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CCSN Summer Open, June 26-28, 1998

(Directed by Norm Harvey)

Marred by Marrero, Crushed by Thrush ... Denis and Tom tie for first.

This tournament was the last of six for the 1998 Southern Nevada Grand Prix and 16 players including 2 M, 4X, and 12 class players making up the field with the median at about 1900. Among the new faces, Harvey Bradlow, a master who has won a whole string of tournaments and money in the NSCA Inc Grand Prix, Anthony King, William Dobenen, a Grob\Spike afficianado, Francisco Vela (who played much stronger than his indiated provisional rating) and after a long absence, Alex Herrera.

In round one, the higher rated triumph, expert Mike Bruns (2065) sacced his queen to a check and was forced to resign to William Dobenen (1489) in the only upset. Ken Sims (1543) playing hors concours should have won beautifully but drew a difficult ending vs. L. Yeifef (1620).

In round two, Jorge Barrios (2114) defeated Harvey Bradlow (2274) with a vicious attack and the two bishops, John Trivett (1900) offered up his queen and more in a combination to win, and Francisco Vela (1233?!) drew with Glen Buckendorf (1823). Also check out Thrush-Herrera.

In round three, Denis Marrero (2302) moved to 3/3, the legendary John Brown (1958) drew with Bradlow, John Currell (1824) won lots of pieces from Herrera to move to 2.5/3, and Vela wins in a double rook ending over Yeifef.

In round four, Currell lost quickly to Marrero who is now 4/4 and Jorge Barrios (2114) lost a piece and the game to Tom Thrush (2116) who trails at 3/4 ahead of Currell's 2.5/4 and the rest of the pack back at 2/4.

In the last round, Thrush manages to get a second queen when Marrero mismanages a combination. The materialistic Currell was ahead in the ending a R and 4Ps vs Barrios N+2Ps but that ended in a draw and a wonderful tournament for John. Brown and Bruns won in 13 and 14 moves respectively, Dobenen's Grob takes a beating from Sims in a technical ending and again Vela scores another over Anthony King (1438), and Trivett sees ghosts and draws Herrara.

In the prize distribution, Denis Marrero and Tom Thrush split the 1st and 2nd open prize with 4/5, John Brown and John Currell split the U2000 prize with 3/5, and Fransico Vela takes first in U1800 with 2.5/5 with William Dobenen second with 1.5/5. For the Southern Nevada Grand Prix trophies overall open winner was Denis Marrero with 16.5/20, Tom Thrush edged out Jorge Barrios on the second tiebreak with a .5 difference to win the expert trophy with 14.5/20, John Brown won the A trophy with 12.5/20 and he was the only person to play all six tournaments, 5 rounds, 30 games. Jim Brailsford won the B trophy with 8.5\20 and Chad Badgett scored the U1600 trophy with 6.5/20. Congratulations to all of you.

There are some brief notes by me to some games, except many thanks to Alex Herrera for notes to his games included herein (with technical difficulty). My apologies for any errors found, Enjoy the bulletin.

Report by John Trivett

The prize winners for this tournament were:

1st - Denis Marrero [2302]     - 4.0
      Tom Thrush [2116]        - 4.0

Under 2000:
1st - John Brown [1958]        - 3.0
      John Currell [1800]      - 3.0

Under 1800:
1st - Francisco Vela [1233]    - 2.5
2nd - Bill Doobenen [1489]     - 1.5

Note: Ken Sims [1543] also scored 2.5 but as houseman was not
eligible for a prize.

Prize information provided by Norm Harvey


1 C89
Marrero, Denis (M) - Trivett, John (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 O-O 8.c3
d5 9.e:d5 N:d5 10.N:e5 N:e5 11.R:e5 Nf6 12.d4 Bd6 13.Re2 Nh5 14.Re4
Bb7 15.d5 Re8 16.R:e8+ Q:e8 17.g3 Qe5 18.Be3 Re8 19.Na3 c5 20.c4 b4
21.Nc2 Bc8 22.Ne1 Bh3 23.Bc2 Qf6 24.Q:h5 R:e3 25.Q:h7+ Kf8 26.Q:h3 Re2
27.Nd3 R:c2 28.Qh8+ Ke7 29.Re1+ Be5 30.R:e5+ Kd7 31.Qe8+ Kd6 32.Qc6#

2 B36
Baugus, Eric (A) - Bradlow, Harvey (M) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 g6 5.c4 Nf6 6.Nc3 d6 7.Be2 N:d4
8.Q:d4 Bg7 9.Be3 O-O 10.Qd2 Be6 11.f3 Qa5 12.O-O Rfc8 13.Nd5 Q:d2
14.B:d2 N:d5 15.c:d5 Bd7 16.Bg5 Kf8 17.Bd3 B:b2 18.Rab1 Bd4+ 19.Kh1
Rab8 20.Rb3 Rc3 21.Bd2 R:b3 22.a:b3 Rc8 23.h3 Bc3 24.Be3 a6 25.Bb6 Bb4
26.Bd4 Ba3 27.f4 Rc1 28.g4 R:f1+ 29.B:f1 e6 30.Bf6 Bc1   0:1

