40 W--26 L---1 W--19 L--13 W--24  4.0
13358280   11 PRESSLER, CHET    NV W--31 L--27 W--28 W--29 W--12 L---2  4.0
12911734   12 LEE, SYDNEY       NV W--49 L---3 W--35 W--46 L--11 W--29  4.0
12929846   13 SAMSON, ERIC G    NV W--44 W---8 L---9 W--33 W--10 L---4  4.0
12967781   14 MURRY, CHARLES (" NV W--48 L--33 W--45 L--16 W--31 W--22  4.0
13245683   15 SHER, MAX         NV L---9 W--51 L--18 W--44 W--27 W--23  4.0
12852390   16 KANAREK, MICHAEL  NV W--42 W--29 L---2 W--14 L---5 D--18  3.5
12979297   17 SACHS, PARKER     NV W--47 L---7 W--30 D---6 W--34 L---9  3.5
13101230   18 MARTINEZ, MATTHEW NV W--32 L---1 W--15 L---8 W--30 D--16  3.5
12845083   19 GRIGORIEV, MICHAE NV W--20 L--21 W--36 L--10 D--35 W--34  3.5
13358274   20 MATHEW, MANOJ     NV L--19 W--38 L--25 W--39 D--45 W--35  3.5
12891424   21 MC GARRY, NICKOLA NV W--30 W--19 L---5 L--24 W--37 L---6  3.0
12895080   22 GIBSON, KATHRYN   NV W--36 W--24 L---3 W--25 L---4 L--14  3.0
12924022   23 KOZICH, KAITLIN   NV W--50 L---2 L--29 W--42 W--28 L--15  3.0
12895082   24 VIOLA, ANTHONY    NV X---0 L--22 W--41 W--21 L---6 L--10  3.0
12879934   25 PIEDRA, LARISSA   NV L---5 W--31 W--20 L--22 W--46 L---8  3.0
12904302   26 O'CONNER, KYLE    NV W--51 L--10 L--46 L--34 W--36 W--41  3.0
13516130   27 ADRANGI, ARASH    NV W--46 W--11 L---6 L---4 L--15 W--42  3.0
12878432   28 KROPP, EMERSON    NV L---3 W--42 L--11 W--41 L--23 W--46  3.0
13514270   29 TA, JONATHAN      NV W---6 L--16 W--23 L--11 W--33 L--12  3.0
12921815   30 MAURI, DOMINIC    NV L--21 W--50 L--17 W--32 L--18 W--45  3.0
13093966   31 LUCARELLI, TYLER  NV L--11 L--25 W--51 W--38 L--14 W--37  3.0
13400795   32 MORENO, MARCOS    NV L--18 L--35 W--52 L--30 W--39 W--38  3.0
12904303   33 SAN MARTIN, LEONA NV W--41 W--14 L---7 L--13 L--29 H---0  2.5
12911846   34 TRUJILLO, NICHOLA NV H---0 L---6 W--44 W--26 L--17 L--19  2.5
12932386   35 HIGA, JANE T      NV L---7 W--32 L--12 W--43 D--19 L--20  2.5
13514201   36 WILKINS, AUSTIN   NV L--22 W--47 L--19 D--45 L--26 W--44  2.5
12919574   37 ROSE, MICHAEL     NV L--45 W--43 L---8 W--40 L--21 L--31  2.0
13245751   38 MANCUSO, ROMAN    NV L---1 L--20 W--48 L--31 W--43 L--32  2.0
12933724   39 RANSOM, RYAN      NV L---2 W--49 L---4 L--20 L--32 W--47  2.0
13280347   40 MROQUE, ANGAD     NV L--10 L--46 W--50 L--37 L--42 W--51  2.0
12933736   41 ROMAN, SERGIO     NV L--33 W--48 L--24 L--28 W--51 L--26  2.0
13092393   42 RANSOM, CAREENA   NV L--16 L--28 W--47 L--23 W--40 L--27  2.0
13415150   43 OLIVER, ELIJAH    NV L---4 L--37 W--49 L--35 L--38 W--50  2.0
13445783   44 WOODSON, MARK     NV L--13 W--52 L--34 L--15 W--48 L--36  2.0
13688173   45 GREENAWALT, DAKOT NV W--37 L---9 L--14 D--36 D--20 L--30  2.0
13683814   46 VEERAPPAN, ARAVIN NV L--27 W--40 W--26 L--12 L--25 L--28  2.0
13099458   47 TRUJILLO, MIYANNA NV L--17 L--36 L--42 W--49 D--50 L--39  1.5
13632211   48 THOMPSON, MADISON NV L--14 L--41 L--38 D--50 L--44 W--49  1.5
13245677   49 ADAMS, JULIANA    NV L--12 L--39 L--43 L--47 B---0 L--48  1.0
13516118   50 SACHS, PEYTON     NV L--23 L--30 L--40 D--48 D--47 L--43  1.0
13688188   51 GAZALA, ELIRAN    NV L--26 L--15 L--31 X---0 L--41 L--40  1.0
13317886   52 MARTINEZ, CHRISTO NV L---8 L--44 L--32 F---0 U---0 U---0  0.0

