Master Class 2012 update!

FM David Lucky rust is gone! He won the open section of the LV Masters showing great stamina and endurance, his last two games going the distance, in the fifth round with clear first place he still went for a win against Patrick Lacey, rated 2106 in a difficult ending. The night before he battled out IM Ed Formanek in …another hard to crack position. Congratulations to him! Hugo Santiago also had a good run in the Open, even refusing one FM Lucky draw offer.
In the U1700 Michaelangelo Barozzi cruised to another perfect score of five wins no defeats!, the lad took home a trophy and $200 cash, good job!.The tournament is already submitted for rating and the games will be published soon.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participant. The next weekend tournament will be on November 9th, it is a long weekend,we will TLA this one and we will use any media network available to get all those players out of the woods. Thanks to Liceu, Vivian, Glenn for all the help. Liceu thanks for all the pictures, and to Tom Bronwnscombe for the tips on WinTD and the help with the prizes distribution. Also special thanks to IM Ed Formanek for participating in our event. by Chris and Juan