1999 Pressman All-America Chess Team

Two Nevada Chess Players Earn Spots

Congratulations to Philip Wang (age 15, rating 2243) of Reno and Patrick Hummel (age 14, rating 2259) of Las Vegas on qualifying for the 1999 Pressman All-America Chess Team sponsored by the Pressman Toy Corporation of New York, NY.

The complete text of the U.S. Chess Federation press release follows:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Eric C. Johnson
February 5, 1999 (914) 562-8350
Press Release #2 of 1999


The U.S. Chess Federation has announced the names of the junior players who have qualified for places on the 1999 Pressman All-America Chess Team.

The 38 players on this year’s team have met age and rating criteria that place them in the top one percent of more than 41,000 of their fellow scholastic members.

The Pressman All-America Chess Team is sponsored each year by the Pressman Toy Corp., of New York, N.Y. This year marks the seventh consecutive year of corporate sponsorship for the annual team contest.

Each team member will receive an official 1999 Pressman All-America Chess Team jacket, plus a special Certificate of Achievement.

Participation in the Pressman All-America Chess Team competition is open to all USCF members who meet age and rating eligibility criteria. For more information about how to qualify for next year’s team, check the USCF website at , or contact USCF Scholastic Director Beatriz Marinello through the USCF office in New Windsor, NY.

A complete list of current team members follows.

Age 18 Minimum rating 2400
Igor Shliperman 2565 Rego Park, NY
Eugene Perelshteyn 2495 Lynn, MA

Age 17 Minimum rating 2300
Jacob Chudnovsky 2403 Mason, OH
Harutyun Akopyan 2377 Los Angeles, CA
Justin Sarkar 2331 Scarsdale, NY
Steven Winer 2325 Burlington, VT

Age 16 Minimum rating 2250
Andrei Zaremba 2322 Dearborn Heights, MI
Vladimir Miloslavsky 2308 Brooklyn, NY
Andrew Wesley Whatley 2284 Pike Road, AL
Stanislav Ritvin 2281 Philadelphia, PA
Sean Nagle 2267 Plymouth, MN

Age 15 Minimum rating 2200
Raymond Kaufman 2257 Potomac, MD
David C. John 2249 Houston, TX
Philip Wang 2243 Reno, NV
Joan Santana 2223 Teaneck, NK
Noah Siegel 2216 New York, NY
William Surlow 2207 Pittsburgh, PA
Daniel Thomas 2203 Huntsville, AL

Age 14 Minimum rating 2150
Vinay Bhat 2329 San Jose, CA
Patrick Hummel 2259 Las Vegas, NV
Jordy Mont-Reynaud 2250 Palo Alto, CA

Age 13 Minimum rating 2100
Dmitry Schneider 2365 Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Daniel Fernandez 2239 Coconut Creek, FL
A.J. Steigman 2169 Coral Springs, FL
Matthew Traldi 2167 Easton, PA
Matthew Hoekstra 2151 Charlotte, NC
Samson Benen 2149 New York, NY

Age 12 Minimum 2000
Asuka Nakamura 2088 White Plains, NY
Brandon Burrows 2080 Old Greenwich, CT
Aaron Pixton 2067 Vestal, NY

Age 11 Minimum rating 1875
Joshua Friedel 2157 Goffstown, NH
Jack Stolerman 1946 Marblehead, MA
Ruixin Yang 1926 Tallahassee, FL
Cory Evans 1913 San Diego, CA
Adam Maltese 1895 New York, NY

Age 10 Minimum rating 1750
Hikaru Nakamura 2226 White Plains, NY

Age 9 Minimum rating 1650
Laura Ross 1689 Forest Hills, NY

Age 8 & Under Minimum rating 1550
Noah Belcher 1550 Bloomingburg, NY