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Southern Nevada Open, January 15-16, 2000

(Sponsored by the Southern Nevada Chess Club; directed by Norm Harvey & Allen Magruder)

Patrick Hummel finishes 1 1/2 points ahead of the field, winning 10 Grand Prix points with a perfect 5-0 score!

Eighteen players entered the first local tournament of the new year, competing for 15 Grand Prix points and a guaranteed prize fund of $1,250. When the dust had settled, 13 players took home prize money!

Round 1 was a good indicator for two players, Francisco Vela (1563) and Alan Amici (1477), of the kind of tournament they were going to have. Francisco drew a long French Defence with Black against Alex Herrera (2017), and Alan took the full point against the Nimzowitsch Defense of Grover Gray (1933). All of the other higher rated players won, with the exception of Rick Holden (1699) losing to newcomer Cheo Oliver (Unr).

Round 2 produced two more upsets, Francisco over Chris Peterson (1780), and Chad Badgett (1616) over Grover. There were only three players with perfect scores going into Round 3, and one of them, Richard Wade (1907), was taking a 1/2 point bye. That left Patrick (2384) and Tom Thrush (2127) to battle it out on Board 1, with Patrick prevailing in the endgame. Francisco continued his strong play, defeating Michael Newton (1734), and Alan upset Rick.

As rewards for their solid performance, Francisco and Alan were paired against Tom and Alex in Round 4, with the expected results. Patrick defeated Richard Wade to enter the last round with a full point cushion.

The final round saw Patrick stay perfect with a win over Alex. Tom took a 1/2 point bye, and finished tied for second with 3 1/2. Chris captured a share of second with his third win in a row, over Ranen Lardent (1667). The third claimant to second was Francisco, completing a 2073 performance (510 points above his rating!) with a win over Richard Wade. Not to be outdone, Alan finished with a draw against Jose Ramirez (1813), for a 1918 performance (441 points above his rating!).

Report by Norm Harvey.

                        Final Standings

    Name                   Rating  Rd1   Rd2   Rd3   Rd4   Rd5   TOT
  1 Hummel, Patrick         2384    W6    W9    W2    W8    W5   5
  2 Thrush, Tom             2127   W11   W12    L1    W4   H--   3.5
  3 Peterson, Christopher   1780   H--    L4   W15   W13    W6   3.5
  4 Vela, Francisco         1563    D5    W3    W9    L2    W8   3.5
  5 Herrera, Alex           2017    D4   W15   H--   W12    L1   3
  6 Lardent, Ranen          1667    L1   W16   W17   W18    L3   3
  7 Gray, Grover Frank      1933   L12   L11   H--   W15   W16   2.5
  8 Wade, Richard           1907   W18   W14   H--    L1    L4   2.5
  9 Newton, Michael         1734   W17    L1    L4   W16   D10   2.5
 10 Holden, Rick            1699   L14   W18   L12   W17    D9   2.5
 11 Badgett, Chad           1616    L2    W7   L14   H--   W17   2.5
 12 Amici, Alan             1477    W7    L2   W10    L5   D13   2.5
 13 Ramirez, Jose           1813   W16   H--   U--    L5   D12   2
 14 Oliver, Cheo            Unr.   W10    L8    W7   U--   U--   2
 15 Hatherill, Charles      1568   H--    L5    L3    L7   W18   1.5
 16 Solomon, Shane          1179   L13    L6   B--    L9    L7   1
 17 Totaro, Lawrence        1166    L9   B--    L6   L10   L11   1
 18 Risley, Richard         1456    L8   L10   H--    L6   L15   0.5

Information provided by Norm Harvey.