3 D00
Barrios, Jorge (X) - Buckendorf, Glen (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.d4 d5 2.Bf4 Nf6 3.Nc3 e6 4.e3 Bd6 5.Nf3 B:f4 6.e:f4 O-O 7.Qd2 Nbd7
8.O-O-O c5 9.h3 Qa5 10.Kb1 b6 11.g4 Ba6 12.B:a6 Q:a6 13.g5 Ne4 14.N:e4
d:e4 15.Nh2 c:d4 16.Q:d4 Nc5 17.Ng4 Qa4 18.Q:a4 N:a4 19.Rd4 Nc5
20.Rhd1 f5 21.Ne5 Rac8 22.h4 Rfe8 23.h5 Kf8 24.g6 h:g6 25.h:g6 Ke7
26.b4 Na4 27.Rd7+ Kf8 28.Rf7+ Kg8 29.Rdd7   1:0

4 A00
Dobenen, Walter (C) - Bruns, Mike (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.g4 d5 2.h3 e5 3.Bg2 c6 4.d4 e4 5.c4 Be6 6.c:d5 c:d5 7.Qb3 Qc7 8.Nc3
Ne7 9.Bg5 Nbc6 10.e3 a6 11.Nge2 f6 12.Bh4 Qd7 13.Na4 Nc8 14.Rc1 Nb4
15.Rc3 Nd3+ 16.Kd1 Q:a4 {aargh!!} 17.Q:a4+   1:0

5 B25
Herrara, Alex (X) - King, Anthony (C) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.g3 g6 4.Bg2 Bg7 5.f4 d6 6.d3 Nf6 7.Nf3 O-O 8.O-O
Bd7 9.h3 Re8 10.g4 N:g4 11.h:g4 B:g4 12.Qe1 Nd4
  [12...Nb4 13.Qd2 (13.Qf2 B:f3 14.Q:f3 N:c2 15.Rb1 Bd4+ 16.Kh1 e6) e6
    14.a3 Nc6 15.Qf2  is equal]
13.N:d4 B:d4+ 14.Be3 Rc8 15.Qf2 Qb6 16.Rab1 B:e3 17.Q:e3 c4 18.Q:b6
a:b6 19.Nd5 b5 20.Ne3 Bd7
  [20...Be2 21.Rf2 (21.d:c4 B:f1 22.B:f1 b:c4 23.B:c4 h5 24.Kg2) c:d3
    22.c:d3 B:d3 23.Rd1 Bc4 24.b3 Be6 25.f5 Bd7 26.f:g6 h:g6 27.e5
    White is better]
21.f5 c:d3 22.c:d3 Ra8 23.f:g6 h:g6 24.a3 Bc6 25.Rf2 Ra4 26.Rbf1 f6
27.Nc2 Kg7 28.Nb4 Rc8 29.Rc1 Bd7 30.R:c8 B:c8 31.Rc2 Be6 32.Rc7 Kf7
33.R:b7 Ra8 34.Nc6 Re8 35.Nd4 Rc8 36.N:b5 Rc1+ 37.Kh2 Ke8 38.Nc7+ Kf7
39.N:e6 K:e6 40.d4 f5 41.e:f5+ g:f5 42.Kg3 Rd1 43.d5+ Kf6 44.a4 Rd4
45.b4 Rg4+ 46.Kf2 R:g2+ 47.K:g2 Ke5 48.R:e7+ K:d5 49.b5 Kd4 50.b6 d5
51.b7 Kd3 52.b8=Q d4 53.Qb3+ Kd2 54.Kh2 f4 55.Rd7 Ke2 56.R:d4 f3
57.Qd3+ Ke1 58.Qe3+ Kf1 59.Rd1#   1:0

6 D43
Vela, Francisco (D) - Brown, John (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 e6 3.c4 Nf6 4.Nc3 c6 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bh4 d:c4 7.a4 Bb4 8.e3
Qa5 9.Rc1 Nd5 10.Qc2 b5 11.a:b5 c:b5 12.Be2 Bd7 13.O-O Nb6 14.Ra1 Na4
15.N:a4 b:a4 16.Ne5 Nc6 17.N:c4 Qf5 18.Bd3 Qh5 19.Bg3 Be7 20.Nd6+ B:d6
21.B:d6 Rc8 22.Qe2 Q:e2 23.B:e2 Ne7 24.Rfc1 f6 25.R:c8+ N:c8 26.Bh5+
Kd8 27.Bg3 Ke7 28.Rc1 Nb6 29.Rc7 Rc8 30.Bf3 R:c7 31.B:c7 Nc4 32.Bb8
N:b2 33.B:a7 Nd3 34.Be4 a3 35.d5 e5   0:1

