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Nevada Open Championship, June 12-13, 1999

(Sponsored by Nevada Chess, Inc., directed by Allen Magruder (Open and U1800) and Dan Conver (Junior))

Glory to Gallegos in the Open Section!
Laymon outblitzes Jose and Zack in the U1800 Section!!
Oh boy! 16 trophies passed out in the Junior Section!!!

There's a phrase from a movie which became famous last year "Show me the money" and your reporter heard this phrase uttered at the end of this event, one of Southern Nevada's largest turnouts in a long time. A guaranteed prize fund of $1000 and 10 Novag Grand Prix points and three seperate playing sections attracted almost 80 chess players to the Community College of Southern Nevada on West Charleston for what I am going to call a Chess festival!

The Open Section

According to my count, 19 players entered the Open Section of tournament, which would decide who would be the Southern Nevada Champion going to Tonopah later this year for the State Championship match. There was 2 masters, 6 experts, and 11 class players. Among the new or returning faces were Jeff Gallegos (X), Mike Bruns (X), Gordon Barrett (A), Anthony King (B), Chris Petersen (A), Glen Buckendorf (A) from Idaho, Chris Bird (A) from England, and probably some others.

Your reporter wondered at the outset who would win. Would John Brown (X) win his third straight event? Would one of the masters, Peter Walsh or Denis Marrero stomp us all and win? Maybe Tom Thrush (X) would repeat as Tom Brownscombe did for years in a row? Or maybe some "A" upstart would upset the law of averages and gain all the money and glory? The answer to my question, I found out 5 rounds later.

Round One began with the usual carnage of the higher rated guys over the lower rated, except John Trivett (A) held Alex Herrera (X) to a draw minus his horse in a really crazy game and John Currell (A) played very solid in a bishop ending to hold John Brown to a draw. Thrush thought he was losing a piece, but instead he ended up winning one against Walter Henry (A).

In Round Two, Marrero, Walsh, Gallegos, and Bruns all moved to 2/2. Thrush may have had an elegant way to draw against Walsh at about move 35. Bruns was happy about his win over Herrera. Trivett mated Richard Wade (A) in 24 moves with the Evans Gambit, and the accompanying laughter that followed after 4. b4! Brown also won and joined Trivett at 1.5/2.

In Round Three, several of the key players took byes or drew. Marrero moved to 3/3 as Bruns flung his piece against a Scilian Dragon that held firm. Trivett found himself against Brown on Board Two and found the combination that netted an absolutely winning position but absolutely no time left in the sudden death time control to win, so he took the draw. Currell upset Thrush in an K+P ending. Bidari rolled over Barrett in 24 moves, so that left 5 or 6 players, half of them "A" upstarts poised at 2/3.

The fourth round pretty much cleared the air about the whole thing. First of all, the three Johns, Brown, Trivett, and Currell all lost to Gallegos, Bidari, and Bruns respectively, with only the solid Currell losing well into a K+P ending. At one point, your reporter thought it could be drawn. No more "A" upstarts. Marrero probably had a win at about move 46 with e6, but he played f6 and Walsh got his king back in time to take over a key square and win a thrilling rook ending, with both sides promoting passed pawns to queen. Walsh got the first queen check in and it was over. Barrett moved up from the cellar by accepting Peterson's piece to score quickly.

It's almost always in the last rount that things pretty much come to a head. No one single person was running away with the tournament. And we were looking at possible tie here for first place! Walsh and Gallegos were at 3.5/4; Marrero, Bruns, Bidari were at 3/4. Everyone else trailed a point or so behind.

On board one, Gallegos whipped out the Albins Counter Gambit and Walsh held firm for a while and commited a few small inaccuracies. Then there was a tactical sequence leading to Walsh having two minor pieces versus a rook+pawn and as Peter told me later "I played the blunder of the tournament, 28. Nb3??" Jeff mopped up after that with 29. Ne5 threating all kinds of knight forks. Game over. Jeff wins the money, the Southern Nevada Champion's trophy, some Novag Grand Prix points, and the right to go to Tonopah to play for the state championship. Marrero became heir apparent by defeating Bidari in 35 moves with his new found English Opening. Jorge Barrios (X) was having a difficult tournament and against him, Bruns sacced the exchange for a dangerous looking attack. Jorge beat it off with his usual very prophalactic style and although Mike had the pawns for the exchange, his position was untenable for an ending. On the next three boards, the three Johns all lost again! Unusual was Brown putting all of his pieces on the dark squares so that Barrett took the light squares for himself to win. Trivett had a brawl with Thrush and lost. Currell's position was constricted and shattered at the outset, but when it seemed he was about to unravel, he had no time left and so Bird won. King beat Henry in 24 moves and Buckendorf drew with Peterson.

In the prize distribution: Jeff Gallegos took first prize and the trophy with 4.5/5. Denis Marrero won the second place prize with 4/5. Peter Walsh shared third prize with Jorge Barrios, who was the top U2200 at 3.5/4. Gordon Barrett and Mike Bruns shared the U2000 prize with 3/5 And the three Johns? We finished all together at 2/5. We got no prize, but huh, a little glory.

U1800 Section

According to my count, 17 players entered this section, including newcomers, Zack Fahey (UNR), Michael Maguire (C), T Weiske (C), and probably some others. Jim Stuart (D), and Kerry Koenig, (C) returned after more than a year. There was many long games and the competition in this section was tough but the strongest players seem to prevail and dominate this event but there was a surprise in store at the end.

In round one, it went the stronger players won. Most of the games went past 40 moves. One game of note was Mike Cassidy's (D) game against Koenig. Mike's provocative style seem to have the advantage, but he played too fast and lost.

In round two, Francisco Vela (C) had Laymon McGauhey absolutely beaten with a queen for a bishop, but he played a howler that allowed a backrank mate. Chad Badgett played a beautiful game out of the Guocio Piano, saccing a rook for a winning attack in a trap that dates from the 19th century. Cassidy had an amazing attack going but missed the immediately beautiful coup twice and only on the third try did he get Rf6! winning.

In round three, McGauhey and Ramirez pulled away from the pack. Dan Fortney (C) won tactically over J. Narcisi (D) and he with Koenig who beat Badgett in 10 moves!, and some others lagged one point behind. Stuart seemed to have an edge throw his pawns forward but he fell to a kinghunt.

Ramirez and McGauhey drew in 56 moves in round four to go 3.5/4. Koenig took 64 moves to defeat Charles Hatherill (C) in minor piece ending, Charles playing to the bitter end in this key game. Fortney blew away Vela in style.

In the last round, McGauhey won a pawn from Koenig and then played too passively allowing counterplay in the ending. Kerry's 'a' pawn forced Laymon to eject his knight for most of the remaining pawns. The determination to win showed on the player's faces and they played until there was nothing left, both giggled and drew. Fortney's desperate bid to beat Ramirez ended in his defeat. And thru all of this, the third player, the unrated Zack Fahey scored 4 points and joined the winner circle with Jose Ramirez and Laymon McGauhey, all with 4/5. A blitz playoff was held. Laymon took a 2-0 lead over Zack and won the first game against Ramirez. Jose won the second game trying to mate McGauhey's lone king with his bishop and queen with flags hanging. Ramirez had to win 2-0 over Fahey to win but nervous put his queen en prise and Laymon got the U1800 trophy. Ramirez did win the second match game in the best played of the blitz playoff. Zack Fahey also won the 1st U1600. Kerry Koenig won the 2nd U1600 prize with 3.5/5. Of note, Alan Amici played both in the U1800 section and in the one day Junior event! The amazing 9 year old scored a credible 2.5/5.

Junior Section

This one day, five round G/40 is what made this look like a chess festival, with parents and children milling around all over at registration time. 40 children under the age of 19 entered this event and it. Ranen Lardent sported a large rating advantage and dominated this event with 5/5 clean score. Of note, Alan Amici played in this event and in the U1800 Section, taking only two byes! Sixteen(!) trophies were awarded. The list of trophy winners appears below.

I would like to thank the following people for their kind support of this event. Bill Goichberg, Frank Lassus, Allen Magruder, Dan Conver, Ken Sims, Norm Harvey, John Currell and all who participated and contributed to this fine event. Enjoy!

Report by John Trivett

The prize winners in the Open section were:

Overall:  1st - Jeffrey Gallegos (2124)   - 4.5
            includes trophy and title of "Southern Nevada Open Champion"
            and eligibility to represent Southern Nevada in the Closed
            State Championship in Tonopah this fall.
          2nd - Denis Marrero (2322)      - 4.0
          3rd - Peter Walsh (2237)        - 3.5
                Jorge Barrios (2122)      - 3.5 <--|
U2200:    1st - Jorge Barrios (2122)      - 3.5 <--|

U2000:    1st - Mike Bruns (1998)         - 3.0

The prize winners in the Under 1800 section were:

Overall:  1st - Laymon McGauhey IV (1700) - 4.0
            includes trophy and title of "Southern Nevada Under 1800 Open Champion".
                Jose Ramirez (1774)       - 4.0
                Zack Fahey (unr)          - 4.0 <--|
* Laymon won the trophy and title over Jose        |
and Zack in a double round-robin blitz playoff.    |
U1600:    1st - Zack Fahey (unr)          - 4.0 <--|
          2nd - Kerry Koenig (1538)       - 3.5

The trophy winners in the Junior section were:

Overall:  1st - Ranen Lardent (1453)      - 5.0
          2nd - David Nagy (859)          - 4.0
U1400:    1st - Mark Gu (1008)            - 4.0
          2nd - Alan Amici (1336)         - 4.0
U1200:    1st - Brandon Kellman (971)     - 4.0
          2nd - Chase Smith (988)         - 4.0
U1000:    1st - Jordan Kozmary (756)      - 3.0
          2nd - Rajeev Saxena (869)       - 3.0
U800:     1st - Randy Fasano (707)        - 3.0
          2nd - Sam Cutter (688)          - 3.0
U600:     1st - Nathan Gord (340)         - 3.0
          2nd - Kanika Sharma (493)       - 3.0
U400:     1st - Alisha Saxena (354)       - 2.5
          2nd - Chad Naremore (379)       - 2.0
Unrated:  1st - Lawrence Totaro (unr)     - 4.0
          2nd - Crystal Willis (unr)      - 2.0

    Open Section          Cross Table

#   Name / Rating        Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Rd 5
1   Denis Marrero        B10   W4    B9    W2    W6
    2322                 1.0   2.0   3.0   3.0   4.0
2   Peter C Walsh        W11   B5    bye   B1    W3
    2237                 1.0   2.0   2.5   3.5   3.5
3   Jeffrey Gallegos     B12   W6    bye   B7    B2
    2124                 1.0   2.0   2.5   3.5   4.5
4   Jorge Barrios        W13   B1    W11   B19   B9
    2122                 1.0   1.0   1.5   2.5   3.5
5   Thomas N Thrush      B14   W2    B18   B11   W17
    2104                 1.0   1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0
6   Glenn Bidari         W16   B3    W13   W17   B1
    2078                 1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   3.0
7   John Brown           B18   W15   B17   W3    B13
    2024                 0.5   1.5   2.0   2.0   2.0
8   Alex Herrera         W17   B9    bye   W14   ----
    2009                 0.5   0.5   1.0   1.5   1.5
9   Mike E Bruns         B19   W8    W1    B18   W4
    1998                 1.0   2.0   2.0   3.0   3.0
10  Richard D Wade       W1    B17   bye   W16   ----
    1933                 0.0   0.0   0.5   1.5   1.5
11  Christopher Bird     B2    W14   B4    W5    W18
    1900                 0.0   1.0   1.5   1.5   2.5
12  Frank C Feng         W3    B13   ----  ----  ----
    1891                 0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0
13  Gordon S Barrett     B4    W12   B6    W15   W7
    1871                 0.0   1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0
14  Walter P Henry       W5    B11   bye   B8    W19
    1820                 0.0   0.0   1.0   1.5   1.5
15  Christopher Peterson bye   B7    W19   B13   W16
    1804                 0.5   0.5   1.0   1.0   1.5
16  Glen Buckendorf      B6    W18   bye   B10   B15
    1800                 0.0   0.5   1.0   1.0   1.5
17  John Trivett         B8    W10   W7    B6    B5
    1800                 0.5   1.5   2.0   2.0   2.0
18  John R Currell       W7    B16   W5    W9    B11
    1800                 0.5   1.0   2.0   2.0   2.0
19  Anthony T King       W9    bye   B15   W4    B14
    1738                 0.0   1.0   1.5   1.5   2.5

    Open Section          Standings

#   Name                 Rtng   Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Rd 5  Total
1   Jeffrey Gallegos     2124   W19   W6    H---  W11   W3     4.5
2   Denis Marrero        2322   W15   W4    W7    L3    W6     4.0
3   Peter C Walsh        2237   W9    W5    H---  W2    L1     3.5
4   Jorge Barrios        2122   W8    L2    D9    W10   W7     3.5
5   Thomas N Thrush      2104   W16   L3    L13   W9    W12    3.0
6   Glenn Bidari         2078   W18   L1    W8    W12   L2     3.0
7   Mike E Bruns         1998   W10   W14   L2    W13   L4     3.0
8   Gordon S Barrett     1871   L4    W19   L6    W17   W11    3.0
9   Christopher Bird     1900   L3    W16   D4    L5    W13    2.5
10  Anthony T King       1738   L7    B---  D17   L4    W16    2.5
11  John Brown           2024   D13   W17   D12   L1    L8     2.0
12  John Trivett         1800   D14   W15   D11   L6    L5     2.0
13  John R Currell       1800   D11   D18   W5    L7    L9     2.0
14  Alex Herrera         2009   D12   L7    H---  D16   U---   1.5
15  Richard D Wade       1933   L2    L12   H---  W18   U---   1.5
16  Walter P Henry       1820   L5    L9    B---  D14   L10    1.5
17  Christopher Peterson 1804   H---  L11   D10   L8    D18    1.5
18  Glen Buckendorf      1800   L6    D13   H---  L15   D17    1.5
19  Frank C Feng         1891   L1    L8    U---  U---  U---   0.0

