Nevada State Championship Playoffs and Team Championship

Elliot Lui and Mike Zaloznyy will play for the title of Nevada State Champion after defeating Ernie Hong and Jerry Weikel in round 1 in Tonapah.

Meanwhile the Northern Nevada team defeated the Southern team by a score of 11-9 after the Southern team was forced to spot the North 6 points when 3 of our players did not show up.  Full results are below

Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
Zaloznyy, Mike Y 2251 2.0 W4 W4 A2 A2
Liu, Elliott Jl 2323 1.5 W3 D3 A1 A1
Hong, Ernie 2129 0.5 L2 D2 -U- -U-
Weikel, Jerry 2125 0.0 L1 L1 -U- -U-
Team Pts Name Rate Rnd1 Rnd2
NORTH 0.5 Casten, Frederick 2017 L11 D11
NORTH 1.0 Fischer, George E 1887 D13 D13
NORTH 0.5 Peterson, David No 1855 D14 A14
NORTH 0.0 Wheat, Bob 1815 L12 L12
NORTH 1.0 Herald, Matthew B 1780 W15 L15
NORTH 1.0 Chung, Kevin 1719 W16 L16
NORTH 1.0 Pease, Andrew 1343 W17 L17
SOUTH 1.5 Reyes, Virgilio T 2072 W4 D4
SOUTH 2.0 Lazarus, Barry J 2067 W7 W7
SOUTH 1.0 Mccarthy, Anthony 1869 D5 D5
SOUTH 0.5 Pedersen, Lars 1789 D6 A6
SOUTH 1.0 Dease, Daniel J 1751 L8 W8
SOUTH 1.0 Hubler, Joseph M 1702 L9 W9
SOUTH 1.0 Klatt, Russell 1216 L10 W10

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