7 C78
Yeifef, L. (B) - Sims, Kenneth (C) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O b5 6.Bb3 Bc5 7.c3 d6 8.h3
O-O 9.Re1 Bb7 10.d4 Bb6 11.Bg5 Re8 12.d5 Nb8 13.Nbd2 Nbd7 14.Nf1 h6
15.Bh4 Qb8 16.B:f6 N:f6 17.Ng3 Bc8 18.Nh4 Qa7 19.Qd2 Kf8 20.Bd1 Ng8
21.Rf1 g6 22.a4 Qb8 23.Be2 Bd7 24.a:b5 a:b5 25.Kh1 R:a1 26.R:a1 B:f2
27.B:b5 B:g3 28.B:d7 Rd8 29.N:g6+ f:g6 30.Rf1+ Ke7 31.Be6 Rf8 32.Ra1
Qb6 33.Qd3 Bh4 34.g3 Bf6 35.b4 Bg7 36.b5 Nf6 37.Ra6 Qb7 38.Qc4 Rb8
39.Rc6 Ne8 40.Qf1 Bf6 41.c4 Ra8 42.h4 Ra3 43.g4 Qa7 44.Ra6 R:a6
45.b:a6 Q:a6 46.g5 h:g5 47.h:g5 Qa3 48.g:f6+ N:f6 49.Qg1 Qf3+ 50.Qg2
Q:g2+ 51.K:g2 N:e4 52.Bg4 Kf6 53.Be2 Kg5 54.Kf3 Nf6 55.Ke3 Kh4 56.Kd3
g5 57.c5 g4 58.c:d6 c:d6 59.Kc4 g3 60.Bf1 Ng4 61.Kd3 Nf6 62.Kc4 e4
63.Kd4 e3 64.K:e3 N:d5+ 65.Kf3 Ne7 66.Bg2 d5 67.Kf4 d4 68.Ke4 Nf5
69.Kd3 Kg4 70.Ke4 Nh4 71.Bh1 Nf5 72.Bg2 Kg5 73.Bh1 Kf6 74.Bf3 Ke6
75.Bh1 Kd6 {a brilliant move that wins} 76.Kf4 Kc5
  [76...d3 77.Kf3 (77.Be4 d2 78.Bf3 g2) Kc5 78.Ke4 d2 79.Bf3 g2  wins]
77.Be4 Nd6 78.Bf3 d3 79.K:g3 Kd4 80.Kf2 Ne4+ 81.Ke1 Ng5 82.Bg2 Ke3
83.Kd1 d2 84.Bh1 Ne6 85.Bf3 Nc5 86.Bg4 Na4 87.Kc2   1/2

8 B01
Brown, John (A) - Marrero, Denis (M) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 d5 2.e:d5 Nf6 3.d4 Bg4 4.Nf3 Q:d5 5.Be2 Nc6 6.c4 Qd7 7.d5 B:f3
8.B:f3 Ne5 9.Be2 O-O-O 10.O-O e6 11.d:e6 Q:e6 12.Qa4 Bc5 13.h3 Ne4
14.Be3 B:e3 15.f:e3 Ng3 16.Re1 N:e2+ 17.R:e2 Q:c4 18.Nc3 Q:a4 19.N:a4
Rhe8 20.Rc1 Nd3 21.Rf1 f6 22.Nc3 Re5 23.b3 Rde8 24.e4 Nc5 25.Rf5 R:f5
26.e:f5 R:e2 27.N:e2 Kd7 28.Nd4 c6 29.Kf2 Kd6 30.Ke3 Ke5 31.g4 a5
32.h4 h6 33.h5 Kd5 34.a3 b5 35.b4 a:b4 36.a:b4 Na6 37.Ne6 N:b4 38.N:g7
Ke5 39.Ne6 Nd5+ 40.Kd2 b4 41.Nd8 Kf4 42.N:c6 K:g4 43.Nd4 K:h5 44.Kd3
Kg5 45.Ke4 Ne7   0:1

9 B74
Bradlow, Harvey (M) - Barrios, Jorge (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 g6 2.d4 c5 3.Nf3 Bg7 4.Nc3 d6 5.Be3 c:d4 6.N:d4 Nf6 7.Be2 Nc6
8.O-O O-O 9.Nb3 Be6 10.f4 Rc8 11.f5 Bd7 12.g4 Ne5 13.g5 R:c3 14.b:c3
N:e4 15.f:g6 h:g6 16.Qe1 N:c3 17.Bd4 N:e2+ 18.Q:e2 Bc6 19.Rf4 a5 20.c3
a4 21.Nd2 Qa5 22.Ne4 Bb5 23.Qg2 Bc6 24.Qe2 Qd5 25.Rd1 Qe6 26.Rh4 a3
27.Rf1 b5 28.Rf2 b4 29.B:e5 B:e5 30.c:b4 Bd5 31.Qd3 Rc8 32.Rc2 R:c2
33.Q:c2 Bd4+ 34.Kg2 Qf5 35.Qe2 Q:g5+ 36.Rg4 Qc1 37.Kg3 Be5+ 38.Kf2 Qh1
39.Rg2 Bd4+ 40.Kg3 f5 41.Kh3 B:e4 42.R:g6+ Kf7   0:1

