Annual Members Meeting – March 24, 2001

Report on the Annual Members Meeting & Election 2001

On March 24, 2001, the annual members meeting of Nevada Chess, Inc. convened at 3:30 PM, and was chaired by Allen Magruder with John Trivett taking notes. The first order of business was determining the result of the election of board Members. Milivoj Filipas, Charles Hatherill, and Allen Magruder were elected to office with unanimous votes, which were counted in front of those in attendance. The new board members take office at the end of this Members meeting. The Chairman of the Election Committee extended the deadline by a few days in order to retrieve undelivered ballots known to have been mailed several days previously. With this election, Jerry Weikel and Norm Harvey leave office, and we thank them for their service.

Next, the bulletin was discussed and it was suggested that the page count be increased and paper quality be upgraded. A dues increase of $2.00 (to $12.00 a year) would pay for the postage increase. Another question raised was the financial justification for the October bulletin mailing to all USCF members in the state, since the SASP funds are now gone, and consequently financing this mailing is a significant burden on the annual budget. The possibility of two issues, a normal one for members and an abbreviated one for the rest, was discussed. The October issue is important for soliciting new members and nominations to serve on the board. The income statement was produced and discussed. Balancing the budget with reduced revenue was discussed, for the principal expense items of the bulletin, the Denker candidate stipend, and the state championship prize fund.

Report by
John Trivett
Election Chairman

Election 2001 – final tally:

Mike Filipas 7-0-1
Charles Hatherill 7-0-1
Allen Magruder 8-0-0

The new directors (2 year term) are Allen P. Magruder, Milivoj Filipas, and Charles Hatherill. They join the four approved in the year 2000 election (1 year left in term): John Trivett, Dan Conver, Ron Gentil and Regina Straver.