    U1800 Section         Cross Table

#   Name / Rating        Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Rd 5
1   Jose E Ramirez       B9    W6    bye   W2    B8
    1771                 1.0   2.0   2.5   3.0   4.0
2   Laymon Mc Gauhey     W10   B5    W4    B1    W6
    1700                 1.0   2.0   3.0   3.5   4.0
3   Chad Badgett         B11   W15   B6    W17   ----
    1661                 0.5   1.5   1.5   1.5   1.5
4   Charles Hatherill    W12   B8    B2    W6    B15
    1581                 1.0   2.0   2.0   2.0   3.0
5   Francisco Vela       B13   W2    B11   W8    W12
    1576                 1.0   1.0   2.0   2.0   3.0
6   Kerry Koenig         W14   B1    W3    B4    B2
    1538                 1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   3.5
7   Richard R Risley     bye   W11   B12   W15   ----
    1531                 0.5   0.5   0.5   0.5   0.5
8   Daniel L Fortney     B17   W4    B15   B5    W1
    1484                 1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   3.0
9   Joe Patterson        W1    B14   bye   W16   B11
    1474                 0.0   0.0   0.5   1.0   2.0
10  Theodore Wieseke     B2    ----  ----  ----  ----
    1400                 0.0   F0.0  0.0   0.0   0.0
11  James Stuart         W3    B7    W5    B12   W9
    1340                 0.5   1.5   1.5   1.5   1.5
12  Alan R Amici         B4    bye   W7    W11   B5
    1336                 0.0   0.5   1.5   2.5   2.5
13  Michael Mc Guire     W5    ----  B17   W14   ----
    1325                 0.0   X1.0  1.0   1.0   1.0
14  Michael Cassidy      B6    W9    bye   B13   W17
    1272                 0.0   1.0   1.5   2.5   2.5
15  John E Narcisi       bye   B3    W8    B7    W4
    1246                 1.0   1.0   1.0   2.0   2.0
16  Carmelo N Fabia      ----  ----  bye   B9    ----
    1197                 0.0   0.0   0.5   1.0   1.0
17  Zack Fahey           W8    bye   W13   B3    B14
    unr.                 0.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   4.0

    U1800 Section         Standings

#   Name                 Rtng   Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Rd 5  Total
1   Jose E Ramirez       1771   W10   W4    H---  D2    W7     4.0
2   Laymon Mc Gauhey     1700   W17   W6    W5    D1    D4     4.0
3   Zack Fahey           unr.   L7    B---  W14   W12   W9     4.0
4   Kerry Koenig         1538   W9    L1    W12   W5    D2     3.5
5   Charles Hatherill    1581   W8    W7    L2    L4    W11    3.0
6   Francisco Vela       1576   W14   L2    W13   L7    W8     3.0
7   Daniel L Fortney     1484   W3    L5    W11   W6    L1     3.0
8   Alan R Amici         1336   L5    H---  W16   W13   L6     2.5
9   Michael Cassidy      1272   L4    W10   H---  W14   L3     2.5
10  Joe Patterson        1474   L1    L9    H---  D15   W13    2.0
11  John E Narcisi       1246   B---  L12   L7    W16   L5     2.0
12  Chad Badgett         1661   D13   W11   L4    L3    U---   1.5
13  James Stuart         1340   D12   W16   L6    L8    L10    1.5
14  Michael Mc Guire     1325   L6    X---  L3    L9    U---   1.0
15  Carmelo N Fabia      1197   U---  U---  H---  D10   U---   1.0
16  Richard R Risley     1531   H---  L13   L8    L11   U---   0.5
17  Theodore Wieseke     1400   L2    F---  U---  U---  U---   0.0

    Junior Section        Cross Table

#   Name / Rating        Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Rd 5
1   Ranen Lardent        W21   B12   W10   W14   B11
    1453                 1.0   2.0   3.0   4.0   5.0
2   Alan R Amici         B22   bye   W19   W3    B4
    1336                 1.0   1.5   2.5   3.5   4.0
3   Michael A Kloss      W23   B13   W37   B2    B17
    1172                 1.0   1.0   2.0   2.0   3.0
4   Nicky Shook          B24   W15   W13   B11   W2
    1134                 1.0   2.0   3.0   3.0   3.5
5   William Kloss        W25   B14   W21   B37   B36
    1120                 1.0   1.0   1.5   2.5   2.5
6   Mark Gu              B26   W20   B14   W13   B9
    1008                 1.0   2.0   2.0   3.0   4.0
7   Chase P Smith        bye   B18   W23   B16   W10
     988                 1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   4.0
8   Brandon Kellman      B28   W17   B24   W15   B14
     971                 0.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   4.0
9   Jason Awad           W27   B19   W25   B18   W6
     929                 1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   3.0
10  Rajeev Saxena        B29   W28   B1    W19   B7
     869                 1.0   2.0   2.0   3.0   3.0
11  David Nagy           W30   B36   W18   W4    W1
     859                 1.0   2.0   3.0   4.0   4.0
12  Zachary A Wach       B31   W1    B26   W36   B19
     808                 1.0   1.0   2.0   2.0   2.0
13  Jeffrey Boruszak     W32   W3    B4    B6    W30
     775                 1.0   2.0   2.0   2.0   2.0
14  Jordan Kozmary       B33   W5    W6    B1    W8
     756                 1.0   2.0   3.0   3.0   3.0
15  Casey J Wach         W35   B4    W32   B8    W22
     752                 1.0   1.0   2.0   2.0   2.5
16  Geoff A Mall         B36   W29   B28   W7    B20
     741                 0.0   1.0   2.0   2.0   2.0
17  Anthony Perez        W37   B8    W33   B21   W3
     732                 0.5   0.5   1.5   2.5   2.5
18  Elias Ghanem         B38   W7    B11   W9    B26
     711                 1.0   2.0   2.0   2.0   2.0
19  Randy Fasano         W39   W9    B2    B10   W12
     707                 1.0   2.0   2.0   2.0   3.0
20  Sam Cutter           W40   B6    W36   B27   W16
     688                 1.0   1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0
21  Nolan Walsh          B1    W30   B5    W17   B39
     671                 0.0   1.0   1.5   1.5   2.5
22  Cole Niebuhr         W2    B32   B40   W28   B15
     600                 0.0   0.0   1.0   2.0   2.5
23  Zachary Martin       B3    W31   B7    W29   B37
     595                 0.0   1.0   1.0   1.5   2.0
24  Noah Niebuhr         W4    B35   W8    B30   W33
     523                 0.0   1.0   1.0   1.0   2.0
25  Kayla J Fasano       B5    W38   B9    W39   B31
     495                 0.0   1.0   1.0   1.0   2.0
26  Kanika Sharma        W6    B39   W12   B32   W18
     493                 0.0   1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0
27  Brian D Sullivan     B9    W40   B34   W20   B29
     427                 0.0   0.5   1.5   1.5   1.5
28  Chad M Naremore      W8    B10   W16   B22   W38
     379                 1.0   1.0   1.0   1.0   2.0
29  Alisha Saxena        W10   B16   W35   B23   W27
     354                 0.0   0.0   1.0   1.5   2.5
30  Nathan Gord          B11   B21   W38   W24   B13
     340                 0.0   0.0   1.0   2.0   3.0
31  Erin Walsh           W12   B23   W39   B40   W25
     338                 0.0   0.0   0.0   1.0   1.0
32  Jack Maini           B13   W22   B15   W26   B34
     277                 0.0   1.0   1.0   1.0   2.0
33  Laura Walsh          W14   bye   B17   W34   B24
     202                 0.0   0.5   0.5   1.5   1.5
34  Aundrea Perez        bye   B37   W27   B33   W32
     196                 0.5   0.5   0.5   0.5   0.5
35  Kimi Sharma          B15   W24   B29   B38   W40
     100                 0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0   1.0
36  Lawrence Totaro      W16   W11   B20   B12   W5
    unr.                 1.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   4.0
37  Justin Smith         B17   W34   B3    W5    W23
    unr.                 0.5   1.5   1.5   1.5   2.0
38  Brandon S Nelson     W18   B25   B30   W35   B28
    unr.                 0.0   0.0   0.0   1.0   1.0
39  Crystal N Willis     B19   W26   B31   B25   W21
    unr.                 0.0   0.0   1.0   2.0   2.0
40  Zachary Curtis       B20   B27   W22   W31   B35
    unr.                 0.0   0.5   0.5   0.5   0.5

    Junior Section        Standings

#   Name                 Rtng   Rd 1  Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Rd 5  Total
1   Ranen Lardent        1453   W20   W23   W11   W12   W6     5.0
2   Alan R Amici         1336   W21   H---  W13   W9    D8     4.0
3   Mark Gu              1008   W15   W14   L12   W24   W10    4.0
4   Chase P Smith         988   B---  L26   W27   W25   W11    4.0
5   Brandon Kellman       971   L30   W19   W28   W18   W12    4.0
6   David Nagy            859   W16   W7    W26   W8    L1     4.0
7   Lawrence Totaro      unr.   W25   L6    W14   W23   W17    4.0
8   Nicky Shook          1134   W28   W18   W24   L6    D2     3.5
9   Michael A Kloss      1172   W27   L24   W32   L2    W19    3.0
10  Jason Awad            929   W34   L13   W29   W26   L3     3.0
11  Rajeev Saxena         869   W22   W30   L1    W13   L4     3.0
12  Jordan Kozmary        756   W35   W17   W3    L1    L5     3.0
13  Randy Fasano          707   W33   W10   L2    L11   W23    3.0
14  Sam Cutter            688   W40   L3    L7    W34   W25    3.0
15  Kanika Sharma         493   L3    W33   L23   W31   W26    3.0
16  Nathan Gord           340   L6    L20   W38   W28   W24    3.0
17  William Kloss        1120   W29   L12   D20   W32   L7     2.5
18  Casey J Wach          752   W37   L8    W31   L5    D21    2.5
19  Anthony Perez         732   D32   L5    W35   W20   L9     2.5
20  Nolan Walsh           671   L1    W16   D17   L19   W33    2.5
21  Cole Niebuhr          600   L2    L31   W40   W30   D18    2.5
22  Alisha Saxena         354   L11   L25   W37   D27   W34    2.5
23  Zachary A Wach        808   W36   L1    W15   L7    L13    2.0
24  Jeffrey Boruszak      775   W31   W9    L8    L3    L16    2.0
25  Geoff A Mall          741   L7    W22   W30   L4    L14    2.0
26  Elias Ghanem          711   W38   W4    L6    L10   L15    2.0
27  Zachary Martin        595   L9    W36   L4    D22   D32    2.0
28  Noah Niebuhr          523   L8    W37   L5    L16   W35    2.0
29  Kayla J Fasano        495   L17   W38   L10   L33   W36    2.0
30  Chad M Naremore       379   W5    L11   L25   L21   W38    2.0
31  Jack Maini            277   L24   W21   L18   L15   W39    2.0
32  Justin Smith         unr.   D19   W39   L9    L17   D27    2.0
33  Crystal N Willis     unr.   L13   L15   W36   W29   L20    2.0
34  Brian D Sullivan      427   L10   D40   W39   L14   L22    1.5
35  Laura Walsh           202   L12   H---  L19   W39   L28    1.5
36  Erin Walsh            338   L23   L27   L33   W40   L29    1.0
37  Kimi Sharma           100   L18   L28   L22   L38   W40    1.0
38  Brandon S Nelson     unr.   L26   L29   L16   W37   L30    1.0
39  Aundrea Perez         196   H---  L32   L34   L35   L31    0.5
40  Zachary Curtis       unr.   L14   D34   L21   L36   L37    0.5

Note: standings within a score group do NOT reflect the tiebreaks
      used to determine the trophy distribution.