10 A04
Thrush, Thomas (X) - Herrara, Alex (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.Nf3 f5 2.g3 g6 3.Bg2 Bg7 4.O-O e5 5.d3 e4 6.Ng5 e3 7.B:e3 B:b2 8.Nd2
Bf6 9.Ndf3 h6 10.Nh3 g5 11.Rb1 g4 12.Nf4 g:f3 13.B:f3 Ne7 14.Bh5+ Kf8
15.c3 d5
  [15...Nbc6 16.Qb3 d5 (16...Rh7 17.Nd5 N:d5 18.Q:d5 Kg7 19.Q:f5 d5
    20.Qg6+ Kh8 21.d4) 17.Bc5 Kg7 18.e4 f:e4 19.d:e4 b6  is equal]
16.R:b7 Qd6 17.Qa4 Qc6
  [17...Nbc6 18.Rb5 Kg7 19.Bc5 Qd7  is equal]
18.Q:c6 Nb:c6 19.R:c7 Be5 20.Ng6+ N:g6 21.R:c6 Ne7 22.Bc5 Bd7 23.Ra6
B:c3 24.d4 Rh7 25.Rb1 Kg8 26.e3 Nc6 27.Bf3 Rc8 28.B:d5+ Kh8 29.Bd6 Rg7
  [30.B:c6 R:c6 (30...B:c6 31.Be5 Kh7 32.B:g7 K:g7 33.Rc1 Bb5 34.Ra3)
    31.Rb8+ Kh7 32.R:c6 B:c6 33.Rc8 B:d4 34.R:c6 Bb6  wins]
30...Kh7 31.Rc1 N:d4 32.e:d4 B:d4 33.R:c8 B:c8 34.Ra4 Bb6 35.Bf8 Rd7
36.Bc6 Rd8
  [36...Rf7 37.Bb4 Rc7 38.Bd5 (38.Bb5 Rc1+ 39.Kg2 Bb7+ 40.Kh3 Rg1) Bd7
    39.Ra6 Bb5 40.R:b6 a:b6  wins]
37.Be7 Rd2 38.Rf4 Be6 39.h4 Rc2 40.Bg2 Bc7   1/2

11 B00
Currell, John (A) - Dobenen, Walter (C) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 g5 2.Nf3 h6 3.d4 Bg7 4.Nc3 d6 5.Be3 Nf6 6.h3 g4 7.h:g4 N:g4 8.Qd2
N:e3 9.Q:e3 Nd7 10.O-O-O c6 11.Nh4 Nb6 12.f4 h5 13.Kb1 Be6 14.Nf3 Nc4
15.B:c4 B:c4 16.Nd2 Be6 17.f5 Bd7 18.Nf3 e6 19.e5 d5 20.f6 B:f6
21.e:f6 Q:f6 22.Qg5 Q:g5 23.N:g5 Ke7 24.Rdf1 f5 25.Rf2 Rag8 26.Nf3 Rg4
27.Re1 Kf6 28.Ne5 Rg7 29.Ne2 Ke7 30.Nf4 h4 31.Neg6+ Kf6 32.N:h8 Kg5
33.N:e6+ B:e6 34.R:e6 Rg8 35.Nf7+ Kh5 36.R:f5+ Kg4 37.Nh6+ Kg3 38.N:g8
K:g2 39.Rg6+ Kh2 40.Nf6 h3 41.Kc1 Kh1 42.Rf1+ Kh2 43.Ng4+ Kg2 44.Ne3+
Kh2 45.Rfg1   1:0

12 B32
Trivett, John (A) - Yeifef, L. (B) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 e5 5.Nb5 a6 6.Nd6+ B:d6 7.Q:d6 Qf6
8.Qd1 Qg6 9.Nc3 Nge7 10.g3 O-O 11.Bg2 f5 12.e:f5 Q:f5 13.O-O Nd4
14.Be4 Qh3 15.Bg2 Qf5 16.Be4 Qh3 17.Nd5 N:d5 18.B:d5+ Kh8 19.c3 Nc6
20.Be3 Nd8 21.Qd3 d6 22.Bg2 Qe6 23.Rad1 Nf7 24.f4 e:f4 25.R:f4 Qe7
26.Bd5 Be6 27.Rh4 h6 28.Qe4
29.B:h6 Nf3+ 30.Q:f3 g:h6 31.R:h6+ Kg7 32.R:e6 Qg5 33.Qe4   1:0

13 D03
Buckendorf, Glen (A) - Vela, Francisco (D) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.Bg5 d5 4.e3 Be7 5.Bd3 Nbd7 6.Nbd2 b6 7.c3 Bb7
8.Qc2 c5 9.Ne5 N:e5 10.d:e5 Nd7 11.Bf4 c4 12.Be2 Nc5 13.Rd1 Bc6
14.N:c4 Qc7 15.Nd2 a5 16.O-O O-O 17.Bf3 Rac8 18.Be2 Rfd8 19.Nf3 Ne4
20.Nd4 Bb7 21.f3 Nc5 22.Rc1 Nd7 23.Bg3 N:e5 24.f4 Nc4 25.f5 e5 26.B:c4
d:c4 27.Qf2 f6 28.Ne6 Qd6 29.N:d8 R:d8 30.Qe2 Qd3 31.Kf2 Q:f5+ 32.Kg1
Qd3 33.Rfe1 Qe4 34.Rcd1 Rd3 35.Qf3 R:d1 36.R:d1 Qc2 37.Qf1 Qe4 38.Rd7
Bc5 39.Bf2 Bc6 40.Rd8+ Kf7 41.Rd2 Ke6 42.Re2 Qg4 43.Bg3 Be4 44.Qf2 Bd3
45.Re1 Be4 46.Re2 Bd3 47.Re1 Be4 48.Re2   1/2