K-8 Results

 USCF ID PAIR       NAME        ST   1     2     3     4     5   TOTAL
-------- ---- ----------------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
12879937    1 LEE, RICHARD      NV W--13 W---9 D---6 W---5 W---3  4.5
12923063    2 MERCURIO, PHILIP  NV W--19 W--17 W---4 L---3 W--13  4.0
12839630    3 REISCH, WESTON CO NV W--14 W--18 W---8 W---2 L---1  4.0
12854430    4 LEE, AUSTIN       NV W--20 W--10 L---2 W---6 W--15  4.0
13117750    5 SARAN, ISHAN      NV W--25 W--15 W---7 L---1 W--11  4.0
12861304    6 BANKS, CHRISTOPHE NV W--27 W--16 D---1 L---4 W--12  3.5
12901898    7 HENDRICKSON, EDWA NV L--24 W--21 L---5 W--29 W--18  3.0
12902845    8 VENKATESH, VIVEK  NV W--21 W--29 L---3 L--12 W--19  3.0
12893181    9 KOZICH, JONATHAN  NV W--28 L---1 L--13 W--24 W--20  3.0
12975398   10 STANTON, HARRISON NV W--30 L---4 L--15 W--23 W--17  3.0
12786972   11 KROPP, SEBASTIAN  NV L--29 W--24 W--20 W--17 L---5  3.0
12933720   12 VEERAPPAN, RAMAN  NV L--15 W--27 W--22 W---8 L---6  3.0
13397428   13 MUNOZ, KENNY      NV L---1 W--28 W---9 W--16 L---2  3.0
12975424   14 BUYACHEK, MATTHEW NV L---3 W--23 L--17 W--28 W--24  3.0
13661663   15 NOWLIN, SAMUEL DE NV W--12 L---5 W--10 W--18 L---4  3.0
12902846   16 VENKATESH, ANITA  NV W--26 L---6 D--24 L--13 W--25  2.5
12900628   17 CARNATE, JONATHAN NV W--22 L---2 W--14 L--11 L--10  2.0
12870448   18 NGUYEN, VANVAN    NV W--23 L---3 W--29 L--15 L---7  2.0
12870476   19 GUARNIERI, STEVEN NV L---2 L--22 W--26 W--27 L---8  2.0
12870474   20 PIEDRA, LIANA     NV L---4 W--30 L--11 W--22 L---9  2.0
12878431   21 KROWICKI, OSCAR   NV L---8 L---7 L--23 W--26 W--28  2.0
12975115   22 DE LA CALZADA, NO NV L--17 W--19 L--12 L--20 W--29  2.0
13514264   23 LITWIN, TREVOR    NV L--18 L--14 W--21 L--10 W--27  2.0
12928420   24 CROSS, SPENCER NE NV W---7 L--11 D--16 L---9 L--14  1.5
12904301   25 O'CONNER, CODY    NV L---5 D--26 L--27 W--30 L--16  1.5
13672066   26 GARCIA, JAMES     NV L--16 D--25 L--19 L--21 W--30  1.5
12816594   27 KROPP, REMINGTON  NV L---6 L--12 W--25 L--19 L--23  1.0
12831424   28 WILDER, JOSEPH    NV L---9 L--13 W--30 L--14 L--21  1.0
13672051   29 CULLINGS, ETHAN   NV W--11 L---8 L--18 L---7 L--22  1.0
12914406   30 JANGA, BHAVANA    NV L--10 L--20 L--28 L--25 L--26  0.0