Information provided by Allen Magruder and Dan Conver


Wade, Richard (A) - Marrero, Denis (M) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Bc4 Bg7 7.O-O O-O 
8.f3 Nc6 9.Be3 Qb6 10.Kh1 Ng4 11.f:g4 B:d4 12.Bh6 Bg7 13.B:g7 K:g7 
14.Bb3 Be6 15.Nd5 B:d5 16.B:d5 Ne5 17.Qe2 a5 18.c3 e6 19.Bc4 Rfc8 
20.Bd3 a4 21.a3 Rc5 22.Rad1 Rac8 23.Bb1 Rb5 24.Rd2 Nc4 25.Qf3 Rf5 
26.e:f5 N:d2 27.Qf2 Q:f2   0:1

Walsh, Peter (M) - Bird, Chris (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 O-O 6.Be2 e5 7.O-O Nc6 8.d5 
Ne7 9.b4 Nd7 10.Qb3 f5 11.Ng5 Nf6 12.f3 Nh5 13.c5 Nf4 14.B:f4 e:f4 
15.Rad1 Kh8 16.Ne6 B:e6 17.d:e6 Be5 18.c:d6 c:d6 19.Nd5 f:e4 20.f:e4 
N:d5 21.e:d5 Rc8 22.Rc1 R:c1 23.R:c1 f3 24.B:f3 Qh4 25.h3 Bd4+ 26.Kh1 
Be5 27.Qe3 Qg3 28.Qg1 Qh4 29.Bg4 h5 30.Be2 Q:b4 31.Rf1 Kg7 32.e7 Rc8 
33.Qf2   1:0

Barrios, Jorge (X) - Barrett, Gordon (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 g6 3.Bg5 Bg7 4.Qd2 h6 5.Bf4 d6 6.O-O-O b6 7.f3 Nbd7 
8.e4 Bb7 9.d5 Qc8 10.g4 g5 11.Be3 Ba6 12.h4 B:f1 13.R:f1 Qa6 14.Nge2 
g:h4 15.Nd4 Ne5 16.Nf5 Bf8 17.Bd4 Nc4 18.Qd3 b5 19.Kb1 Rg8 20.R:h4 
O-O-O 21.B:f6 e:f6 22.Rd1 Qa5 23.a3 a6 24.Na2 Ne5 25.Qb3 Kd7 26.Nb4 
Qb6 27.Nc6 Ra8 28.Rh2 Ng6 29.Rhd2 Nf4 30.Rd4 h5 31.Qe3 Nh3 32.g:h5 Rg2
33.Nh4 Rg3 34.Qe1 Rg5 35.Nf5 R:h5 36.Qg3 Ng5 37.Qg4 Rh2 38.Ng7+ Ne6 
39.N:e6   1:0

Henry, Walter (A) - Thrush, Tom (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 O-O 6.Be2 c6 7.O-O Qc7 8.h3 
e5 9.d5 Nbd7 10.Be3 c:d5 11.c:d5 Nc5 12.Rc1 Qa5 13.Nd2 b5 14.a3 b4 
15.Nc4 Qd8 16.a:b4 Nc:e4 17.Bf3 N:c3 18.b:c3 e4 19.Be2 Ba6 20.Nd2 B:e2
21.Q:e2 N:d5 22.N:e4 Re8 23.Qc4 N:e3 24.f:e3 d5 25.Qb3 R:e4 26.Rcd1 
Rc4 27.Rd3 Rac8 28.Qd1 Qe7 29.R:d5 R:c3 30.Rd7 Q:e3+ 31.Kh1 Rc1 
32.Rd8+ R:d8 33.Q:d8+ Bf8   0:1

Bidari, Glenn (X) - Buckendorf, Glen (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.g3 g6 4.Bg2 Bg7 5.d3 d6 6.Be3 e6 7.Qd2 Nd4 8.Nd1 
Ne7 9.c3 Ndc6 10.Bh6 B:h6 11.Q:h6 Kd7 12.Nf3 Qf8 13.Qd2 Qg7 14.Ne3 h5 
15.Nc2 Qh6 16.Ne3 b5 17.b4 c:b4 18.c:b4 Bb7 19.d4 Qg7 20.Rc1 Nd8 
21.Qd3 a6 22.d5 e5 23.Ng5 Ke8 24.Bh3 h4 25.Rc7 h:g3 26.Bd7+ Kf8 
27.f:g3 Bc8 28.O-O Qh6 29.h4 B:d7 30.R:d7 Rc8 31.R:d8+ R:d8 32.N:f7 

Currell, John (A) - Brown, John (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.c4 d5 2.c:d5 Q:d5 3.Nc3 Qa5 4.Nf3 Nf6 5.Qa4+ Nc6 6.Q:a5 N:a5 7.e3 a6
8.d4 e6 9.Bd2 Nc6 10.Rc1 Bd7 11.Be2 O-O-O 12.O-O Bb4 13.a3 Be7 14.b4 
Na7 15.Ne5 Be8 16.Rc2 Nd7 17.Nd3 Nb6 18.Nb2 Kb8 19.Rfc1 Rc8 20.Ne4 Bb5
21.Bf3 Nd7 22.Nc3 Bc6 23.B:c6 N:c6 24.Ne4 f5 25.Nc5 N:c5 26.b:c5 Bf6 
27.Nd3 Rcd8 28.Nb4 N:b4 29.a:b4 c6 30.Bc3 Rd7 31.Kf1 h5 32.Ke2 g5 
33.Rf1 g4 34.f4 g:f3+ 35.R:f3 Rg7 36.Kf1 Rg4 37.Re2 Rf8 38.Rh3 h4 
39.Rf3 Kc7 40.Rf4 Kd7 41.Ref2 Rfg8 42.R:g4 R:g4 43.Rf4 R:f4+ 44.e:f4 
Ke7 45.Ke2 Kf7 46.Kf3 Kg6 47.h3 Kh5 48.Ke3 Bd8 49.Kf3 Bc7 50.Bd2 Bd8 
51.Ke3 b6 52.Kd3 Kg6 53.Kc4 Kh5 54.Be3   1/2

Herrera, Alex (X) - Trivett, John (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 c6 2.e4 d5 3.e:d5 c:d5 4.c4 e6 5.Nc3 Nf6 6.Nf3 Be7 7.c5 O-O 8.Bd3
Nc6 9.O-O Nd7 10.a3 Bf6 11.b4 N:d4 12.N:d4 B:d4 13.B:h7+ K:h7 14.Q:d4 
Qf6 15.Qd3+ Kg8 16.f4 a5 17.Be3 b6 18.c6 Ba6 19.b5 Nc5 20.B:c5 b:c5 
21.b:a6 c4 22.Qd2 R:a6 23.c7 Rc6 24.Nb5 c3 25.Qd4 Q:d4+ 26.N:d4 R:c7 
27.Rac1 Rc4 28.Rfd1 Rfc8 29.g3 Ra4 30.Nb5 Rc5 31.N:c3 R:a3 32.Nb1 R:c1
33.R:c1 Ra1 34.Kf2 Ra2+ 35.Ke3 R:h2 36.Nd2 Rg2 37.Nf1 Ra2   1/2

King, Anthony (B) - Bruns, Mike (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 c5 2.c3 d5 3.e:d5 Q:d5 4.d4 Nf6 5.Nf3 Bg4 6.Be2 e6 7.h3 Bh5 8.O-O
Nc6 9.Be3 c:d4 10.N:d4 B:e2 11.Q:e2 a6 12.N:c6 Q:c6 13.Rd1 Be7 14.Nd2 
O-O 15.Nf3 Rfd8 16.Nd4 Qc7 17.Bg5 Rd5 18.Bh4 Rad8 19.Nf3 Qa5 20.R:d5 
R:d5 21.a3 Qd8 22.Re1 h6 23.Ne5 Rd2 24.Qf3 R:b2 25.Rd1 Qc7 26.Bg3 Bd6 
27.R:d6 Q:d6 28.Nc4 Rb1+ 29.Kh2 Qd1   0:1

Marrero, Denis (M) - Barrios, Jorge (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.c4 e6 2.Nf3 d5 3.b3 Nf6 4.Bb2 Be7 5.g3 O-O 6.Bg2 b6 7.O-O Bb7 8.d3 
d:c4 9.b:c4 c5 10.a4 Nc6 11.Ne5 Na5 12.B:b7 N:b7 13.Nc6 Qd7 14.N:e7+ 
Q:e7 15.Nd2 Rfd8 16.Nb3 Nd6 17.Qc1 a5 18.Qc3 Nfe8 19.Rfb1 f6 20.Ba3 
Nc7 21.d4 Na6 22.d:c5 Ne4 23.Qf3 Na:c5 24.N:c5 Nd2 25.Qb7 Q:b7 26.N:b7
N:b1 27.R:b1 Rd4 28.Nd6 Rb8 29.c5 R:a4 30.c6 R:a3 31.c7 Rf8 32.c8=Q 
R:c8 33.N:c8 a4 34.R:b6 Rc3 35.Nd6 Rb3 36.Ra6 h5 37.R:a4 Kh7 38.Ra7 
Rb8 39.Re7 e5 40.Ne8 Kg6 41.e4 h4 42.Kg2 h:g3 43.h:g3 Rb4 44.R:g7+ Kh6
45.Rg4 Rb6 46.Ng7 Rb4 47.Nf5+ Kh5 48.Rh4+ Kg6 49.f3 Rb2+ 50.Kh3 Rb3 
51.Rg4+ Kh5 52.Nh4 Rb1 53.Rg6 Rh1+ 54.Kg2 R:h4 55.R:f6   1:0

Thrush, Tom (X) - Walsh, Peter (M) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 b6 3.Bg2 Bb7 4.O-O e6 5.d4 Be7 6.c4 O-O 7.Nc3 Ne4 8.Qc2
N:c3 9.b:c3 f5 10.Ne1 B:g2 11.N:g2 Nc6 12.d5 Ne5 13.d:e6 d:e6 14.Nf4 
Qc8 15.h4 c6 16.c5 B:c5 17.c4 Ng4 18.Bb2 e5 19.Nd3 Bd4 20.B:d4 e:d4 
21.c5 Qe6 22.Nf4 Qe4 23.Qc4+ Kh8 24.Rad1 b:c5 25.Q:c5 Rfd8 26.Rc1 Ne5 
27.Rfd1 Rd7 28.Nd3 Rd5 29.Qb4 Q:e2 30.N:e5 Q:e5 31.R:c6 d3 32.Re1 Qd4 
33.Qe7 h6 34.Rg6 Rd7 35.Qe6 d2 36.Rd1 Rc8 37.Q:f5 Rc1 38.Qf8+ Kh7 
39.Qf4 R:d1+ 40.Kh2 Rh1+   0:1

Gallegos,Jeff (X) - Bidari, Glenn (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d3 f5 2.e4 f:e4 3.d:e4 Nc6 4.Bg5 Nf6 5.Nd2 e5 6.Bc4 Be7 7.Ngf3 d6 
8.a4 Bg4 9.h3 Bh5 10.c3 Bg6 11.B:f6 B:f6 12.a5 Qd7 13.Qb3 Rf8 14.Be6 
Qd8 15.Q:b7 Ne7 16.O-O Bf7 17.B:f7+ K:f7 18.Nc4 Qd7 19.Rad1 Ke6 20.Qb3
d5 21.e:d5+ N:d5 22.Nc:e5 B:e5 23.N:e5 K:e5 24.Rfe1+ Kf6 25.R:d5 Qc6 
26.Rd4 Rfe8 27.Rf4+ Kg5 28.R:e8 R:e8 29.Qf7 Re1+ 30.Kh2 Qd6 31.g3 

Bruns, Mike (X) - Herrera, Alex (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.Qe2 Bc5 6.c3 d6 7.O-O O-O 8.h3 
b5 9.Bb3 Be6 10.Rd1 B:b3 11.a:b3 Bb6 12.d3 Na5 13.Nbd2 c5 14.Nh4 g6 
15.Qe3 Nh5 16.g3 Nf4 17.Kh2 c4 18.d4 N:b3 19.N:b3 c:b3 20.Nf5 N:h3 
21.Nh6+ Kg7 22.K:h3 Qf6 23.Ng4 Qe6 24.Qh6+ Kg8 25.d5 Qd7 26.Rh1 f5 
27.e:f5 R:f5 28.Kg2 Raf8 29.Be3 B:e3 30.Q:e3 Rf3 31.Qg5 Kh8 32.R:a6 
Qf7 33.R:d6 R:f2+ 34.N:f2 Q:f2+ 35.Kh3 Rf5 36.Rd8+ Kg7 37.Qe7+ Kh6 
38.Kg4+ Rh5 39.Qg5+ Kg7 40.Rd7+   1:0

Brown, John (X) - Peterson, Chris (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.d4 N:e4 4.Bd3 d5 5.N:e5 Nd7 6.Qe2 N:e5 7.B:e4 Be7 
8.d:e5 d:e4 9.Q:e4 O-O 10.O-O Re8 11.Nc3 Bd6 12.Bf4 Qh4 13.g3 Qh5 
14.Qd5 Be7 15.e6 f5 16.B:c7 Bf6 17.Rfe1 Qg6 18.Nb5 Be7 19.Re5 a6 
20.Nd4 Bf6 21.Rae1 B:e5 22.R:e5 f4 23.Re4 f3 24.Bd6 Qh6 25.e7+ Kh8 
26.Rf4 Bh3 27.Q:f3 g5 28.Be5+ Kg8 29.Qd5+   1:0

Buckendorf, Glen (A) - Currell, John (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.c4 Nb6 4.c5 Nd5 5.Nc3 c6 6.Bc4 e6 7.d4 b6 8.B:d5 
c:d5 9.c:b6 Q:b6 10.Nge2 Nc6 11.O-O Ba6 12.a3 Be7 13.b4 B:e2 14.N:e2 
O-O 15.Qd3 Rfc8 16.Be3 Rab8 17.Rab1 Qb5 18.Qd1 Rc7 19.f4 Qb6 20.Qd3 
Qb5 21.Qd1 Rbc8 22.f5 f6 23.f:e6 d:e6 24.Nf4 Nd8 25.e:f6 B:f6 26.Qg4 
Qe8 27.Nh5 Qg6 28.Q:g6 h:g6 29.N:f6+ g:f6 30.R:f6 Kg7 31.Rbf1 Rc3 
32.R1f3 Kh7 33.Rh3+ Kg7 34.Rhf3 Nc6 35.b5 Na5 36.Bd2 R:f3 37.R:f3 Nc4 
38.Bb4   1/2