14 B04
Marrero, Denis (M) - Barrios, Jorge (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.d4 d6 4.Nf3 g6 5.Bc4 c6 6.e:d6 Q:d6 7.O-O Bg7
8.Re1 O-O 9.B:d5 c:d5 10.Bg5 Nc6 11.c3 Bg4 12.Nbd2 b5 13.Qe2 e6 14.a3
a5 15.b4 B:f3 16.N:f3 Rab8 17.Qe3 Rb7 18.Bf4 Qd7 19.Bh6 Rc8 20.Qf4 Bh8
21.Re3 Ra8 22.Rae1 a:b4 23.a:b4 Rba7 24.Ng5 Nd8 25.h4 Ra1 26.R:a1
R:a1+ 27.Kh2 Ra7 28.g3 Bg7 29.B:g7 K:g7 30.Qe5+ Kg8 31.h5 h6 32.Nf3
Nc6 33.Qf4 Kh7 34.h:g6+ f:g6 35.Qf6 Ra2 36.R:e6 R:f2+ 37.Kg1 R:f3
38.Q:g6+ Kh8 39.Re8+   1:0

15 B06
Herrara, Alex (X) - Currell, John (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 d6 2.d4 g6 3.c3 Bg7 4.f4 Nd7 5.Nf3 Nh6 6.Bd3 Nb6 7.O-O Bg4 8.h3
Bd7 9.Na3 e6 10.g4 Ng8 11.Qc2 Ba4 12.b3 Bc6 13.Be3 Ne7 14.Ng5 h5 15.f5
g:f5 16.g:f5 e:f5 17.e:f5 Bf6 18.Ne4 Rg8+ 19.Kh2 B:e4 20.B:e4 d5
21.Rg1 Qd6+ 22.Bf4 Q:f4+ 23.Kh1 Q:e4+ 24.Q:e4 d:e4 25.Rge1 Rg3 26.Kh2
R:c3 27.R:e4 Kd7 28.Rg1 a6 29.Rg2 Nbd5 30.Nc4 Rg8 31.R:g8 N:g8 32.Ne5+
B:e5+ 33.d:e5 Rc2+ 34.Kg3 R:a2 35.Rh4 Re2 36.R:h5 R:e5 37.Rh8 Ndf6
38.Kf4 Re1 39.h4 b5 40.h5 c5 41.h6 Rh1 42.Kg5 Rh5+ 43.Kf4 R:h6 44.R:h6
N:h6 45.Ke5 Nhg4+ 46.Kf4 a5   0:1

16 B34
Brown, John (A) - Bradlow, Harvey (M) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 g6 5.Nc3 Bg7 6.Be3 Nf6 7.N:c6 b:c6
8.e5 Ng8 9.Bd4 Qa5 10.f4 Nh6 11.e6 B:d4 12.Q:d4 O-O 13.e:d7 Bb7
14.O-O-O Rad8 15.Bc4 Nf5 16.Qd3 Nd6 17.Ne4 R:d7 18.Ng5 Qf5 19.Q:f5
g:f5 20.Rhe1 Rfd8 21.Bb3 c5 22.Bd5 Ba6 23.c3 h6 24.Nf3 e6 25.Bc6 Rc7
26.Ba4 Bb7 27.Ne5 Be4 28.g3 Kf8 29.Nc4 Ke7 30.Na5 Nb7 31.N:b7 B:b7
32.Bc2 R:d1+ 33.R:d1 Bf3 34.Re1 Kd6 35.Re3 Bc6 36.a3 Bb7 37.b4 c:b4
38.a:b4 Rc4 39.Kb2 Be4 40.Bb3 Rc7 41.c4 f6 42.c5+ Ke7 43.Kc3 e5 44.Kc4
a6 45.Kc3 a5 46.Kc4 a:b4 47.K:b4 Kd7 48.Ba4+ Ke6 49.Bb3+ Kd7 50.Kc4
Ra7 51.Re2 Kc8 52.Rd2 Rd7 53.R:d7 K:d7 54.Kb5 Kc7 55.Be6 Bd3+ 56.Kb4
Kc6 57.Kc3   1/2

17 C02
Baugus, Eric (A) - Thrush, Thomas (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Qb6 6.Be2 Nge7 7.d:c5 Q:c5
8.Be3 Qa5 9.b4 Qc7 10.Bb5 Bd7 11.B:c6 B:c6 12.a4 Nf5 13.Bd4 Be7 14.O-O
Rc8 15.Qb3 N:d4 16.c:d4 O-O 17.Nbd2 Bd7 18.Rac1 Q:c1 19.R:c1 R:c1+
20.Nf1 Rfc8 21.h3 R8c3   0:1

18 C30
Trivett, John (A) - Bruns, Mike (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 e5 2.f4 Nc6 3.Nf3 f5 4.Bc4 e:f4 5.e5 d5 6.Bb5 Ne7 7.d4 Ng6 8.O-O
Be7 9.Nc3 O-O 10.Ne2 Kh8 11.c3 Rg8 12.N:f4 N:f4 13.B:f4 g5 14.Bd2 Qe8
15.Bd3 g4 16.Ne1 Qh5 17.g3 Nd8 18.Ng2 Bg5 19.Nf4 B:f4 20.B:f4 Nf7
21.Qd2 Be6 22.Rae1 c6 23.Re2 Raf8 24.Ref2 Nd8 25.Qc2 Rf7 26.Qd2 Qg6
27.Qc2 Qh5 28.b3 Qg6 29.Bc1 Qh5 30.B:f5 B:f5 31.R:f5 Qg6 32.Qf2 Rgf8
33.R:f7 R:f7 34.Qe2 R:f1+ 35.Q:f1 Kg7 36.Bf4 Qc2 37.e6 N:e6 38.Be5+
Kg8 39.Qf6 Qb1+ 40.Kg2 Qc2+ 41.Kg1 Qb1+ 42.Kg2 Q:a2+ 43.Kg1 Qb1+
44.Kg2 Qg6 45.Qh8+ Kf7 46.Qc8 Qe4+ 47.Kg1 Qe1+ 48.Kg2 Qe2+ 49.Kg1 Qe1+
50.Kg2 Qe2+ 51.Kg1 Qe1+ 52.Kg2   1/2

