Annual Members Meeting – March 23, 2002

Report on the Annual Members Meeting & Election 2002

The annual membership meeting was held March 23rd, 2002 at CCSN, Building D, Room 170A. First business was tallying the ballots of the 2002 Election. Results were: Chris Bird 8, John Trivett 10, Ron Gentil 10, Basil Zangrave 5, so Bird, Trivett, and Gentil are elected to two year terms (2002-2004), joining Charles Hatherill, Allen Magruder, Dan Conver, and Milivoj Filipas on the Board of Directors of Nevada Chess, Inc.

After some discussion regarding the non-profit status of Nevada Chess, Inc., Chris Bird was asked to look into the IRS requirements with the objective to file with the IRS for non-profit corporate status.

Chris suggested we might promote Nevada Chess membership by holding and advertising a Southern Nevada Championship tournament separate from one with a scholastic section, and provide a discounted entry fee to Nevada Chess members. Brad Zentmeyer suggested some number (10?, 20?) of the top finishers in the June scholastic tournament be given discounted or free entries in the Southern Nevada Championship. Chris volunteered to see whether there might be any conflicts with a Southern Nevada Championship Tourney in the July-September timeframe.

Board members need to decide in the near future assignment of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary posts.

Report by Allen Magruder