Trivett, John (A) - Wade, Richard (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 B:b4 5.c3 Bc5 6.O-O d6 7.d4 Bb6 
8.d:e5 Be6 9.B:e6 f:e6 10.Qb3 Qd7 11.e:d6 c:d6 12.Rd1 O-O-O 13.Bf4 Na5
14.Qc2 Nc4 15.Nbd2 Qf7 16.N:c4 Q:f4 17.N:b6+ a:b6 18.Rab1 Ne7 19.R:b6 
Rd7 20.Qa4 Kc7 21.R:b7+ K:b7 22.Q:d7+ Kb6 23.Rb1+ Kc5 24.Qb5#   1:0

Bird, Chris (A) - Henry, Walter (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 d6 2.d4 g6 3.c4 Nf6 4.Nc3 Bg7 5.Nf3 O-O 6.Be2 c6 7.O-O Nbd7 8.b4 
a5 9.b5 c5 10.e5 d:e5 11.d:e5 Ng4 12.Bf4 Ng:e5 13.Qc2 N:f3+ 14.B:f3 e5
15.Be3 Qe8 16.Rad1 Rb8 17.b6 N:b6 18.B:c5 N:c4 19.Nd5 b5 20.Nc7 Bf5 
21.Be4 B:e4 22.Q:e4 Qc8 23.B:f8 B:f8 24.Nd5 Qe6 25.Rfe1 Bd6 26.Re2 Rd8
27.a4 Na3 28.a:b5 N:b5 29.Qa4 Nd4 30.R:d4 Bc5 31.Nc7 R:d4 32.Q:d4 B:d4
33.N:e6 f:e6 34.Ra2 Bc3 35.Kf1 Kf7 36.Ke2 Kf6 37.Kd3 Bb4 38.Ke4 Bc3 
39.Rc2 Bb4 40.Rc4 Be1 41.f3 Bb4 42.g4 h6 43.Rc7 g5 44.Rc8 a4 45.Rc4 
Bd2 46.R:a4 Bf4 47.h3 Kg6 48.Ra6 Kf6 49.Kd3 Kf7 50.Kc4 Ke7 51.Kc5 Kf7 
52.Kc6 Ke7 53.Ra7+ Kf6 54.Kd7 Kg6 55.K:e6 h5 56.Rf7 h:g4 57.h:g4 Bg3 
58.Rf6+ Kg7 59.Kf5 Bf4 60.Rg6+   1:0

Barrett, Gordon (A) - Feng, Frank (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.c4 g6 2.Nc3 Bg7 3.g3 c6 4.Bg2 d6 5.Nf3 Nf6 6.O-O O-O 7.e4 Nbd7 8.d3 
a5 9.Ne1 e5 10.Be3 h5 11.h3 Nh7 12.Qd2 f5 13.f4 h4 14.g:h4 Q:h4 
15.e:f5 e:f4 16.R:f4 Qd8 17.f:g6 Nhf6 18.Rf2 Ne5 19.Nf3 N:g6 20.Raf1 
Nh5 21.Ng5 Re8 22.Nf7 Qh4 23.Bg5 Qd4 24.Ne2 Q:b2 25.Q:b2 B:b2 26.Be4 
R:e4 27.d:e4 B:h3 28.Rb1 Ba3 29.Kh2 Be6 30.Nh6+ Kh8 31.R:b7 Rf8 
32.R:f8+ N:f8 33.Bd2 Nd7 34.Bc3+ Kh7 35.Nf5 Kg6 36.Ned4 Nc5 37.Rb1 
N:e4 38.Rg1+ Kf7 39.Nh6+ Ke7 40.B:a5 B:c4 41.Re1 Bd5 42.Nhf5+ Kd7 
43.Re2 Bc5 44.Nb3 Nf4 45.N:c5+ d:c5 46.Rb2 Ke6 47.Ne3 Ke5 48.Bc7+ Nd6 
49.a4 c4 50.a5 Nd3 51.Re2 Ke6 52.N:c4+ Ne4 53.a6 c5 54.a7 Kf5 55.Ne3+ 
Ke6   1:0

Bruns, Mike (X) - Marrero, Denis (M) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be3 Bg7 7.f3 Nc6 
8.Qd2 O-O 9.O-O-O d5 10.Kb1 e5 11.N:c6 b:c6 12.e:d5 Qa5 13.Ne4 Qa4 
14.Nc5 Qh4 15.d6 h6 16.g3 Qh5 17.Qf2 e4 18.d7 N:d7 19.N:d7 Rd8 20.g4 
Qa5 21.Bc4 B:d7 22.f:e4 Be8 23.Rhf1 Rab8 24.B:f7+ B:f7 25.R:d8+ Q:d8 
26.Q:f7+ Kh8 27.b3 Qa5 28.Qc4 Qe5 29.c3 Rd8 30.Bd4 Q:e4+ 31.Kb2 B:d4 
32.c:d4 Q:g4 33.Rf7 Qg2+ 34.Ka3 Q:h2 35.R:a7 Qd6+ 36.Kb2 Rf8 37.Qc5 
Q:c5 38.d:c5   0:1

Trivett, John (A) - Brown, John (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Qa5 6.Bd3 d5 7.O-O d:e4 
8.N:e4 Be7 9.Re1 O-O 10.Bd2 Qb6 11.Bc3 Nbd7 12.Qe2 Rd8 13.Ng5 Re8 
14.Rad1 a6 15.Qf3 Nf8 16.Ne2 h6 17.Ne4 Nd5 18.Bd4 Qc7 19.N2g3 e5 
20.Bc3 N:c3 21.N:c3 Qb6 22.Nd5 Qd6 23.Ne4 Qc6 24.Nec3 Bd6 25.Ne4 Bb8 
26.Nef6+ g:f6 27.N:f6+ Kg7 28.Q:c6 b:c6 29.N:e8+ Kh8 30.Nf6 Be6 31.Ne4

Barrett, Gordon (A) - Bird, Chris (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 d5 3.Bf4 g6 4.Qd2 Bg7 5.O-O-O c6 6.f3 O-O 7.e4 b5 8.e5 
Ne8 9.h4 Nd7 10.h5 b4 11.Nce2 Nb6 12.Q:b4 a5 13.Qc3 Bd7 14.Kb1 Nc7 
15.Nc1 Ne6 16.Be3 Qc7 17.Nh3 Rfb8 18.Qa3 c5 19.d:c5 Na4 20.Nd3 B:e5 
21.h:g6 h:g6 22.Kc1 N:b2 23.N:e5 Q:e5 24.f4 Qf6 25.R:d5 Bb5 26.Q:b2 
Q:b2+ 27.K:b2 B:f1+ 28.Kc3 B:g2 29.Rdd1 B:h1 30.R:h1 Rc8 31.Kc4 Rab8 
32.c3 Rb2 33.a3 Ra2 34.Ng5 Re2 35.Bd4 N:d4 36.c:d4 f6 37.Nh3 Ra2 38.f5
g5 39.Rg1 Kf7 40.Rg3 e6 41.f:e6+ K:e6 42.d5+ Kf5 43.c6 g4 44.Ng1 Kf4 
45.Rc3 Ke4 46.Kc5 Rd2 47.Rc4+ Ke5 48.d6 Rd5+ 49.Kb6 K:d6 50.Kb7 Rc7+ 
51.Kb6 f5 52.Ne2 Rd2 53.Nd4 Kd5 54.Ra4 R:d4 55.R:d4+ K:d4 56.K:c7 g3 
57.Kb6 g2 58.c7 g1=Q 59.c8=Q Kd5+ 60.Kb5   1/2

Currell, John (A) - Thrush, Tom (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nbd2 e6 4.e3 c5 5.c3 Nc6 6.Be2 Be7 7.O-O Qc7 8.h3 
O-O 9.Qc2 e5 10.d:e5 N:e5 11.c4 b6 12.b3 Bb7 13.N:e5 Q:e5 14.Bb2 Qe6 
15.Bf3 Rad8 16.Rad1 Bc6 17.Rfe1 d:c4 18.Q:c4 Bd5 19.Qc2 B:f3 20.N:f3 
Ne4 21.Nd2 N:d2 22.R:d2 R:d2 23.Q:d2 Rd8 24.Qc2 Qd5 25.Kf1 h6 26.Qe2 
f5 27.Qc4 Q:c4+ 28.b:c4 Kf7 29.Ke2 Bf6 30.Ba1 g5 31.Rc1 Ke6 32.Bc3 h5 
33.Rc2 f4 34.B:f6 K:f6 35.e:f4 g:f4 36.Rd2 Rd4 37.R:d4 c:d4 38.g4 f:g3
39.f:g3 Ke5 40.Kd3 a6 41.a4 a5 42.g4 h:g4 43.h:g4 Kf4 44.K:d4 K:g4 
45.Kd5 Kf5 46.Kc6   1:0

Bidari, Glenn (X) - Barrett, Gordon (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.g3 Nf6 4.Bg2 g6 5.Nge2 Bg7 6.O-O O-O 7.d3 Nc6 8.f4 
Ne8 9.f5 e6 10.g4 e:f5 11.e:f5 g:f5 12.g:f5 Kh8 13.Nd5 f6 14.Ng3 Rg8 
15.Qh5 Bf8 16.Bh6 B:h6 17.Q:h6 Ne5 18.Rae1 Ng4 19.Qh4 Ne5 20.Ne4 Rg4 
21.Qh6 Nf7 22.Qf8+ Rg8   1:0

Peterson, Chris (A) - King, Anthony (B) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 f5 2.e3 Nf6 3.Bd3 d6 4.Nd2 Nc6 5.c3 e5 6.Bb5 Bd7 7.Qf3 a6 8.Ba4 
g6 9.Ne2 e4 10.Qh3 Nh5 11.f4 e:f3 12.Q:f3 Nf6 13.O-O Bg7 14.e4 O-O 
15.e:f5 B:f5 16.B:c6 b:c6 17.Q:c6 Qe7 18.Nf4 g5 19.Nd5 N:d5 20.Q:d5+ 
Be6 21.Qe4 R:f1+ 22.N:f1 Rf8 23.B:g5 Qf7 24.Qe3 Bc4 25.Nd2 B:a2 26.Rf1
Qe6 27.R:f8+ B:f8 28.Q:e6+ B:e6 29.Bd8 c5 30.d:c5 d:c5 31.Bb6 c4 
32.Ne4 Be7 33.Kf2 Kf7 34.g3 Bd7 35.h4 h5 36.Ke3   1/2

Marrero, Denis (M) - Walsh, Peter (M) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.Nc3 d5 4.c:d5 N:d5 5.g3 Nc6 6.Bg2 Nc7 7.O-O e5 
8.d3 Be7 9.Be3 Ne6 10.Rc1 Bd7 11.Nd5 O-O 12.N:e7+ Q:e7 13.Qc2 b6 
14.Nh4 Ned4 15.Qd2 Rad8 16.f4 e:f4 17.R:f4 Rde8 18.Re4 Qd8 19.b4 R:e4 
20.d:e4 Bg4 21.Nf3 B:f3 22.e:f3 N:b4 23.f4 Ne6 24.f5 Q:d2 25.B:d2 Nd4 
26.Rc4 Nd3 27.Ra4 a5 28.Bf1 Nf3+ 29.Kg2 N:d2 30.B:d3 Rd8 31.Be2 f6 
32.Kf2 c4 33.B:c4+ N:c4 34.R:c4 Rd2+ 35.Ke3 R:a2 36.Rc8+ Kf7 37.Rc7+ 
Kf8 38.Rc8+ Ke7 39.Rc7+ Kd6 40.R:g7 R:h2 41.Rf7 Rh6 42.Kd4 Kc6 43.g4 
Kb5 44.g5 f:g5 45.e5 Kc6 46.f6 Rh4+ 47.Ke3 Kd5 48.Re7 Rf4 49.f7 a4 
50.Kd3 g4 51.e6 g3 52.Re8 g2 53.e7 g1=Q 54.Rd8+ Kc5 55.f8=Q Qg3+ 
56.Kc2 Rc4+ 57.Kd1 Qb3+ 58.Ke2 Re4+ 59.Kd2 Qe3+ 60.Kd1 Qe2+   0:1

Brown, John (X) - Gallegos,Jeff (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 Nbd7 4.d5 e5 5.f3 Be7 6.Be3 O-O 7.Qd2 c6 8.a3 
Qc7 9.O-O-O c:d5 10.N:d5 N:d5 11.Q:d5 Nf6 12.Qd2 d5 13.e:d5 Rd8 14.Kb1
N:d5 15.Bd3 Be6 16.Ne2 b5 17.c3 a5 18.Rc1 N:e3 19.Q:e3 Bc5   0:1

Bidari, Glenn (X) - Trivett, John (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 e5 2.f4 e:f4 3.Nf3 g5 4.h4 g4 5.Ne5 Nf6 6.Bc4 d5 7.e:d5 Bd6 8.d4 
Nh5 9.B:f4 N:f4 10.O-O B:e5 11.d:e5 N:g2 12.K:g2 Q:h4 13.Rh1 Qg5 
14.Nc3 Bf5 15.Qd4 Nd7 16.e6 Nf6 17.e:f7+ K:f7 18.Raf1 Rae8 19.Rf4 Be4+
20.R:e4 N:e4 21.d6+ Kg6 22.N:e4 Qf4 23.Rf1 Q:e4+ 24.Q:e4+ R:e4 25.Bd3 
c:d6 26.B:e4+ Kg7 27.Kg3 b6 28.K:g4   1:0

