Gordon Barrett Cup 2012

Gordon Barrett Cup after 6 round, lots of great

chess of the resourceful type! Jeff G. is the

leading opportunist! and Paco is just on fire! Marc J.
Vivian impress! next week dec 20th, christmas

party and rd 7 of the gordon barrett cup everyone is

welcome I will have pizza there. thank you all for

coming to the clark county chess club.

The Gordon Barrett Cup is over…Jeff Gallegos won

it with a round to spare with 6.5-.5 and he was

awarded the Gordon Barrett Cup for 2012 and

proclaimed CCCC champion. Vivian Liu won the other

Gordon Barrett Cup for 2012 in her division and she

is the CCCC U1600 champion. We had a swell party

with pizza and pop and stuff.

No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Rnd6 Rnd7
1 Gallegos, Jeffery 2090 6.5 W8 W3 W2 W5 -X- W7 D4
2 Pendergast, David 2040 4.5 W9 W11 L1 W6 D5 D3 D7
3 Vela, Francisco 1899 4.5 W10 L1 W11 W4 W8 D2 L5
4 Raymond, Scott Gre 1732 4.5 -H- -H- W10 L3 W14 W5 D1
5 Santiago, Hugo 1982 4.0 D6 W7 -X- L1 D2 L4 W3
6 Liu, Vivian Xiao 1268 4.0 D5 D8 W12 L2 L7 W14 -X-
7 Reyes, Virgilio T 1990 3.5 -H- L5 W9 D8 W6 L1 D2
8 Trivett, John 1800 3.5 L1 D6 D15 D7 L3 W11 -X-
9 Pereira, Royce Tre 1693 3.0 L2 -H- L7 -B- W15 D10 -F-
10 Johnson, Marc D 1197 3.0 L3 W14 L4 W11 -H- D9 L12
11 Lucero,Robert 1189 3.0 W14 L2 L3 L10 W12 L8 W15
12 Johnson, Rhomer 1161 3.0 -H- -H- L6 L14 L11 W15 W10
13 Phillips, Ryan 1997 2.0 W15 -H- -F- -H- -F- -U- -U-
14 Mesa,Nelson 1323 2.0 L11 L10 -B- W12 L4 L6 -F-
15 Watson, Rockford 1302 1.5 L13 -H- D8 -H- L9 L12 L11