Annual Members Meeting – March 27, 2004

Minutes of the Annual Members Meeting, March 27th, 2004

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Bird at 3:05 pm.

Opening Remarks
Chris Bird opened the meeting by asking for a moments silence to recognize the passing of Norm Harvey who had done so much for Nevada Chess and chess in the Las Vegas area. Chris passed thanks to John Currell for his work done as Clearinghouse Coordinator and also to outgoing Directors John Trivett and Ron Gentil.

Minutes from 2003 Meeting
The minutes of the 2003 minute were read and Allen Magruder proposed and John Trivett seconded the motion that “the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting”. The motion passed unanimously.

Increase in Membership Dues
An item from last year’s meeting was the motion that a subcommittee be arranged to discuss a proposed increase in membership dues. The subcommittee proposed a recommendation to the Annual Meeting that “the dues be increased to $12 for an adult, $6 for juniors and $15 for family memberships (no increase)”. The motion passed unanimously. An additional motion was made that “multiple year memberships be offered for adults, e.g. $30 for 3 years, $40 for 4 years and $50 for 5 years”. The motion passed.

Chris Bird noted that the Bylaws had been amended at a Special Member’s Meeting on May 31, 2003.

Polgar Tournament
A discussion took place over whether Nevada Chess should contribute something to a Nevada representative to attend the Polgar Tournament for girls (similar to the Denker Tournament for boys). After the discussion Allen Magruder proposed and John Brown seconded the motion that “Nevada Chess contribute $100 to the Nevada Polgar Tournament representative”. The motion passed unanimously.

Nevada Libraries
Chris Bird brought up a case where someone had gone into a library to ask about local chess and the library had no information to provide. A proposal was made by Kim Patraw, seconded by Dan Conver that “Nevada Chess commit $300 to putting a chess set and board in Nevada libraries, along with a flyer advertising Nevada Chess and where to find information about local activities” (e.g. the website and a contact for information). The motion passed with 10 people in favor and 1 against.

State Scholastic Tournament
Allen Magruder mentioned that he thought the early entry date should be eliminated from the State Scholastic Tournament as he felt it was putting some people off entering late for the event. The issue of trophies for the State Scholastic tournament was also brought up at the same time. In the end it was decided that these matters should be left to the organizer of the State Scholastic tournament, who in the end has responsibility for ensuring a successful event.

2004 Election
The ballots for Election 2004 were opened, verified, and counted. 10 Ballots were received. Votes tallied were as follows, Charles Hatherill 8 and Richard Risley 6. Since three positions were open both members were appointed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.