Currell, John (A) - Bruns, Mike (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.Nf3 d6 2.Nc3 c5 3.g3 Nc6 4.Bg2 g6 5.d3 Bg7 6.Bd2 e5 7.e4 Nge7 8.Bg5 
f6 9.Be3 O-O 10.Qd2 Nd4 11.Ne2 Rb8 12.c3 N:f3+ 13.B:f3 Be6 14.O-O f5 
15.Bg2 b5 16.Bh6 B:h6 17.Q:h6 b4 18.b3 b:c3 19.N:c3 Qa5 20.Qc1 Nc6 
21.e:f5 Nd4 22.f:e6 Q:c3 23.Q:c3 Ne2+ 24.Kh1 N:c3 25.Rfc1 Ne2 26.Rf1 
Rf6 27.Rae1 Nd4 28.f4 e:f4 29.e7 Re8 30.Bd5+ Kg7 31.g:f4 Nf5 32.Be6 
R:e7 33.B:f5 R:e1 34.R:e1 R:f5 35.Re7+ Rf7 36.Re4 Kf6 37.Kg2 Rb7 
38.Kf3 h6 39.h4 Kf5 40.Re8 Rg7 41.Rh8 h5 42.Re8 Rb7 43.Re4 Rb4 44.Rc4 
d5 45.R:b4 c:b4 46.Kg3 Ke6 47.Kf3 a6 48.Ke3 Kd6 49.Kd4 Ke6 50.Kc5 Kf5 
51.K:d5 K:f4 52.d4 g5 53.h:g5 K:g5 54.Ke4 h4 55.d5 h3 56.Kf3 Kf6 57.d6
Ke6 58.Kg3 K:d6 59.K:h3 Kd5 60.Kg3 Kd4 61.Kf3 Kc3   0:1

King, Anthony (B) - Barrios, Jorge (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 Nc6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 Bf5 4.Nf3 e6 5.c3 Nge7 6.Nbd2 Qd7 7.g3 h6 8.Bg2 
g5 9.b4 Bg7 10.a4 O-O 11.O-O a6 12.Re1 Bg6 13.Nb3 b6 14.h3 a5 15.b5 
Nd8 16.Ba3 Re8 17.Nbd2 c6 18.c4 c:b5 19.c:b5 Rc8 20.Rc1 Nb7 21.Qb3 Nf5
22.g4 Ne7 23.h4 g:h4 24.N:h4 Kh7 25.N:g6 N:g6 26.Qg3 R:c1 27.R:c1 Rc8 
28.R:c8 Q:c8 29.Qf3 Qc2 30.Q:f7 Q:d2 31.Q:b7 Qd1+ 32.Kh2 Q:d4 33.Bd6 
Q:f2   0:1

Bird, Chris (A) - Thrush, Tom (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 d:e4 4.N:e4 Nf6 5.N:f6+ e:f6 6.Bc4 Bd6 7.Qe2+ 
Qe7 8.Q:e7+ B:e7 9.Bf4 O-O 10.O-O-O Nd7 11.Ne2 Nb6 12.Bb3 Be6 13.B:e6 
f:e6 14.Rhe1 g5 15.Bg3 f5 16.f4 g4 17.Nc3 Kf7 18.a3 Bd6 19.Rd3 Rae8 
20.Nb1 h5 21.Nd2 h4 22.B:h4 B:f4 23.Bg3 Bg5 24.Kd1 Kg6 25.Bf2 B:d2 
26.K:d2 Nc4+ 27.Kc1 Nd6 28.Rde3 Ne4 29.Bg1 Kf6 30.Rf1 Kg6 31.Rfe1 Ng5 
32.c4 f4 33.Re5 f3 34.g:f3 N:f3 35.R:e6+ R:e6 36.R:e6+ Kf5 37.Re5+ 
N:e5 38.d:e5 b6 39.Bf2 K:e5 40.Bg3+ Kd4   0:1

Herrera, Alex (X) - Henry, Walter (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 d6 2.d4 g6 3.c3 Bg7 4.f4 e6 5.Nf3 Ne7 6.Bd3 Nd7 7.O-O c6 8.Na3 d5
9.e5 b6 10.Nh4 Nf5 11.N:f5 e:f5 12.Qe2 Nf8 13.Be3 Ne6 14.Rad1 b5 
15.Nc2 a5 16.b3 h5 17.c4 b:c4 18.b:c4 Ba6 19.c:d5 B:d3 20.R:d3 Q:d5 
21.Rb3 O-O 22.Rfb1 Qe4 23.Qf2 Bh6 24.g3 Rfc8 25.Na3 Qd5 26.Rc3 Bf8 
27.Nc4 Rcb8 28.Rbc1 Ra6 29.R3c2 Rb5 30.Nd2 Rab6 31.Nc4 Rb8 32.Nd6 Rb1 
33.Nc4 R:c1+ 34.R:c1 Rb4 35.Qe2 N:d4 36.B:d4 Q:d4+ 37.Kg2 Qd5+ 38.Kh3 
a4   1/2

Barrett, Gordon (A) - Peterson, Chris (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 g6 3.g3 Bg7 4.Bg2 O-O 5.Nf3 d6 6.O-O c5 7.d3 Nc6 8.h3 
a6 9.e4 e5 10.Ne1 Be6 11.Kh2 Rb8 12.a4 Nd7 13.f4 f5 14.e:f5 B:f5 
15.Bd5+ Kh8 16.g4 Qh4 17.g:f5 R:f5 18.Ng2 Qf6 19.Be4 Rh5 20.f5 Qe7 
21.Nd5 Qd8 22.f:g6 h:g6 23.B:g6   1:0

Wade, Richard (A) - Buckendorf, Glen (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e6 6.Bc4 Qc7 7.Bb3 a6 8.a4
b6 9.O-O Bb7 10.Re1 Nbd7 11.f3 Nc5 12.Ba2 Be7 13.b4 Nb3 14.Ncb5 a:b5 
15.N:b5 Qc6 16.B:b3 O-O 17.Bb2 Rfd8 18.Qd2 d5 19.e5 Ne8 20.Nd4 Qc8 
21.Rac1 g6 22.c3 Ng7 23.Qe3 Bc6 24.b5 Bd7 25.Kh1 Bc5 26.Qd3 Rf8 27.c4 
d:c4 28.R:c4 Qd8 29.Bc2 Qe7 30.Rd1 Rac8 31.Qe3 Nf5 32.g4 N:d4 33.B:d4 
B:d4 34.Rc:d4 Rcd8 35.Be4 Kg7 36.Qc3 Qc5 37.Qc2 Qe7 38.Bc6 B:c6 
39.Q:c6 R:d4 40.R:d4 Qc5 41.Rd6 Rc8 42.Q:c5 b:c5 43.b6 Kf8 44.b7   1:0

Walsh, Peter (M) - Gallegos,Jeff (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5 3.d:e5 d4 4.Nf3 Nc6 5.g3 f6 6.e:f6 Q:f6 7.Bg2 Bf5 
8.O-O h6 9.Nbd2 O-O-O 10.Qa4 Kb8 11.Nh4 Bd7 12.Qc2 g5 13.Ne4 Qg7 
14.Nf3 Bf5 15.Nfd2 Nf6 16.Qa4 Nd7 17.b4 Nb6 18.Qb3 B:b4 19.Rb1 Qe7 
20.f3 Bc5 21.Qb5 d3+ 22.Q:c5 Q:c5+ 23.N:c5 d:e2 24.Re1 B:b1 25.N:b1 
N:c4 26.Nc3 Nd4 27.Kf2 Rhe8 28.Nb3 Ne5 29.Nc5 b6 30.Na6+ Kc8 31.Nb4 a5
32.N:e2 a:b4 33.Rd1 N:e2 34.R:d8+ K:d8 35.K:e2 Nc4+ 36.Kd3 b5 37.f4 
Re1 38.Bd2 Rd1   0:1

Marrero, Denis (M) - Bidari, Glenn (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.Nf3 f5 2.c4 d6 3.g3 g6 4.b4 Nf6 5.Bb2 e5 6.Bg2 Bg7 7.O-O O-O 8.d4 e4
9.Nfd2 d5 10.e3 c6 11.Nc3 Be6 12.c5 g5   1:0

Bruns, Mike (X) - Barrios, Jorge (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.Nc3 N:c3 4.b:c3 d6 5.e:d6 c:d6 6.d4 g6 7.Bd3 Bg7 
8.Ne2 O-O 9.O-O Nc6 10.Bb2 e5 11.d5 Ne7 12.c4 f5 13.Ng3 h5 14.Re1 h4 
15.Nf1 Qc7 16.Qd2 f4 17.Qb4 h3 18.Nd2 Bf5 19.Be4 b6 20.Ba3 Rad8 21.Nf3
Bf6 22.Rad1 B:e4 23.R:e4 Nf5 24.g3 g5 25.Qe1 g4 26.Nd2 Nd4 27.R:d4 
e:d4 28.Qe6+ Qf7 29.Q:g4+ Bg7 30.Q:h3 f:g3 31.Q:g3 Qf4 32.Nb3 Rf5 
33.Q:f4 R:f4 34.Rd3 Be5 35.Bb2 Rg4+ 36.Kf1 Rc8 37.h3 Rh4 38.Nd2 b5 
39.Nf3 b:c4 40.N:h4 c:d3 41.c:d3 Rc2 42.f4 Bf6   0:1

Thrush, Tom (X) - Trivett, John (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 g6 3.Bg2 Bg7 4.O-O d6 5.d3 e5 6.c4 O-O 7.Nc3 Nc6 8.Rb1 
Re8 9.b4 Ne7 10.e4 a5 11.b5 b6 12.Nh4 Bb7 13.f4 e:f4 14.g:f4 Nh5 
15.Bd2 Nd5 16.N:d5 B:d5 17.Nf5 g:f5 18.Q:h5 Bb7 19.Q:f5 Bd4+ 20.Kh1 
Re6 21.Qh5 f5 22.Q:f5 Rg6 23.Qh3 Qf6 24.f5 R:g2 25.Q:g2+ Kh8 26.Qh3 
Rg8 27.Be3   1:0

Barrett, Gordon (A) - Brown, John (X) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.c4 d5 2.c:d5 Q:d5 3.Nc3 Qa5 4.g3 Bd7 5.Bg2 Bc6 6.Nf3 Nd7 7.O-O h5 
8.h4 Nh6 9.d4 e6 10.Bd2 Qf5 11.B:h6 R:h6 12.Rc1 Nb6 13.e4 Qf6 14.Ne5 
O-O-O 15.N:c6 b:c6 16.e5 Qe7 17.B:c6 f6 18.Qe2 R:d4 19.Qa6+ Kd8 
20.e:f6 Q:f6 21.Rcd1 e5 22.Bg2 Bc5 23.Ne4 Qe7 24.Q:a7 Rg6 25.Qb8+ Kd7 
26.Bh3+ Kc6 27.N:c5 K:c5 28.Rc1+ Nc4 29.Qa7+ Kd6 30.Qa6+ Kd5   1:0

Bird, Chris (A) - Currell, John (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.d4 d6 4.Nf3 Bf5 5.Nh4 Bg6 6.N:g6 h:g6 7.e6 f:e6 
8.Bc4 Qd7 9.Qg4 c6 10.Nc3 Kd8 11.Q:g6 Nf6 12.Bf4 b5 13.Bb3 Na6 
14.O-O-O Nc7 15.Rhe1 Ncd5 16.Bg3 a5 17.Qf7 a4 18.B:d5 e:d5 19.Re6 Qe8 
20.Q:e8+ N:e8 21.Ne2 Kd7 22.Rg6 e6 23.Nf4 Nc7 24.Re1 Re8 25.Re3 e5 
26.d:e5 d:e5 27.Nd3 e4 28.Ne5+ R:e5 29.B:e5 Ne6 30.h3 Bc5 31.Re2 Rg8 
32.f4 e3 33.f5 Nd4 34.B:d4 B:d4 35.c3 Bc5 36.f6 Bf8 37.R:e3 Bc5 
38.R:g7+   1:0

Henry, Walter (A) - King, Anthony (B) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 f5 2.Nf3 d6 3.g3 Nf6 4.Bg2 g6 5.c4 Bg7 6.Nc3 O-O 7.O-O Qe8 8.Be3 
Ng4 9.Qd2 N:e3 10.Q:e3 c6 11.Rac1 e5 12.d:e5 d:e5 13.Rfd1 Nd7 14.Rd6 
e4 15.Ng5 Ne5 16.b3 Ng4 17.Qc5 h6 18.Nh3 g5 19.Rd2 b6 20.Qa3 e3 
21.Rdc2 e:f2+ 22.N:f2 Bd4 23.Nd1 f4 24.B:c6 Q:c6   0:1