K-12 Results

 USCF ID PAIR       NAME        ST   1     2     3     4     5   TOTAL
-------- ---- ----------------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
12907432    1 KOSBAB, ALEX      NV W--12 W---3 W---9 W---2 W---8  5.0
12879937    2 LEE, RICHARD      NV W--26 W--11 W--21 L---1 W--10  4.0
13565041    3 BARD, JACOB       NV W--25 L---1 W--23 W--11 W---9  4.0
12717117    4 DUAN, DANIEL      NV X---0 W--19 L--10 D---5 W--15  3.5
12898026    5 HIGA, JOSHUA ZEN  NV W--23 D---8 W--15 D---4 D---7  3.5
12870478    6 HERNANDEZ, SANDRA NV W--19 D--15 L---8 W--24 W--12  3.5
12902934    7 FOSHEE, DAVID     NV W--28 L--21 W--22 W--13 D---5  3.5
13632666    8 HALL, MYLAN D     NV W--17 D---5 W---6 W--10 L---1  3.5
12923063    9 MERCURIO, PHILIP  NV W--20 W--13 L---1 W--14 L---3  3.0
12839630   10 REISCH, WESTON CO NV X---0 W--14 W---4 L---8 L---2  3.0
12895873   11 HUANG, CHARLES JI NV W--22 L---2 W--18 L---3 W--19  3.0
12893454   12 PERRON, ALEXANDER NV L---1 W--28 W--25 W--21 L---6  3.0
13632583   13 HALL, MARTEZ DAMI NV W--16 L---9 W--24 L---7 W--21  3.0
13676728   14 LOCKARD, JASON PA NV W--24 L--10 W--16 L---9 W--17  3.0
13117750   15 SARAN, ISHAN      NV W--18 D---6 L---5 W--16 L---4  2.5
12901897   16 KOWALSKI, KEVIN   NV L--13 W--27 L--14 L--15 W--23  2.0
12933710   17 SANACORE, ADAM    NV L---8 L--23 W--20 W--18 L--14  2.0
13677413   18 ANGELES, JAN-MICH NV L--15 W--26 L--11 L--17 W--27  2.0
12873841   19 HALL, TRAVAN L    NV L---6 L---4 W--26 W--27 L--11  2.0
13676295   20 HOUGHTON, NICHOLA NV L---9 L--24 L--17 W--26 W--25  2.0
13675752   21 LAYMAN, GREGORY J NV W--27 W---7 L---2 L--12 L--13  2.0
13661663   22 NOWLIN, SAMUEL DE NV L--11 W--25 L---7 L--23 W--24  2.0
13673838   23 SNOW, ADAM MICHAE NV L---5 W--17 L---3 W--22 L--16  2.0
12786532   24 MILLER, KEVIN     NV L--14 W--20 L--13 L---6 L--22  1.0
12858401   25 MILLER, JEREMY    NV L---3 L--22 L--12 W--28 L--20  1.0
13245751   26 MANCUSO, ROMAN    NV L---2 L--18 L--19 L--20 W--28  1.0
12933721   27 WU, WESLEY        NV L--21 L--16 W--28 L--19 L--18  1.0
13676300   28 PAYUMO, NICHOLAS  NV L---7 L--12 L--27 L--25 L--26  0.0

Nevada Boasts K-2 National Champ!

Posted in News, Scholastic on December 20th, 2005 by Nevada Chess

Richard Lee and Michael BaldygaUp against tough competition from schools with a long tradition for playing the game, nine pupils from The Meadows School held their own at the U.S. Chess Federation 2005 National K-12/Collegiate Championship Dec. 2-4 in Houston.The five-member second-grade team finished second in the nation for its grade level, in a field that boasted 21 teams. In the team competition, the three highest scores determine the team’s score. The Southern Nevada team finished a half-point behind the 11-member second-grade team from New York City’s Dalton School, where Josh Waitzkin was once a student. Waitzkin’s journey to his first national championship was portrayed in the 1993 movie “Searching for Bobby Fischer.” The Meadows team also finished ahead of Hunter College Elementary School in New York, which offers a chess course as part of its curriculum.

The second-grade team members are Michael Baldyga, Alex Agrawal, Parker Sachs, Beau Capanna and Asia Thomas.

In addition to the second-grade team trophy, several other pupils from The Meadows School achieved individual accomplishments at the tournament. The individual competition consisted of each player competing in seven rounds, one game per round.

Michael Baldyga, 8, won the second-grade championship, which had 116 entrants. He was the first pupil from The Meadows School to win a national title in chess since Patrick Hummel won his fifth straight championship in 1999. Michael’s brother, Alexander, also finished first in the under 1,000 (points) kindergarten level and 12th in the nation in the overall kindergarten level.

Alex Agrawal also did well in the second-grade level, tying for 11th in the nation.

Richard Lee, 12, tied for second in the sixth-grade level competition, which had 166 players.

Dan Conver, The Meadows chess team coach, began coaching children at the school 10 years ago. Conver said chess players Richard and Michael, in particular, have “unlimited potential.”

Christina Baldyga, Michael and Alexander’s mother, credits Conver for the chess team’s success. “He is a really amazing coach,” Christina said. “He spends so many hours with the kids and gets them motivated.”

Richard, who began playing chess four years ago after it was suggested to him by his parents, Duncan and Irene Lee, plays because he finds it fun and “I like to win.”

The Lees thought their son might be interested in chess because it would be a challenge.

Michael has been playing chess for almost three years, ever since Christina and Mark Baldyga signed him up for the chess program at The Meadows School.

“I am really happy for Michael,” Christina said. “He works very hard.”

In addition to their coaching sessions with Conver, both Michael and Richard play chess against adults with the Clark County Chess Club that meets at University Medical Center.

“Richard has been playing there for eight or nine months, and he is not intimidated,” his father said.

Richard enjoys playing against the adult chess players in the club.

“It’s fun because sometimes I beat them, and they’re better than me,” Richard said. He will compete in the North American Open tournament at Bally’s at the end of this month.

Michael’s mother believes he also has benefited from the experience against adult players.

“The time playing with the adults has taught him to take his time and think of his strategies,” Christina said.

Other Meadows School pupils who participated in the tournament were Cameron Brown, who competed in the seventh-grade level, and Kathryn Gibson, who competed in the fourth-grade level.

Report by Madelon Hynes, Las Vegas Review Journal, December 20th, 2005