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July 2016 Nevada Chess Bulletin

Posted in Bulletins on July 11th, 2016 by Tom Brownscombe

Editor’s Message

(A. Magruder)

June was a very busy month for Las Vegas chess this year, with 19 (!) events listed in, 10 of which took place at the International Chess Festival between June 24th and June 26th. There are far too many crosstables of the events in that list to include a worthy summary of results in this bulletin, except to say the events were well attended, with 666 players in the 2016 edition of the National Open, 264 in the International Youth Championship, 149 in the Youth Trophy Tournament and 108 in the Walter Browne Memorial Blitz competition.

There were 9 other smaller June events in and around Las Vegas, as well as 10 June events in Reno, including an 86 player ChessKidz Tournament with sections for ages 4-7, 8-9 and 10+, run by Chief TD Vernon Young. I’ll bet that was really fun for everyone!

If any of your chess friends complain about not receiving the April issue of this bulletin, you may tell them that that was the last Nevada Chess Bulletin mailed to all paid members, except for the January issue which will continue to include a ballot for paid up members to vote in the year’s election of officers. If they don’t have easy access to the internet and wish to have this bulletin mailed to them, they should indicate that on the membership form, a copy of which they might obtain from their local club, and send it to the editor at the address on the form. Or get ye on the internet, where all the info is in its own neat category on our website,

2016 Spring Bulletin

Posted in Bulletins on March 31st, 2016 by Tom Brownscombe

Editor’s Message

(A. Magruder)

The Annual Members Meeting of Nevada Chess, Inc. will happen on Saturday, April 9th 2016 at the Las Vegas Chess Center, 3160 S. Valley View Drive, Las Vegas NV 89102. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 2 PM, but please check for late changes if you wish to attend. The results of the 2016 election will be tabulated from the ballots and announced at that time.

This will be the last Nevada Chess Bulletin mailed to members, except for the January issue which will continue to include a ballot for members to vote in that year’s election of officers. For news about chess in Nevada, please check this website regularly.

Once again, Nevada Chess, Inc. sponsored our Annual Nevada State Scholastic Tournament, hosted by the Las Vegas Day School. There were 191 young players playing in the four sections, K-3, K-5, K-8 and K-12, with many individual and team trophies, medals and certificates distributed during the awards ceremonies. A report can be found below, including a link to complete cross tables of the final results. You might also check out for the tournament tables to find pre- and post-tournament ratings of all the players.

Future Events

2016 International Chess Festival, June 22-27, includes

2016 U.S. Game/10 Championship, 2016 U.S. Women’s Open,

2016 National Open, International Youth Championship

See Chess Life and/or for details

Nevada Chess Bulletin November, 2015

Posted in Bulletins on November 12th, 2015 by Tom Brownscombe

Nevada Chess Bulletin November, 2015

Editor’s Message

(A. Magruder)

This issue of the Nevada Chess Bulletin marks the 26th anniversary of our affiliate becoming the only official state affiliate recognized by the U.S. Chess Federation to represent USCF members in the State of Nevada. Nevada Chess Inc. was formerly known as the Nevada State Chess Association, or NSCA for short, before that name and acronym were stolen from us by scurrilous scoundrels.

I refer you for reports on Nevada chess activities to our website,, that might include recent reports on the Nevada State Individual, Team and Quick Chess Championship Events held in Tonopah at the end of September.

Finally, we welcome and encourage, at this time every year, members to throw their hat in the ring for a position on the Board of Directors of Nevada Chess, Inc. There are four (4) positions open this year. You can find a form for such beside the standard membership form near the end of this bulletin. The Election 2016 Ballot will appear in the January issue of this bulletin. We hope to see you there. Click here for full report