Peterson, Chris (A) - Buckendorf, Glen (A) ()
1999, NV Open (Op Sec)
1.d4 Nf6 2.e3 g6 3.Bd3 Bg7 4.c4 O-O 5.Nc3 d6 6.Nf3 Re8 7.O-O e5 8.d:e5
d:e5 9.Qc2 Bg4 10.Nd2 Na6 11.a3 Nc5 12.Be4 Nf:e4 13.Nd:e4 Bf5 14.f3 
N:e4 15.N:e4 Qe7 16.g4 Be6 17.Rd1 Rad8 18.Bd2 f5 19.Nf2 Qc5 20.Rac1 
Qc6 21.e4 Rd4 22.b3 Red8 23.Bg5 R8d7 24.Be3 R4d6 25.c5 R:d1+ 26.R:d1 
f4 27.R:d7 Q:d7 28.Bd2 Qf7 29.b4 Bb3 30.Qb2 Qc4   1/2

Patterson, Joe(C) - Ramirez, Jose (A) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 c6 2.Nc3 d5 3.e:d5 c:d5 4.Bb5+ Nc6 5.d4 e6 6.Nf3 Bb4 7.Bd2 Ne7 
8.a3 Bd6 9.O-O O-O 10.Bg5 Qc7 11.B:e7 N:e7 12.Bd3 Ng6 13.Nb5 Qe7 
14.N:d6 Q:d6 15.B:g6 h:g6 16.Re1 f6 17.Qd3 Kf7 18.Re3 Rh8 19.g3 Bd7 
20.Rae1 Rh5 21.g4 Rh7 22.c4 d:c4 23.Q:c4 Rc8 24.Qb3 b6 25.d5 e5 26.Re4
Rch8 27.h4 Rc8 28.Qd3 Rhh8 29.Kh2 Rc5 30.Rd1 Bb5 31.Qb3 Rhc8 32.h5 g5 

McGauhey, Laymon (B) - Wieskie (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Bg5 Nbd7 4.Nbd2 e6 5.c3 Bd6 6.e4 d:e4 7.N:e4 Be7 
8.Bd3 N:e4 9.B:e7 Q:e7 10.B:e4 O-O 11.Qc2 f5 12.Bd3 Nf6 13.O-O-O Bd7 
14.Ne5 Rac8 15.h4 c5 16.d:c5 Q:c5 17.N:d7 N:d7 18.B:f5 R:f5 19.R:d7 
R:f2 20.Qe4 Qc4 21.Q:b7 Qf4+ 22.Kb1 Qf5+ 23.Ka1 Rf1+ 24.Rd1 Rf8 25.a3 
R:h1 26.R:h1 Qc2 27.Q:a7 Q:g2 28.Rg1 Ra8 29.Qb6 Qe4 30.Qc7 g6 31.h5 
Rf8 32.h:g6 h:g6 33.c4 Rf2 34.c5 Qc2 35.Qd8+ Rf8 36.Qd6 Qc4 37.R:g6+ 
Kh7 38.Rg1 Rf1+ 39.R:f1 Q:f1+ 40.Ka2 Qc4+ 41.Kb1 Qe4+ 42.Kc1 Qe3+ 
43.Kc2 Qf2+ 44.Kc3 Qe1+ 45.Qd2 Qe5+ 46.Qd4 Qe1+ 47.Kb3 Qg3+ 48.Ka2 Qg8
49.Qh4+   1:0

Stuart, Jim (D) - Badgett, Chad (B) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 Nf6 3.e3 Bg4 4.Be2 e6 5.Ne5 B:e2 6.Q:e2 Nbd7 7.f4 Ne4 
8.O-O Bd6 9.Nd2 O-O 10.Rf3 f6 11.N:d7 Q:d7 12.N:e4 d:e4 13.Rh3 c5 
14.c3 Rac8 15.d:c5 B:c5 16.Bd2 Rf7 17.Rd1 Rd8 18.Kf1 Qa4 19.Ke1 Q:a2 
20.Qh5 Qd5 21.Bc1 Q:d1+ 22.Q:d1 R:d1+ 23.K:d1 Rd7+ 24.Ke2 g6 25.Bd2 
Kg7 26.Kd1 Rd3 27.Kc2 h5 28.b4 Bd6 29.c4 e5 30.f5 g:f5 31.R:h5 Kg6 
32.Rh3 f4 33.Kd1 B:b4 34.e:f4 e:f4 35.R:d3 e:d3 36.B:b4 Kf5 37.Kd2 Kg4
38.Bd6 f5 39.K:d3 f3 40.g:f3+ K:f3 41.Kd4 Kg4 42.Ke3 a5 43.Kf2 a4 
44.Be5 a3 45.Kg2 a2 46.h3+ Kg5 47.Kg3 f4+ 48.Kf3 Kh4 49.K:f4 K:h3 
50.Ke3 Kg4 51.Kd2 Kf5 52.Bc3 Ke6   1/2

Hatterill, Chas. (C) - Amici, Alan (D) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 c5 2.f4 d5 3.Bb5+ Nc6 4.B:c6+ b:c6 5.e5 e6 6.Nf3 Ba6 7.d3 c4 8.d4
c5 9.c3 c:d4 10.Qa4+ Qd7 11.Q:a6 d:c3 12.b:c3 Bc5 13.Nd4 B:d4 14.c:d4 
Qc7 15.Nc3 Ne7 16.Qa4+ Kf8 17.Ba3 g6 18.Bd6 Qb6 19.Bc5 Qb2 20.O-O Q:c3
21.Rab1 Qe3+ 22.Kh1 Re8 23.Q:a7 Qd3 24.Rg1 c3 25.Rb8 R:b8 26.Q:b8+ Kg7
27.Qb3 Nc6 28.Rc1 N:d4 29.B:d4 Q:d4 30.Q:c3 Q:f4 31.Rd1 Rd8 32.Qc7 Ra8
33.Ra1 Qd4 34.Rf1 Ra7 35.R:f7+ Kh6 36.R:h7+ Kg5 37.Qd8+ Kf5 38.Qf6+ 
Ke4 39.Rh4+ Ke3 40.R:d4 K:d4 41.Qf2+ K:e5 42.Q:a7 d4 43.Qg7+ Ke4 
44.Q:g6+ Ke3 45.Q:e6+ Kd2 46.a4 d3 47.Qd5 Ke2 48.a5 d2 49.Q:d2+ K:d2 
50.a6 Kd3 51.a7 Kd4 52.a8=Q Kc5 53.Kg1 Kb6 54.Kf2 Kc5 55.Ke3 Kc4 
56.Qd8 Kc5 57.h4 Kb4 58.h5 Kc5 59.h6 Kb4 60.Qc8 Kb3 61.Kd3 Kb4 62.h7 
Kb3 63.Qb8+ Ka4 64.Kc4 Ka3 65.Kc3 Ka4 66.Qb4#   1:0

McGuire, M. (D) - Vela, Francisco (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 c5 5.a3 B:c3+ 6.Q:c3 c:d4 7.Q:d4 d6 
8.Bg5 Qa5+ 9.Bd2 Qc7 10.Bb4 d5 11.c:d5 e:d5 12.Nf3 Nc6 13.Rc1 N:d4 
14.R:c7 Nc6 15.Bc3 Nd7 16.B:g7 Rg8 17.Bh6 Kd8 18.Bf4 Rg4 19.g3 R:f4 
20.R:d7+ B:d7 21.g:f4 Na5 22.Ng5 Ke7 23.N:h7 Nc4 24.Ng5 N:b2 25.h4 f6 
26.Nf3 Nc4 27.h5 N:a3 28.Nd4 Nc4 29.Bh3 B:h3 30.R:h3 Nd6 31.h6 f5 
32.Nf3 Nf7 33.h7 Kf6 34.Ng5 Rh8 35.Rd3 N:g5 36.f:g5+ K:g5 37.Rg3+ Kh6 
38.Rh3+ Kg7 39.Rg3+ Kf6 40.Rh3 b6 41.Kd2 Kg6 42.Rd3 R:h7 43.R:d5 Rc7 
44.Rd6+ Kf7 45.Rh6 Kg7 46.Re6 Kf7 47.Rh6 Ke7 48.Rh7+ Kd6 49.Rh6+ Kc5 
50.Rf6 Rd7+ 51.Kc3 Rd5 52.f3 a5 53.e4 f:e4 54.f:e4 Re5 55.Rf5 R:f5 
56.e:f5 Kd5   0:1

Koenig, Kerry (C) - Cassidy, Mike (D) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 b6 2.Nc3 Bb7 3.Bc4 e6 4.d4 Bb4 5.Qg4 Qf6 6.Nf3 h5 7.Qg3 d6 8.e5 
h4 9.Qg4 Nh6 10.Qh3 Qg6 11.O-O B:c3 12.b:c3 B:f3 13.Q:f3 d5 14.Bd3 Nf5
15.Kh1 c6 16.g4 h:g3 17.B:f5 e:f5 18.f:g3 Rh5 19.Bd2 Na6 20.Rf2 Qh7 
21.g4 Rh3 22.Q:f5 Q:f5 23.R:f5 g6 24.Rf6 Rc8 25.Raf1 Rc7 26.e6 Rh7 
27.Kg2 Re7 28.R:f7 Rh:f7 29.R:f7 R:f7 30.e:f7+ K:f7 31.h4 c5 32.h5 Kg7
33.Kg3 b5 34.Kf4 b4 35.Ke5 b:c3 36.B:c3 g:h5 37.g:h5 Kh6 38.K:d5 K:h5 
39.d:c5 Kg6 40.c6 Nc7+ 41.Kd6 Ne8+ 42.Ke7 Nc7 43.Ba5 Na8 44.c7 N:c7 
45.B:c7 Kf5 46.c4 Ke4 47.c5 Kd5   1:0

Vela, Francisco (C) - McGauhey, Laymon (B) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3 Nbd7 5.Nc3 e6 6.a3 d:c4 7.B:c4 b5 8.Be2
Bb7 9.O-O Be7 10.Bd2 O-O 11.b4 a6 12.Qb3 Nd5 13.Ne4 Qb8 14.Qb2 Bd8 
15.a4 b:a4 16.R:a4 N7b6 17.Ra2 Nf6 18.Nc5 Be7 19.Rfa1 B:c5 20.b:c5 
Nbd5 21.Ne5 Nc7 22.Qb6 Nfd5 23.Qb2 Nf6 24.Rb1 Nb5 25.Bf3 Qc8 26.Nc4 
Nd5 27.e4 Qc7 28.e:d5 e:d5 29.Nd6 Rad8 30.Ba5 Qb8 31.B:d8 R:d8 32.N:b5
a:b5 33.Re1 Bc8 34.Qa1 g6 35.Re7 Kf8 36.Raa7 Be6 37.Qc1 Kg7 38.Bg4 Re8
39.Reb7 Qc8 40.R:f7+ B:f7 41.B:c8 R:c8 42.Qf4 Rf8 43.Qe5+ Kg8 44.Qf6 
b4 45.Q:c6 Re8 46.Kf1 b3 47.Qb7 Rf8 48.Q:b3 Be8 49.Q:d5+ Bf7 50.Qe5 
Re8 51.Qf6 Bc4+   0:1

Fortney, Dan (C) - Hatterill, Chas. (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 c5 4.Ngf3 Nc6 5.Bb5 Bd7 6.O-O c:d4 7.e:d5 e:d5 
8.B:c6 b:c6 9.N:d4 Nf6 10.c4 Be7 11.c:d5 N:d5 12.Ne4 O-O 13.Nf3 Bg4 
14.Qe2 Re8 15.Be3 N:e3 16.f:e3 Bf6 17.Qc4 Be6 18.N:f6+ g:f6 19.Q:c6 
Rc8 20.Qe4 Bd7 21.Qf4 Qb6 22.Nd4 f5 23.Rf3 Re4 24.Rg3+ Kh8 25.Qf2 Rg4 
26.b3 Rcg8 27.R:g4 f:g4 28.Q:f7 Qc7 29.Nf5 Qe5 30.Rf1 B:f5 31.Q:f5 
Q:e3+ 32.Qf2 Q:f2+ 33.R:f2 g3 34.Rf7 a5 35.Ra7 Rg5 36.h:g3 R:g3 
37.R:a5 Kg7 38.b4 Re3 39.a4 Kg6 40.Rc5 Ra3 41.a5 h5 42.Rc6+ Kg5 43.a6 
Kg4 44.b5 Kg3 45.Rg6+ Kf4 46.Kh2 h4 47.g3+ h:g3+ 48.Kg2 Ra2+ 49.Kh3 
Rh2#   0:1

Badgett, Chad (B) - Narcisi (D) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d4 e:d4 6.c:d4 Bb4+ 7.Nc3 N:e4 
8.O-O N:c3 9.b:c3 B:c3 10.Qb3 B:a1 11.B:f7+ Kf8 12.Bg5 N:d4 13.Qa3+ 
K:f7 14.B:d8 N:f3+ 15.Q:f3+ Ke8 16.B:c7 Bf6 17.Re1+ Kf7 18.Qh5+ g6 
19.Qd5+ Kg7 20.Be5 Rf8 21.B:f6+ R:f6 22.Re7+ Kf8 23.Qe5 Re6 24.Qg7# 

Ramirez, Jose (A) - Koenig, Kerry (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e5 3.g3 Bb4 4.Bg2 B:c3 5.d:c3 O-O 6.Nf3 d6 7.O-O Nbd7 
8.h3 Nc5 9.Be3 e4 10.Nd2 Re8 11.Qc2 c6 12.B:c5 d:c5 13.N:e4 N:e4 
14.B:e4 B:h3 15.B:h7+ Kf8 16.Rfd1 Qf6 17.Bd3 Kg8 18.Be4 Re6 19.Bg2 
Rae8 20.B:h3 R:e2 21.Qf5 R:b2 22.Q:f6 g:f6 23.Rdb1 Rd2 24.R:b7 Ree2 
25.Bg4 R:f2 26.Rb8+ Kg7 27.Bh3 Rh2 28.Bf1 R:a2 29.R:a2 R:a2 30.Rc8 Ra3
31.R:c6 R:c3 32.Kg2 Re3 33.R:c5 Re5 34.Rc7 a5 35.Ra7 Rc5 36.Rb7   1:0