19 A00
Dobenen, Walter (C) - Buckendorf, Glen (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.g4 d5 2.h3 e5 3.c4 Nc6 4.Bg2 Be6 5.Qa4 Bc5 6.Qb5 Bb6 7.c:d5 a6 8.Qd3
Nb4 9.Qb3 N:d5 10.Qg3 f6 11.Nc3 Nge7 12.d3 O-O 13.Be4 N:c3 14.b:c3 Bd5
15.B:d5+ N:d5 16.Bd2 Qe7 17.e4 Nf4 18.B:f4 e:f4 19.Q:f4 Rad8 20.d4
Rfe8 21.f3 c5 22.d5 R:d5 23.Qe3 Qd6 24.Ne2 Rd3 25.Qf4 Q:f4 26.N:f4
R:f3 27.Nd5 R:e4+ 28.Kd2 Ba5 29.Rab1 b5 30.Rb3 Re6 31.Kc2 Bd8 32.c4
Re2+ 33.Kb1 R:b3+ 34.a:b3 b:c4 35.b:c4 Kf7 36.Rd1 Ba5 37.Rf1 Re1+
38.R:e1 B:e1 39.Nc7 a5 40.Na6 Bb4 41.Kc2 Ke6 42.Nc7+ Ke5 43.Kd3 g6
44.Nd5 f5 45.g:f5 g:f5 46.Ne3 a4 47.Kc2 f4 48.Nd1 Kd4 49.Nb2 a3 50.Nd1
K:c4 51.Kb1 Kd3 52.Nf2+ Ke2   0:1

20 C06
Yeifef, L. (B) - Vela, Francisco (D) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 Nf6 4.Bd3 c5 5.c3 Nc6 6.Ne2 Qb6 7.e5 Nd7 8.Nf3
c:d4 9.c:d4 Qb4+ 10.Qd2 b6 11.O-O Bb7 12.a3 Q:d2 13.B:d2 Be7 14.Nc3
O-O 15.Rfe1 Rac8 16.Rac1 a6 17.b4 b5 18.Bf4 Nb6 19.Nd2 Nc4 20.B:c4
b:c4 21.Nf3 Na7 22.Bg5 B:g5 23.N:g5 Nb5 24.N:b5 a:b5 25.Rc3 Ra8 26.f4
Ra6 27.g3 Rfa8 28.Ree3 Bc6 29.g4 h6 30.Nh3 Bd7 31.Rf3 f5 32.Nf2 Rf8
33.h3 Be8 34.Kg2 Ra7 35.Kg3 Bg6 36.Kh4 f:g4 37.K:g4 Bf5+ 38.Kg3 Bb1
39.Rc1 Ba2 40.Ra1 Bb3 41.Nd1 B:d1 42.R:d1 Rfa8 43.Ra1 Ra4 44.f5 e:f5
45.R:f5 R:a3+ 46.R:a3 R:a3+ 47.Kf2 Ra6 48.e6 R:e6 49.R:d5 Rb6 50.Ke3
Kf7 51.Re5 Re6 52.Kd2 R:e5 53.d:e5 Ke6   0:1

21 B70
Sims, Kenneth (C) - King, Anthony (C) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Bc4 Bg7 7.O-O O-O
8.Re1 Nc6 9.Nb3 Bd7 10.Nd5 Ne5 11.N:f6+ B:f6 12.Qe2 Rc8 13.Bd3 Bg7
14.c3 N:d3 15.Q:d3 Qc7 16.Be3 a6 17.Bd4 Bb5 18.Qd2 e5 19.Be3 Rfd8
20.f3 Qd7 21.Qf2 Qe7 22.Red1 Rd7 23.Rd2 Rf8 24.Rad1 f5 25.e:f5 R:f5
26.Nc5 d:c5 27.R:d7 B:d7 28.B:c5 Qf7 29.Qe3 Bc6 30.Rd8+ Bf8 31.R:f8+
Q:f8 32.B:f8 K:f8 33.b4 Kg7 34.c4 h5 35.Qb6 h4 36.h3 Kh6 37.b5 a:b5
38.c:b5 Bd5 39.a4 Kg5 40.Qd8+ Kf4 41.Q:d5 Kg3 42.Qe4 Rf4 43.Q:e5 b6
44.Qg5+ Rg4 45.Q:g4#   1:0

22 B01
Currell, John (A) - Marrero, Denis (M) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 d5 2.e:d5 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.d:c6 N:c6 5.Ne2 e5 6.Nbc3 Bf5 7.Ng3 Bg6
8.Qa4 Bc5 9.Be2 O-O 10.O-O Nd4 11.Bd1 Bd3 12.Re1 a6 13.b4 b5 14.Qa3
Bd6 15.c5 Bc7 16.Qb2 a5 17.a3 Nc6 18.Be2 a:b4 19.N:b5 b:a3 20.N:a3 e4
21.Qb7 Qd7 22.Nf5 B:h2+   0:1

