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1999 National Open, March 18-21, 1999

Nevadans triumph at the 1999 National Open March 18-21, Riveria Hotel

This tournament, held here in Las Vegas has become an institution in this town now. Almost 1000 players entered this premiere event, including 27 GMs. After six rounds Jaan Ehlvest split the money, but got the Edmundson Cup.

There were chess and educational workshops, a bookstore, the WBCA blitz tournament (Alan Amici won the U1500 prize in the U1900 Section) A Simultaneous exhibition by the guest of honor GM Judit Polgar, one of the top twenty players in the world (Patrick Hummel played on one of the 40 boards) GM Julian Hodgson (David Collier and Dale Yeazel were among the 26 boards) and the 14 year old Irina Krush, the 1998 US Women Champion.

In the main six round event, 21 Nevadans entered the Open Section, 19 Nevadans entered the Reserve, and 26 players entered the Booster sections.

Open (263) 4.5/6 Denis Marrero, Peter Walsh, Philip Wang; 4/6 Patrick Hummel; 3.5/6 Ron Gross, Glenn Bidari. Of note, Norm Harvey scored the highest score among the half dozen class players class players who braved the Open Section with 3/6. Marrero, Walsh and Wang all shared the U2300 prize! Glenn Bidari shared 2-9 place of the U2100 prize.

Reserve (349) 5.5/6 Grover Gray; 5/6 Richard Glicksman, Eric Baugus; 4.5/6 Ed Simanus, Ron Pease; 4/6 Gordon Barrett, Michael Newton; 3.5/6 Scott Mason, Anthony King. Grover Gray shared 2-3 place overall!! Richard Glicksman and Eric Baugus shared 5-17 place!

Booster (335) 5.5/6 Kerry Koenig; 4.5/6 James McGee; 4/6 Fransico Vela, Kyle Zesiger, James VanAnstyne; 3.5/6 Doug Cacciola, Dale Moon, Ranen Lardent, Michael Spillane, David Collier, Charles Chinnici, Alan Amici. Kerry Koenig shared 3-5 prize overall!!

Allen Magruder, Dan Conver, and Carol Jarecki were among the Nevadans who were part of the National open staff.

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Harvey, Norm (A) - Weeramantry, Sunil (2210) ()
1999, National Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.f4 Nc6 4.Nf3 e6 5.Bb5 Bd7 6.O-O a6 7.B:c6 B:c6 8.d3
Qc7 9.a3 Nf6 10.Qe1 Be7 11.e5 Nd7 12.e:d6 Q:d6 13.Ne5 Bf6 14.N:c6 Q:c6
15.Ne4 Bd4+ 16.Kh1 O-O 17.c3 Bf6 18.N:f6+ N:f6 19.Be3 Rfd8 20.Rd1 Rd5 
21.c4 Rd7 22.b4 Rad8 23.Qe2 Qa4 24.B:c5 Q:a3 25.d4 Qa4 26.Qf3 Qc2 
27.Rc1 Qe4 28.Rce1 Qc2 29.Qe2 Q:e2 30.R:e2 Rc8 31.b5 a:b5 32.c:b5 Nd5 
33.b6 Nc3 34.Rc2 Na4 35.Rfc1 g6 36.h3 h5 37.Rc4 Nb2 38.R4c3 Na4 39.Rc4
Nb2 40.R4c3 Na4 41.Rb3 R:d4 42.B:d4 R:c1+ 43.Kh2 Rc4 44.Be5 Kf8 45.Bc7
Ke7 46.Rd3 Nc5 47.Ra3 Na4 48.Rd3 Nc5 49.Ra3   1/2

Report by John Trivett