Risley, R. (C) - Stuart, Jim (D) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 b6 2.d4 Bb7 3.Nc3 e6 4.a3 Nf6 5.Bd3 c5 6.Nf3 c:d4 7.N:d4 Nc6 
8.N:c6 B:c6 9.Bg5 Be7 10.Qd2 O-O 11.O-O-O d5 12.e5 Nd7 13.h4 N:e5 
14.Bb5 Bb7 15.B:e7 Q:e7 16.Rde1 Nc4 17.B:c4 d:c4 18.Nd5 B:d5 19.Q:d5 
Rfd8 20.Q:c4 Rac8 21.Qe2 Rd6 22.h5 Qg5+ 23.Qe3 Qf5 24.Qe4 Q:f2 25.h6 
g6 26.Rd1 R:d1+ 27.R:d1 Qf5 28.Qd3 Qg5+ 29.Rd2 Q:h6 30.Qd7 Ra8 31.Qb7 
Rd8   0:1

Cassidy, Mike (D) - Patterson, Joe(C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 e5 2.f4 e:f4 3.Nf3 d6 4.Bc4 Bg4 5.O-O Nf6 6.d3 a6 7.B:f4 Nc6 
8.Qd2 Be7 9.Bd5 N:d5 10.e:d5 B:f3 11.d:c6 B:c6 12.Nc3 d5 13.d4 Qd7 
14.Qf2 O-O 15.Qg3 Bf6 16.Rad1 Rfc8 17.Bc1 Kf8 18.Rf3 Re8 19.Qf2 b5 
20.Rf1 b4 21.R:f6 g:f6 22.Q:f6 Re7 23.Qh8#   1:0

McGauhey, Laymon (B) - Hatterill, Chas. (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 e6 3.c3 Bd7 4.Bf4 Na6 5.Nbd2 Nf6 6.e3 Be7 7.Bd3 Bc6 
8.O-O Ne4 9.Re1 Bd6 10.Ne5 B:e5 11.d:e5 Nac5 12.Bc2 g5 13.N:e4 N:e4 
14.B:e4 g:f4 15.Bf3 Qg5 16.Qd4 f:e3 17.R:e3 O-O-O 18.Q:a7 Kd7 19.Qd4 
h5 20.Rd1 Kc8 21.b4 b6 22.Be2 h4 23.h3 Rhg8 24.Bf1 Qh6 25.b5 Bb7 26.a4
Kb8 27.a5 Qh5 28.Ra1 Kc8 29.a:b6 Rd7 30.b:c7 R:c7 31.b6 Rc4 32.B:c4 
d:c4 33.Q:c4+   1:0

Koenig, Kerry (C) - Badgett, Chad (B) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.f4 d5 2.b3 c5 3.Bb2 Nf6 4.Nf3 g6 5.e4 d:e4 6.Ne5 Nbd7 7.Bc4 N:e5 
8.f:e5 Nd7 9.e6 Nf6 10.Bb5+   1:0

Stuart, Jim (D) - Vela, Francisco (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.d4 e6 3.e3 b6 4.Bd3 Bb7 5.b3 c5 6.Nbd2 d5 7.Bb2 Nc6 8.Ne5 
Nb4 9.O-O N:d3 10.c:d3 Bd6 11.f4 O-O 12.Rf3 c4 13.b:c4 d:c4 14.Rh3 
c:d3 15.N:d3 g6 16.Ne5 Qe7 17.g4 Rac8 18.g5 Nh5 19.Ng4 Rfd8 20.d5 B:d5
21.Nf6+ N:f6 22.B:f6 Qc7 23.B:d8 Q:d8 24.Qe1 Qf8 25.e4 Bb7 26.e5 Bc5+ 
27.Kf1 Ba6+ 28.Kg2 Bb7+ 29.Kg3 Bb4 30.Qe2 Rc2 31.Rd1 Qc8 32.Kg4 R:a2 
33.Qd3 Ba6 34.Q:a6 Q:a6 35.Ne4 Qe2+   0:1

Narcisi (D) - Fortney, Daniel (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.Nc3 g6 3.e4 d6 4.d4 Bg7 5.Bc4 O-O 6.Bf4 N:e4 7.N:e4 d5 
8.B:c7 Q:c7 9.B:d5 Bf5 10.Nc5 Nc6 11.Qd2 Rad8 12.c4 e5 13.O-O N:d4 
14.N:d4 e:d4 15.b4 b5 16.h3 b:c4 17.g4 R:d5 18.g:f5 R:f5 19.f4 d3 
20.Rac1 Bd4+ 21.Kg2 Re8 22.N:d3 Qb7+ 23.Rf3 c:d3 24.Kg3 Qd7 25.Q:d3 
Rh5 26.Kh2 Rd5 27.Qc4 Rd8 28.Qc7 Bg1+ 29.K:g1 Rd1+ 30.R:d1 Q:c7 31.Re1
Qb6+   0:1

Amici, Alan (D) - Risley, R. (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.B:c6 d:c6 5.d3 Bd6 6.O-O h6 7.Be3 Nf6 
8.Nbd2 b5 9.Qe2 O-O 10.c3 Ng4 11.Rad1 N:e3 12.f:e3 Bg4 13.Qf2 Qf6 
14.d4 Rae8 15.Rfe1 e:d4 16.e:d4 Qf4 17.e5 B:f3 18.Q:f3 Q:f3 19.N:f3 
Be7 20.Re4 f5 21.Re2 g5 22.Ne1 g4 23.Nd3 f4 24.Rf2 Bg5 25.Rdf1 g3 
26.h:g3 f:g3 27.R:f8+ R:f8 28.R:f8+ K:f8 29.Nc5 a5 30.Ne6+ Kf7 
31.N:g5+ h:g5 32.Kf1 Ke6 33.Ke2 g4 34.Ke3 Kf5 35.Kd3 Ke6 36.Ke4 a4 
37.a3 Ke7 38.Kf5 Kf7 39.K:g4 Kg6 40.K:g3 Kg5 41.Kf3 Kh6 42.Kf4 Kg6 
43.g4 Kg7 44.Kf5 Kf7 45.e6+ Ke7 46.g5   1:0

Ramirez, Jose (A) - McGauhey, Laymon (B) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.g3 Bc5 4.Bg2 d6 5.e3 Nc6 6.Nge2 Be6 7.b3 O-O 8.Na4
Bb6 9.N:b6 a:b6 10.O-O Re8 11.d4 e:d4 12.N:d4 N:d4 13.Q:d4 d5 14.c:d5 
B:d5 15.Bb2 Re6 16.Rfd1 Rd6 17.Qf4 B:g2 18.R:d6 Q:d6 19.Q:d6 c:d6 
20.K:g2 Ne4 21.Bd4 Rc8 22.Rb1 Nc5 23.Rc1 Ra8 24.b4 Nd3 25.Rc7 N:b4 
26.R:b7 N:a2 27.R:b6 d5 28.Bb2 h6 29.Rb5 Rd8 30.Kf3 Rc8 31.Bd4 Nc3 
32.B:c3 R:c3 33.R:d5 f6 34.Rd7 Kh7 35.h4 h5 36.Kf4 Kg6 37.f3 Rc5 38.e4
Re5 39.Rd5 Re8 40.Rf5 Kh6 41.g4 h:g4 42.f:g4 Re6 43.Rh5+ Kg6 44.Ra5 
Rd6 45.h5+ Kh6 46.Rd5 Rc6 47.g5+ f:g5+ 48.R:g5 Rf6+ 49.Kg4 Re6 50.e5 
g6 51.R:g6+ R:g6+ 52.h:g6 K:g6 53.Kf4 Kf7 54.Kf5 Ke7 55.e6 Ke8 56.Kf6 

Hatterill, Chas. (C) - Koenig, Kerry (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 e5 2.f4 e:f4 3.Nf3 g5 4.h4 g4 5.Ne5 Qe7 6.N:g4 Q:e4+ 7.Qe2 Q:e2+ 
8.B:e2 d5 9.d4 h5 10.Ne5 Bf5 11.c3 f6 12.Nf3 Bd6 13.Na3 a6 14.c4 c6 
15.c5 Bc7 16.Bd2 Nh6 17.Nh2 Ng4 18.Bf3 Ne3 19.B:e3 f:e3 20.Ke2 Nd7 
21.K:e3 O-O-O 22.Kf2 Rde8 23.Nf1 Bg4 24.Nc2 f5 25.b4 Nf6 26.Nd2 Re6 
27.Rae1 Rhe8 28.R:e6 R:e6 29.Re1 R:e1 30.N:e1 Bf4 31.Ke2 Bg3 32.Nd3 
Ne4 33.B:g4 f:g4 34.N:e4 d:e4 35.Ne5 B:h4 36.Ke3 Bg5+ 37.K:e4 Bd2 
38.a3 Bc1 39.Nc4 h4 40.Nd6+ Kc7 41.a4 Bb2 42.b5 c:b5 43.a:b5 a5 44.Nc4
B:d4 45.K:d4 h3 46.b6+ Kb8 47.Ne3 h2 48.Kd5 h1=Q 49.c6 b:c6+ 50.Ke4 
Qe1 51.b7 a4 52.Kf4 Q:e3+ 53.K:e3 a3 54.Kf4 a2 55.K:g4 a1=R 56.Kg5 
K:b7 57.g4 c5 58.Kf6 c4 59.g5 c3 60.g6 c2 61.g7 Rg1 62.Kf7 c1=R   0:1

Vela, Francisco (C) - Fortney, Dan (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Bg5 h6 6.Be3 Ng4 7.Qd2 N:e3 
8.f:e3 e5 9.O-O-O h5 10.g3 e:d4 11.Nd5 d:e3 12.N:e3 Be6 13.Bh3 Qe7 
14.Kb1 B:h3 15.N:h3 Q:e4+ 16.Ka1 Na6 17.Nd5 O-O-O 18.Rhe1 Q:c4 19.Re7 
Rd7 20.Qe3 R:e7 21.N:e7+ Kd7 22.Nd5 Re8 23.Qf3 B:b2+ 24.K:b2 Re2+ 

Risley, R. (C) - Narcisi (D) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 b5 5.Bb3 Bc5 6.a3 Nf6 7.d3 d6 8.O-O 
Bg4 9.h3 B:f3 10.Q:f3 Nd4 11.Qd1 N:b3 12.c:b3 Qd7 13.Bg5 h6 14.Bh4 g5 
15.Bg3 g4 16.h4 Bd4 17.Nc3 c6 18.Kh1 Nh5 19.Bh2 Rg8 20.Ne2 B:b2 21.Ra2
Bd4 22.N:d4 e:d4 23.Re2 g3 24.Bg1 Qg4 25.f3 Q:h4+   0:1

Patterson, Joe(C) - Fabia, C.N. ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 c5 2.Bb5 a6 3.Bc4 e6 4.Nc3 b5 5.Be2 Nc6 6.d3 Nd4 7.Nf3 N:e2 
8.Q:e2 d6 9.O-O b4 10.Nd1 Bb7 11.Bg5 Be7 12.B:e7 Q:e7 13.c3 a5 14.c:b4
a:b4 15.Ne3 Nf6 16.Rfc1 O-O 17.d4 N:e4 18.d:c5 d:c5 19.Ne5 Rfd8 20.Nd3
Ba6 21.Nc4 Nf6 22.Qe3 Rac8 23.Nb6 Rb8 24.Nc4 Rbc8 25.Nce5 Nd5 26.Qg3 
c4 27.Nf4 N:f4 28.Q:f4 c3 29.b:c3 b:c3 30.Rc2 Bd3 31.N:d3 R:d3 32.Rac1
Qd7 33.g3 Rd1+ 34.Kg2 R:c1 35.Q:c1 Qd5+ 36.Kg1 Qf3 37.Qd2 h6 38.Qd4 
Qd5 39.Q:d5 e:d5 40.f4 f5 41.Kf2 Kf7 42.Ke3 Ke6 43.Kd4 Rc4+ 44.Kd3 Ra4
45.R:c3 R:a2 46.Rc6+ Kd7 47.Rg6 R:h2 48.R:g7+ Kc6 49.Rg6+ Kc5 50.Rf6 
Rh3 51.R:f5 R:g3+ 52.Ke2 Kc4 53.Rh5 Rg4 54.Kf3 Rg6 55.Rh4 d4 56.f5 Rf6
57.Kf4 Kd5 58.Rh3 Rc6 59.Rh5 d3 60.f6+ Ke6 61.R:h6 Kf7 62.Rh7+ Kg6 
63.f7 Rf6+ 64.Ke5 R:f7 65.Rh2 Rh7 66.Rd2 Rh3 67.Ke4   1/2

Fahey, Zach (U) - Badgett, Chad (B) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d4 e:d4 6.c:d4 Bb4+ 7.Nc3 N:e4 
8.O-O B:c3 9.d5 Ne7 10.b:c3 d6 11.Re1 Nc5 12.Qe2 Bg4 13.Bg5 f6 14.Bh4 
B:f3 15.g:f3 Rf8 16.Bb5+ Kf7 17.Qc2 Ng6 18.Bg3 Kg8 19.Re3 a6 20.Bf1 f5
21.f4 Nh4 22.Bh3 Ne4 23.f3 N:g3 24.h:g3 Ng6 25.B:f5 Qf6   1:0

