Board of Directors Meeting – April 12, 2008

Board of Directors Meeting, April 12, 2008
Our Lady of Las Vegas School Yard, Las Vegas, Nevada

President Allen P. Magruder called the meeting to order at 3:15 PM.
Directors Present: A. Magruder, C. Hatherill, G. Barrett, C. McVoy

Before addressing the agenda items, Magruder established the agenda for the meeting with those present, as follows: Members Meeting Report; Financial Report; Determine Officers; Determine Support/Contributions for April Bulletin; Determine Support for Denker Candidate; State Scholastic Tournament Report; Club Activities Report.

1. Members Meeting Report
The members meeting was held on March 6th, 2008 during the Thursday evening session of the Clark County Chess Club. Vice President Charles Hatherill presided and Charles McVoy and Gordon Barrett attended. President Magruder was out of town and unable to attend.

The election ballots were assessed and all candidates were approved and elected to two year terms. Gordon Barrett, Milijov Filipas, Charles Hatherill and Charles McVoy will (re)join Allen Magruder, Eric Baugus and Edward Silakowski on the Board of Directors of Nevada Chess, Inc.

No other business was conducted and the meeting was adjourned.

2. Financial Report
Due to illness, Treasurer Eric Baugus was unable to attend. A. Magruder presented the financial report for the period 8/12/2007-4/12/2008 and 3/5/2007-4/12/2008 annual summary. For the former 8-month period, our expenses exceeded our income by $51.32, whereas for the latter 13-month period, our income exceeded our expenses by $117.70. Our current balance is $2723.28, with $2285.65 in the Nevada State Bank account and $437.63 in petty cash account. The 2008 expenses of $93.24 for website service and $40 for USCF affiliate fee are yet to be paid.

Magruder also reported our tax-exempt status as an educational institution has been granted again by the State of Nevada Department of Taxation, now to expire on March 31, 2013.

3. Determine Officers
After a brief discussion, and at least until further notice, the officers remained the same except for the secretary position, where newly elected Gordon Barrett replaces Richard Risley. The officers of Nevada Chess, Inc. for the term 2008-2009, until the 2009 election are: A. Magruder, President; Charles Hatherill, Vice President; Eric Baugus, Treasurer; Gordon Barrett, Secretary.

At this point, Magruder informed C. Hatherill that he is again our Nevada delegate to the USCF delegates convention in Dallas, at the US Open, and Magruder is the alternate, with G. Barrett serving in absence of both.

4. Determine Support/Contributions for April Bulletin
C. Hatherill will provide reports on tournaments held at Our Lady of Las Vegas, on the High School chess competitions, on the Members Meeting, and on the state scholastic tournament arrangements. Gordon Barrett will provide some chess articles and games. Charles McVoy contributed a game from 1981 between Abbey and Gallegos, and an article with an item about a king-size chessboard at the new Las Vegas Corporate Center. Magruder will gather what he can from the Northern Nevada website and contacts, and assemble the bulletin with whatever material he has by the end of next week, April 19th.

5. Determine Support for Denker Candidate and State Scholastic Tournament
After some discussion, and in view of the considerable expense securing the Henderson Convention Center site, Magruder moved to reduce state scholastic tournament return to state affiliate from $3/player to $2/player. This was seconded and approved by all except Hatherill, who abstained because he is principal organizer of the tournament.

After some discussion, Hatherill moved that the state affiliate provide the Denker candidate 50% of the amount returned to the affiliate from the state scholastic tournament, with a minimum provision of $200. This was seconded and approved by all.

6. State Scholastic Tournament Report
Charles Hatherill has scheduled the Nevada State Scholastic Tournament on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008, at the Henderson Convention Center. He has sent announcement of same to 250 schools in Southern Nevada, and will send a copy of that to representatives in Northern Nevada for distribution there. Alan Losoff will be chief TD, C. Hatherill will be responsible for pairings and directing, with assistance from appointed staff.

7. Club Activities Report
Charles McVoy reported that the Dula Center Club will no longer meet on Sunday. He also mentioned that games at the Clark County Chess Club have not been recently rated, and is of concern to many players there. McVoy also contributed an article from Las Vegas Business Press on “art in public places” with the item “When his (Molasky) new corporate center opens nearby on the 61 acres in 2007, it’ll come with some major public art, he says – including a king-size marble chessboard.”

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.