23 D02
Barrios, Jorge (X) - Thrush, Thomas (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.d4 d5 2.Bf4 Nf6 3.e3 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Bg4 6.Nbd2 e6 7.Bd3 Bd6
8.d:c5 B:c5 9.h3 Bh5 10.Bg5 h6 11.Bh4 g5 12.Bg3 e5 13.Be2 Bd6 14.Bh2
e4 15.Nd4 N:d4 16.c:d4 B:e2 17.Qa4+ b5 18.Qa6 B:h2 19.Qc6+ Ke7 20.K:e2
Bd6 21.Rhc1 Qb6 22.f3 Rhc8 23.Q:c8 R:c8 24.R:c8 b4 25.Rac1 Qa6+ 26.Kd1
Qd3 27.Ra8 Q:e3 28.R:a7+ Nd7 29.f:e4 Q:d4 30.Rb7 Bf4 31.Rc2 d:e4   0:1

24 D02
Bruns, Mike (X) - Brown, John (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 e6 3.e3 c5 4.c3 Bd7 5.Bd3 Qb6 6.O-O Bb5 7.B:b5+ Q:b5
8.Nbd2 Nf6 9.Ne5 Nbd7 10.f4 g6 11.Ndf3 Qb6 12.Qe1 Bg7 13.Qh4 h6 14.Kh1
a6 15.g4 c4 16.Qh3 N:e5 17.N:e5 Qc7 18.Bd2 h5 19.g5 Ne4 20.Qg2 Qe7
21.h4 O-O 22.Nf3 b5 23.Rfc1 Rfc8 24.Be1 Nd6 25.Nd2 Nf5 26.e4 d:e4
27.Q:e4 Qd6 28.Nf3 Rab8 29.Kg2 Qc6 30.Q:c6 R:c6 31.b3 Rbc8 32.b4 a5
33.b:a5 Ra6 34.a4 R:a5 35.a:b5 R:b5 36.Ne5 Rb2+ 37.Kg1 B:e5 38.f:e5
Re2 39.Rcb1 Re4 40.Ra7 N:h4 41.B:h4 R:h4 42.Rbb7 Rf4 43.Kg2 Rf5 44.Kg3
Rf8 45.Kh4 Rf4+ 46.Kh3 Rf3+ 47.Kh4 R:c3 48.d5 e:d5 49.e6 Rc2 50.Rd7
Re2 51.e:f7+ Kg7 52.R:d5 Re4+ 53.Kh3 R:f7 54.Ra6 Rg4 55.Rc6   1/2

25 A86
Buckendorf, Glen (A) - Herrara, Alex (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.d4 f5 2.g3 g6 3.Bg2 Bg7 4.Nh3 Nf6 5.c4 d6 6.Nc3 O-O 7.O-O c6 8.Qb3
Na6 9.Rd1 Qe8 10.e3 h6 11.f4 Nc7 12.Nf2 e6 13.e4 f:e4 14.Nf:e4 d5
15.Nd6 Qd7 16.c5 Nce8 17.N:c8 R:c8 18.Qc2 Qf7 19.b4 a6 20.a4 Nc7
21.Qe2 Rfe8 22.Bb2 Nd7 23.b5 a:b5 24.a:b5 Ra8 25.b6 R:a1 26.B:a1 Na6
27.Na2 Qf5 28.Bc3 Na:c5 29.d:c5 B:c3 30.N:c3 N:c5 31.Qe3 Nd7 32.N:d5
c:d5 33.B:d5 N:b6 34.B:b7   1/2

26 E38
Vela, Francisco (D) - Baugus, Eric (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 c5 5.Nf3 O-O 6.a3 B:c3+ 7.b:c3 d6
8.Bg5 Nbd7 9.e3 Qa5 10.Bf4 Ne4 11.Nd2 N:d2 12.Q:d2 e5 13.Bg3 Kh8 14.e4
Re8 15.Bd3 b6 16.d5 Ba6 17.a4 f5 18.f3 f4 19.Bh4 h6 20.g3 g5 21.g:f4
e:f4 22.Bf2 Ne5 23.Ke2 B:c4 24.B:c4 N:c4 25.Qd3 Ne5 26.Qb5 Q:c3   0:1

27 B00
King, Anthony (C) - Dobenen, Walter (C) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 g5 2.d4 h6 3.Bc4 d6 4.c3 Nf6 5.Qc2 c5 6.d:c5 d:c5 7.f4 g:f4
8.B:f4 Nc6 9.Nf3 Bg4 10.Nbd2 Nh5 11.Ne5 N:e5 12.B:e5 f6 13.h3 f:e5
14.h:g4 Nf6 15.g5 Nd7 16.O-O-O Qc7 17.Qa4 a6 18.Bb5 O-O-O 19.B:d7+
R:d7 20.Nc4 R:d1+ 21.R:d1 Bg7 22.Qd7+ Q:d7 23.Nb6+ Kc7 24.N:d7 Kc6
25.Kc2 h:g5 26.b4 c:b4 27.c:b4 Rc8 28.Kb3 b6 29.a4 Kc7 30.a5 b:a5
31.Nc5 Kb6 32.b:a5+ K:a5 33.Rd5 Rb8+ 34.Kc3 Rb5 35.Nb3+ Kb6 36.R:b5+
a:b5 37.g4 e6 38.Kb4 Bf8+ 39.Kc3 b4+ 40.Kc4 Be7 41.Nd2 Ka5 42.Kb3 Kb5
43.Nf3 Bf6 44.Nd2 Kc5 45.Nf3 Be7 46.N:e5 Bd6 47.Nf3   1/2

