Annual Members Meeting & Board of Directors Meeting – March 5, 2009

Minutes of the Annual Members Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting held March 5, 2009
University Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

The annual meeting of Nevada Chess, Inc. was held at 7 pm on March 5, 2009 in the first-floor lobby of the UMC Doctor’s Building. (Original arrangements in the 6th floor conference room were cancelled by UMC due to previous commitments.)

The attendees, President Allen Magruder, Directors Charles Hatherill and Charles McCoy, Secretary Gordon Barrett, and Election Chairman John Trivett, were seated at a circular table with hard benches.

The comforts we enjoy are not like the anchor in the bottom of the sea, that holds fast in a storm, but like the flag upon the top of the mast, that turns with every wind.” Quote from C. Love.

Magruder opened the meeting by distributing a copy of the financial report for the period, 4/13/2008 to 3/5/2009, including an Itemized Categories Report and a Transaction Report. Total Income for this period was $622.00; total expenses were $750.43; balance at beginning of period was $2723.28; and balance at end of period was $2594.85.

The meeting continued with a description by Magruder of the informal arrangement made with J. Weikel many years ago regarding Northern Nevada voluntary support of the state affiliate, Nevada Chess, Inc. The undocumented agreement then was essentially that the Reno Club would make a contribution of $200 during the Tonopah events in the fall, and that would include membership in the state affiliate for each of the Northern Nevada attendees, though membership of any attendee was also not a documented requirement. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Nevada State Championship Match awards to the champion and runner-up were $200 total then, and have continued at that same level since. The Reno Club faithfully honored their contribution commitment, if not always during the Tonopah events, but usually shortly thereafter, and the rolls of Nevada Chess, Inc. members were also dutifully augmented with the names of the Northern Nevada attendees. That happened until this past year, when due to some Reno Club problems, their contribution has not yet been received, and Tonopah attendees have consequently not been assigned automatic memberships in Nevada Chess, Inc.

By the streets of ‘bye and bye’ one arrives at the house of ‘never.” Quote from Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

Magruder next made the following proposal.


In recognition and appreciation of the effort and expense involved in participating in the Nevada Chess, Inc. sponsored annual state championship and team events, usually held in Tonopah, Nevada, in the fall of the year, each participant attendee will receive without cost an annual membership in Nevada Chess, Inc., or an extension of their current membership. This does require participant attendees to provide their correct names, addresses and other contact information for the Nevada Chess Inc. membership rolls.

This proposal was accepted by all directors present, as well as by director M. Filipas in an earlier phone conversation with Magruder.

Contributions to support the official USCF state affiliate, Nevada Chess, Inc., will continue to be entirely voluntary.


Magruder next moved that the directors reaffirm last year’s decision that the state affiliate provide the Denker candidate 50% of the amount returned to the affiliate from the state scholastic tournament, with a minimum provision of $200. This was also approved by all.


Magruder next moved that the directors reaffirm last year’s decision that the organizer of the state scholastic tournament return to the state affiliate $2/player from the proceeds of the tournament. This was also approved by all.


John Trivett, Election Committee Chairman, collected, opened and tallied all ballots before all present, with the following results.

A great day for all three candidates vying (?) for positions. Allen Magruder (6 of 6 approve), Daniel Conver (5 of 6 approve, welcome back) and Craig Christensen (5 of 6 approve) were all elected to 2-yr terms. Congratulations!

Remember, “In great moments, life is unsurpassable.” (Gordan Barrrett)

The meeting was adjourned at about 7.30 pm, and a shining good time was had by all.

How far that little candle (Nevada Chess Inc.) throws his beams! So shines a good deed in this world.” (Shakespeare)

Submitted by Gordon Barrett, Secretary, Nevada Chess Inc. (as edited by A. Magruder)