McGauhey, Laymon (B) - Koenig, Kerry (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 d5 3.Bg5 Nbd7 4.Nbd2 e6 5.c3 c5 6.e4 c:d4 7.N:d4 d:e4 
8.N:e4 Be7 9.B:f6 N:f6 10.Bd3 O-O 11.O-O Qb6 12.Qc2 N:e4 13.B:e4 f5 
14.Bf3 e5 15.Bd5+ Kh8 16.Ne2 Be6 17.Rad1 Rad8 18.B:e6 Q:e6 19.Qa4 Bc5 
20.Rfe1 f4 21.R:d8 R:d8 22.N:f4 Qf5 23.Nh3 e4 24.Qc2 g5 25.Kf1 g4 
26.Ng1 Qf4 27.R:e4 Rd1+ 28.Ke2 Rc1 29.R:f4 R:c2+ 30.Kd1 R:b2 31.Ne2 
R:a2 32.R:g4 a5 33.f3 a4 34.Nc1 Ra1 35.Kc2 Be3 36.Nd3 a3 37.Ra4 b5 
38.Ra5 a2 39.Kb2 Rd1 40.K:a2 R:d3 41.R:b5 Rd2+ 42.Kb3 R:g2 43.Rh5 h6 
44.Kc4 Bf4 45.Rh4 B:h2 46.R:h6+ Kg7 47.Re6 Rf2 48.Re3 Ra2 49.Kd3 Kf6 
50.Re2 R:e2 51.K:e2 Kf5   1/2

Fortney, Dan (C) - Ramirez, Jose (A) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 d6 4.c3 Nf6 5.d3 h6 6.h3 Be7 7.Nbd2 O-O 8.Nf1 
Be6 9.Bb5 a6 10.Ba4 b5 11.Bc2 d5 12.e:d5 B:d5 13.Ng3 Qd7 14.O-O Bd6 
15.Be3 Ne7 16.Qd2 B:f3 17.g:f3 Q:h3 18.Ne4 Q:f3 19.N:d6 Qg4+ 20.Kh1 
Qh3+ 21.Kg1 c:d6 22.f4 Ng4 23.Bb6 Nd5 24.Ba5 Qe3+ 25.Q:e3 Nd:e3 26.Bb3
N:f1 27.R:f1 e:f4 28.R:f4 Ne5 29.Kg2 g5 30.Rf6 N:d3 31.R:h6 Nf4+ 
32.Kf3 d5 33.Bb6 f6 34.Bd4 Kg7 35.Rh1 Rae8 36.Bc2 Rh8 37.Rg1 Rh3+ 
38.Kg4 Re2 39.Bb1 Rh4+ 40.Kf5 Nh5 41.R:g5+ Kf7 42.Rg4 R:g4 43.K:g4 
R:b2 44.Bf5 Ng7 45.c4 Rg2+ 46.Kf3 N:f5   0:1

Vela, Francisco (C) - Amici, Alan (D) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5 4.Nc3 b4 5.Nb1 d6 6.Qc2 g6 7.g3 Bf5 8.Qa4+ 
Qd7 9.Q:d7+ Nb:d7 10.a3 B:b1 11.R:b1 a5 12.Nf3 Bg7 13.Bh3 Nb6 14.b3 
O-O 15.a4 Ne4 16.Bb2 Nc3 17.B:c3 B:c3+ 18.Kd1 Rad8 19.Nd2 B:d2 20.K:d2
Nd7 21.B:d7 R:d7 22.f4 e6 23.e4 e:d5 24.c:d5 Re8 25.Rhe1 Rde7 26.Kd3 
f5 27.e5 d:e5 28.f:e5 R:e5 29.R:e5 R:e5 30.Kc4 Kf7 31.Rb2 Ke7 32.K:c5 
Kd7 33.Rf2 h5 34.Rd2 g5 35.Kb5 Kd6 36.K:a5 R:d5+ 37.R:d5+ K:d5 38.K:b4
f4 39.g:f4 g:f4 40.Kc3 Kc5 41.Kd3 Kd5 42.Ke2 Ke4 43.a5 f3+ 44.Kf2 Kd5 
45.K:f3 Kc6 46.b4 Kb5 47.Kf4   1:0

Narcisi (D) - Hatterill, Chas. (C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 Bf5 3.Nc3 e6 4.Bf4 Bd6 5.Bg5 Nf6 6.Ne5 Nbd7 7.f4 c6 
8.N:d7 Q:d7 9.B:f6 g:f6 10.a3 B:f4 11.Kf2 O-O-O 12.e3 Bc7 13.Na4 Bd6 
14.g4 Be4 15.Bg2 B:g2 16.K:g2 Rdg8 17.h3 e5 18.Kf2 e4 19.Qd2 Qd8 20.b4
b5 21.Qe2 Kb7 22.Nc3 Qd7 23.Rhb1 h5 24.a4 h:g4 25.a:b5 g3+ 26.Ke1 g2 
27.b:c6+ Q:c6 28.Qb5+ Q:b5 29.N:b5 g1=Q+ 30.Kd2 Qf2+ 31.Kc3 Rc8+ 
32.Kb3 Q:c2+ 33.Ka3 Qd3+ 34.Ka4 Rc6 35.Nc3 Q:c3 36.b5 Rc4+   0:1

Stuart, Jim (D) - Patterson, Joe(C) ()
1999, NV Open U1800 Sec
1.Nf3 d5 2.b4 Nc6 3.a3 e6 4.e3 Bd6 5.Bb2 Nf6 6.Bb5 Bd7 7.B:c6 B:c6 
8.Ne5 B:e5 9.B:e5 O-O 10.O-O a5 11.d3 a:b4 12.a:b4 R:a1 13.B:a1 Bb5 
14.Nd2 Qe7 15.c4 Bd7 16.c5 c6 17.Be5 Ra8 18.Qc2 Ng4 19.Bc3 e5 20.Qb2 
f6 21.h3 Nh6 22.f4 e:f4 23.e4 d:e4 24.d:e4 g5 25.e5 f:e5 26.Re1 Nf7 
27.B:e5 N:e5 28.R:e5 Qg7 29.Nf3 h6 30.Qe2 Kf8 31.Nd4 g4 32.Ne6+ B:e6 
33.R:e6 Qd4+ 34.Qf2 Ra1+   0:1

McGauhey, Laymon (B) - Fahey, Zach (U) ()
1999, NV Op U1800 Playoff
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 d5 3.Bg5 e6 4.Nbd2 Nc6 5.c3 Be7 6.e3 O-O 7.Bd3 h6 8.Bh4
Ne4 9.B:e7 Q:e7 10.N:e4 d:e4 11.B:e4 f5 12.Bc2 e5 13.O-O e4 14.Nd2 Be6
15.Bb3 Rae8 16.d5 Na5 17.d:e6 N:b3 18.Q:b3 b6 19.Rad1 Rd8 20.h3 Rd3 
21.Nc4 Rfd8 22.R:d3 e:d3 23.Ne5 Qd6 24.Nf7 Qe7 25.N:d8 Q:d8 26.e7+ Qd5
27.Q:d5+ Kh7 28.Q:d3 g6   1:0

Fahey, Zach (U) - McGauhey, Laymon (B) ()
1999, NV Op U1800 Playoff
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d4 e:d4 5.O-O d6 6.N:d4 N:d4 7.Q:d4 Be6 
8.Nc3 Be7 9.Bf4 O-O 10.Bd3 Nd7 11.Nd5 f5 12.N:e7+ Q:e7 13.e:f5 B:f5 
14.Bc4+ Kh8 15.Rfe1 Qf6 16.Be3 Ne5 17.h3 B:h3 18.g:h3 Nf3+ 19.Kf1 N:d4
20.c3 Nc2 21.Ke2 N:e3 22.f:e3 Qf2+ 23.Kd1 Q:b2 24.Rc1 Rf2 25.Re2 R:e2 
26.B:e2 Re8 27.Rc2 Qb1+ 28.Kd2 Qb6 29.Bg4 Q:e3+ 30.Kd1 Qe1#   0:1

McGauhey, Laymon (B) - Ramirez, Jose (A) ()
1999, NV Op U1800 Playoff
1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Bg4 3.Bf4 e6 4.Nbd2 Bd6 5.Bg3 Ne7 6.c3 Nf5 7.e4 N:g3 
8.h:g3 d:e4 9.N:e4 Be7 10.Bd3 f5 11.Ned2 Qd5 12.Bc4 B:f3 13.B:d5 B:d1 
14.B:b7 Ba4 15.B:a8 c6 16.Bb7 Kd8 17.b3 Bb5 18.c4 Ba6 19.B:a6 N:a6 
20.Nf3 Nb4 21.O-O Bd6 22.Ng5 Ke7 23.a3 Nc2 24.Rac1 N:a3 25.Rce1 Kf6 
26.R:e6+ K:g5 27.R:d6 Nc2 28.R:c6 N:d4 29.Ra6 N:b3 30.R:a7 Nd2 31.Rc1 
Kg6 32.c5 Rc8 33.Ra6+ Kg5 34.c6 Nb3 35.Rb1 Nd4 36.Rb7 R:c6 37.R:c6 
N:c6 38.R:g7+ Kh6 39.Rf7 Kg6 40.Rd7 Ne5 41.Rd6+ Kg5 42.f4+ Kg4 43.f:e5
h5 44.Rg6#   1:0

Ramirez, Jose (A) - McGauhey, Laymon (B) ()
1999, NV Op U1800 Playoff
1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.g3 Bc5 4.Bg2 Nge7 5.e3 d6 6.Nge2 f6 7.O-O Be6 8.b3
O-O 9.d4 e:d4 10.e:d4 N:d4 11.N:d4 Bf7 12.B:b7 Rb8 13.Nc6 N:c6 14.B:c6
Rb6 15.Bd5 B:d5 16.Q:d5+ Kh8 17.Na4 Rb8 18.N:c5 d:c5 19.Q:d8 Rb:d8 
20.Be3 Rg8 21.Kg2 Rge8 22.Rfd1 Rc8 23.B:c5 a6 24.Rd7 c6 25.Rad1 h6 
26.Rf7 Re5 27.Bd4 Rd8 28.B:e5 R:d1 29.Bc7 Ra1 30.a4 Rb1 31.Rf8+ Kh7 
32.Rb8 Rb2 33.Rb6 Rb1 34.Bd6 a5 35.b4 a:b4 36.R:b4 Rc1 37.c5 Ra1 
38.Rb6 R:a4 39.R:c6 Rc4 40.Rc8 Kg6 41.c6 Kf5 42.c7 Rc6 43.Bf4 g5 
44.Bd2 Ke4 45.Re8+ Kd3 46.c8=Q R:c8 47.R:c8 K:d2 48.Kf3 f5   1:0

Ramirez, Jose (A) - Fahey, Zach (U) ()
1999, NV Op U1800 Playoff
1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.g3 Nc6 4.Bg2 Bc5 5.e3 d6 6.Nge2 O-O 7.O-O Bf5 8.d4
e:d4 9.e:d4 Bb6 10.Bg5 h6 11.B:f6 Q:f6 12.d5 Ne5 13.Nd4 Bg4 14.Qd3 
N:d3   0:1

Fahey, Zach (U) - Ramirez, Jose (A) ()
1999, NV Op U1800 Playoff
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 d6 4.O-O Be6 5.B:e6 f:e6 6.d3 Nf6 7.Bg5 Be7 
8.Nc3 O-O 9.d4 e:d4 10.N:d4 N:d4 11.Q:d4 e5 12.Qe3 h6 13.Bh4 Ng4 
14.B:e7 N:e3 15.B:d8 N:f1 16.Be7 Rf7 17.K:f1 R:e7 18.Ke2 c6 19.Rf1 Rf8
20.Ke3 Ref7 21.f3 b5 22.a3 a5 23.Rd1 Rf6 24.h4 b4 25.a:b4 a:b4 26.Ne2 
g5 27.h:g5 h:g5 28.c3 b:c3 29.b:c3 Ra8 30.g3 Raf8 31.Ng1 Kg7 32.g4 Kg6
33.Rf1 Ra8 34.Kd3 d5 35.e:d5 c:d5 36.Re1 Re6 37.Nh3 Rf8 38.Ng1 Rfe8 
39.c4 d:c4+ 40.K:c4 e4 41.Kd5 Re5+ 42.Kd4 e:f3 43.R:e5 R:e5 44.K:e5 f2

Lardent, Ranen (C) - Saxena, Rajeev (869) ()
1999, NV Open (Junior)
1.c4 e6 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.e4 d6 4.g3 g6 5.Bg2 Bg7 6.Nge2 O-O 7.O-O Nc6 8.d3 
e5 9.f4 Bd7 10.f5 g:f5 11.e:f5 Qc8 12.Bh3 Nd4 13.N:d4 e:d4 14.Ne2 c5 
15.g4 Re8 16.Ng3 b5 17.g5 b:c4 18.g:f6 B:f6 19.Qg4+ Bg7 20.Bh6 Kf8 
21.B:g7+ Ke7 22.Qg5+ f6 23.Q:f6#   1:0

Games provided by John Trivett