Board of Directors Meeting – August 19, 2006

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, August 19th, 2006
Schoolhouse Chess Center, 3004 Rigel Ave., Las Vegas

The meeting was called to order by President Allen Magruder at 3:04 pm. Directors present were A. Magruder, D. Maynard, R. Risley, D. Conver and E. Silakowski. Guests included Scott Rosen, owner of SHCC; Chad Gauvin, Manager of SHCC; Chris Bird, web site manager; and Charles McVoy of the Las Vegas Chess Club at the Dula Center. Director C. Hatherill was detained, but arrived in time to participate in discussion of organization of the 2007 Nevada State Scholastic Tournament, and arrangements for the Tonopah events at the end of September, 2006.

2007 Nevada State Scholastic Tournament
Scott Rosen and Chad Gauvin of SHCC and Charles Hatherill of Palo Verde HS committed to organizing this tournament and have secured the Henderson Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday, March 3rd and 4th, 2007 (since the meeting this event has been rescheduled for just one day, Saturday, February 17th, 2007) for the two day event. Early entry fee is projected to be $30 at this time, $40 at the door. Scott and Chad have contacts at over 100 public schools, and estimate over 500 entries possible. USCF membership is required for all players, but will be free to all those in K-3rd grades, thanks to a USCF scholastic program. Accommodations will be made for special situations. [1] The organizers will provide trophy awards and medals commensurate with previous state scholastic tournaments. Director Dan Conver moved that the board approve this organization of the 2007 Nevada State Scholastic Tournament. It was seconded by E. Silakowski, and unanimously approved. Website Management
Chris Bird offered to continue to manage our website even after relocating from Las Vegas, as that can be easily done completely with internet communications. That is, as long as those who have additions and/or changes to the website actually make those revisions known to him over the internet. A. Magruder reported that Al Mack of Rebel Chess Club in Las Vegas runs a website for his club and is available to help Chris if needed. We’re grateful to Chris Bird for his continued support.

Tonopah Events, September, 2006
Charles McVoy will represent Southern Nevada in the Nevada State Championship Match, usually held at the Station House Hotel and Casino in Tonopah Nevada at the end of September. The Northern Nevada representative has not been determined at this time.

Charles Hatherill and John Trivett have volunteered to make arrangements with the Station House Hotel for the date and rooms required for the State Championship match, and for the concurrent North vs South Team Match. They will also identify members of the Southern Nevada Team and coordinate the match with the Northern Nevada Team captain. A. Magruder volunteered to email Station House Hotel contact information, and past match conditions to C. Hatherill and J. Trivett.

Financial Report
A. Magruder, asst. treasurer, distributed a financial report for the period 2/4/06 to 8/19/06 to all directors present, in two parts: a Transaction Report, showing “inflows” ($762) and “outflows” (481.38) with initial balance $2173.92, final balance $2454.54; and an Itemized Category report, showing income and expenses by categories. R. Risley moved that the board accept the financial report as read, seconded by E. Silakowski and unanimously approved.

Other Items
1. Affiliate Administration
A. Magruder remarked that sometime in the not too distant future, the board of directors will have to recruit other people to handle administrative tasks of this USCF affiliate, including publishing the quarterly bulletin, keeping track of the affiliate membership, and managing the finances. (My boys should be off to college in the fall of next year, and I expect to be busy chasing after them, and with other “empty nest” activities. Forewarned is forearmed).

2. October Bulletin
Scott Rosen of SHCC volunteered to print and distribute the October 2006 issue of the Nevada Chess Bulletin, upon receipt of the mailing labels for all current adult USCF members in Nevada from A. Magruder. Distribution is expected by mid-October.

3. Chess Park in Downtown Las Vegas
Charles McVoy reported on his efforts to establish a Chess Park in Downtown Las Vegas, at 4th and Lewis, with several concrete chess tables in place for casual games. He and John Trivett have had initial meetings with city council members promoting the Chess Park with encouraging results. He also reported sponsoring chess games as part of the Las Vegas “First Friday Arts Events” in the Arts Factory, 101-109 E. Charleston Ave., on, would you believe, the first Friday of every month. A. Magruder volunteered to include progress reports in the Nevada Chess Bulletin, to support these efforts.