Minutes of the 2017 Annual Membership Meeting

The 2017 Nevada Chess annual membership meeting was called to order at 3:48PM on Saturday, April 22 by president Alan Losoff at the Las Vegas Chess Center. Alan Losoff, Tom Brownscombe, Sabrina Jauregui, Juan Jauregui, and Charles McVoy were present. Votes for the annual election were counted, and each of the following candidates received 10 votes: Tom Brownscombe, Juan Jauregui, and Alan Losoff. A motion to accept the election results passed unanimously. Tom Brownscombe, Juan Jauregui, and Alan Losoff have been reelected to the Nevada Chess Board of Directors.

Charles McVoy discussed the possibility of a downtown chess park. Charles McVoy also discussed the Las Vegas Library Chess Club. The meeting was adjourned at 4:01PM.

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