Minutes for the Nevada Chess Annual Members Meeting, April 9, 2016

Called to Order by President Alan Losoff, 2:20 PM

Present were Alan Losoff, Jan Losoff, Juan Jauregui, Tom Brownscombe, Allen Magruder, and
Gale Winds.

Alan Losoff called directors Jerry Weikel and Charles Chinnici to participate by conference call, but they were not available at that time.

The first order of business was tabulating the ballots and results of the 2016 Election. Tom Brownscombe, the election chairperson, opened the ballots. Allen Magruder verified that the membership status of each ballot was up to date, and Alan Losoff tabulated the results. All four candidates on the ballot, Charles Chinnici, Allen Magruder, Jerry Weikel and Gale Winds, were approved for the two year term of office from 2016 to 2017. That concluded the members portion of this meeting.

Since a quorum of at least 4 of the 7 elected directors was present, a few issues were presented for consideration, the first of which was determining the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Alan Losoff volunteered to serve as President, Juan Jauregui agreed to serve as Vice President, Gale Winds agreed to serve as Secretary if Juan Jauregui would serve as Assistant Secretary, and Allen Magruder agreed to serve as Treasurer if Tom Brownscombe would serve as Assistant Treasurer. This arrangement was agreed upon by all involved, and will be in effect until the next election is completed.

The next issue was regarding the Nevada State Individual and Team Matches that have annually taken place in the fall of each year in Tonapah, NV. After a lengthy discussion regarding the difficulty in assembling a team willing to travel to Tonapah, the essential conclusion was that the Southern Nevada organizers and most players were no longer interested in the Tonapah event(s) and wanted to consider other options. Three options were mentioned and should be explored by the relevant Northern and Southern Nevada chess organizations and players for all types of Nevada State Championship events: alternate the yearly event between Northern and Southern Nevada sites; conduct the Individual and Team matches on the internet with supervision by qualified tournament directors; and for the individual state championship, hold a Nevada Championship Open Tournament with format and conditions to be decided.

There was some discussion regarding a separate Nevada Girls Chess Championship Tournament that might take place possibly shortly before the Annual Nevada State Scholastic Championship Tournament. Tom Brownscombe made a motion that such an event be considered. Janelle Losoff, who is co-chairperson of the USCF committee dealing with women’s chess, spoke in favor of the motion. The motion was seconded and approved by all directors present.

Alan Losoff asked board members present for approval to explore hiring a webmaster and an administrative assistant to handle some business affairs of Nevada Chess, Inc. That was approved.

Alan Losoff also made a motion that Allen Magruder be given a lifetime membership in Nevada Chess, Inc. for his years of service, and that was seconded and approved.

The meeting was adjourned at about 4 PM.

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