Southern Nevada Qualifer 2013

If Nevada was the world… then this qualifer comprised

6 world champions, current and past. That’s right, 6

state champions entered the lists, with 4 masters, 4

experts and 12 class players at the City of the World

Art Gallery Aug. 10-11, 2013. There was a California

player playing hors concours, Brian Allen at 2325,

coming back after a 25 year layoff. Tom Brombescombe(!)

was back for a shot 20 years after he won the title 2

times. Tim Galima shined with a 3.5/5 result. This was

a fighting tournament as the scores indicated. David

Lucky and Tom Brownescombe tied for first with 4.5/5

playing very powerful chess, in a league of their own

one point ahead of the field. Stan Vaughan 3.5/5 and

Ryan Phillips 3/5 won the expert prizes. Tim Galima

3.5, Dan Dease 2.5, and Scott Raymond 2.5 won the A/B

prizes. Robert Lucero 2.5, Elliot Winslow 2, and both

Paul and Pancritius Ventura 2 won the C/D…prizes.

David Lucky won the qualifer narrowly on tiebreak.This

writer directed the event. I would like to thank the

players, Juan and Sabrina Jauregui, City of the the

World Gallery, Vegas Chess Club, SNCC.

No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Lucky, David 2359 4.5 W9 W7 D2 W11 W5
2 Brownscombe, Tom 2200 4.5 W18 W5 D1 W12 W7
3 Vaughan, Stan 2160 3.5 W19 W8 W6 -H- -N-
4 Galima, Tim 1742 3.5 D11 W9 L5 W14 W12
5 Phillips, Ryan 2009 3.0 W10 L2 W4 W8 L1
6 Allen, Brian 2325 2.5 W13 W12 L3 -H- -N-
7 Bidari, Glenn 2149 2.5 W14 L1 D11 W17 L2
8 Raymond, Scott Gre 1826 2.5 W20 L3 W16 L5 D9
9 Dease, Daniel 1820 2.5 L1 L4 W20 W15 D8
10 Lucero,Robert 1390 2.5 L5 L18 D13 W16 W17
11 Salman, Nachum 2200 2.0 D4 W17 D7 L1 -N-
12 Reyes, Virgilio T 2024 2.0 W16 L6 W18 L2 L4
13 Currell, John 1800 2.0 L6 L16 D10 W20 D14
14 Moskow, Elliot 1482 2.0 L7 W15 D17 L4 D13
15 Ventura, Paul Guil 1424 2.0 L17 L14 W19 L9 W20
16 Ventura, Pancratiu 1194 2.0 L12 W13 L8 L10 -X-
17 Pereira, Royce Tre 1880 1.5 W15 L11 D14 L7 L10
18 Landsem, Lars 1770 1.5 L2 W10 L12 -H- -N-
19 Diaz, Nephtali T 1639 1.0 L3 L20 L15 -B- -F-
20 Sletten Jr, David 1172 1.0 L8 W19 L9 L13 L15