28 A07
Thrush, Thomas (X) - Marrero, Denis (M) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 d5 3.Bg2 c6 4.O-O Bg4 5.Ne5 Bh5 6.d4 Nbd7 7.c4 e6 8.Nc3
Bd6 9.Bf4 Qc7 10.c:d5 N:d5 11.B:d5 e:d5 12.Rc1 B:e5 13.d:e5 Qd8 14.Qd4
O-O 15.e4 Nb6 16.a4 d:e4 17.Q:e4 Qe7 18.a5 Nd7 19.Rfe1 Rfe8 20.a6 Nc5
21.Qc4 Rad8
  [21...N:a6  is better, Dennis's combo is unsound]
22.a:b7 Nd3 23.b8=Q N:e1 24.Qbb3 Rd4 25.R:e1 R:c4 26.Q:c4 Bf3   1:0

29 B06
Barrios, Jorge (X) - Currell, John (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.Nc3 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.e4 d6 4.Be3 Bd7 5.Qd2 e6 6.O-O-O Nc6 7.f3 a6 8.g4
h5 9.g:h5 R:h5 10.Nge2 b5 11.Nf4 Rh8 12.Bd3 Nb4 13.Rdg1 N:d3+ 14.Q:d3
Bh6 15.e5 Ne7 16.Ne4 Bg7 17.e:d6 Nf5 18.d5 N:e3 19.d:e6 f:e6 20.Q:e3
e5 21.Nd2 c:d6 22.R:g6 Bh6 23.R:h6 R:h6 24.Nd5 Rg6 25.Qe4 Kf7 26.h4
Qg8 27.Ne3 Rg1+ 28.R:g1 Q:g1+ 29.Nd1 Rc8 30.Qd5+ Ke7 31.Ne4 Rc6 32.Ng5
Qc5 33.Qd2 d5 34.b4 Qd4 35.Q:d4 e:d4 36.Nf2 Bf5 37.Ng4 R:c2+ 38.Kd1
R:a2 39.h5 B:g4 40.f:g4 Rg2 41.Nf3 R:g4 42.Ne5 Rg2 43.Nc6+ Kf6 44.Nb8
Kg5 45.N:a6 K:h5 46.Nc7 Kg5 47.N:b5 Rg4 48.Kd2 d3 49.Nc7 R:b4 50.N:d5
  [51.Nc3 Kf4 52.Nd1 Ke5
        (52...Rd7 53.Nb2 Kf5 54.Na4 Ke5 55.Nc5 Rd5 56.Na4 Ke4 57.Nb2
    53.Nf2 Rd7 54.Ng4+ Kf4 55.Nf2 Kf5  eventually may win this
    diificult ending]

30 C50
Herrara, Alex (X) - Trivett, John (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d3 Bc5 5.O-O d6 6.Nc3 Be6 7.B:e6 f:e6
8.Na4 Bb6 9.N:b6 a:b6 10.Ng5 Qe7 11.f4 h6 12.Nh3 O-O-O 13.c3 Rdg8
14.Qa4 Kb8 15.f:e5 N:e5 16.d4 Neg4 17.Nf4 g5 18.Nd3 N:e4 19.Re1 d5
20.c4 Qd6 21.Ne5 N:e5 22.d:e5 Q:e5 23.Be3 Qd6 24.c:d5 e:d5   1/2

31 B47
Brown, John (A) - Buckendorf, Glen (A) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 a6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.Be2 Nc6 7.O-O b5
8.Be3 Bb7 9.a3 Nge7 10.Nd:b5 a:b5 11.N:b5 Qb8 12.Nd6+ Kd8 13.Bb6+

32 A06
Baugus, Eric (A) - Bruns, Mike (X) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.Nf3 Bg4 4.Ne5 Bh5 5.g3 e6 6.a3 c5 7.b:c5 B:c5 8.d4
Bd6 9.Nd2 Nc6 10.Bg2 Qb6 11.N:c6 Q:b2 12.Rb1 Q:a3 13.R:b7 Qc3 14.Ne5
Q:d4   0:1

33 A00
Dobenen, Walter (C) - Sims, Kenneth (C) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.g4 e5 2.h3 Nc6 3.Bg2 d5 4.c4 Be6 5.c:d5 B:d5 6.B:d5 Q:d5 7.Nf3 Nd4
8.Nc3 Qc6 9.d3 Bb4 10.Bd2 O-O-O 11.a3 Ba5 12.Rg1 N:f3+ 13.e:f3 R:d3
14.Rg3 Ne7 15.Qe2 Qd6 16.O-O-O B:c3 17.B:c3 R:d1+ 18.Q:d1 Q:d1+
19.K:d1 Rd8+ 20.Kc2 f6 21.g5 Nf5 22.Rg4 Rd7 23.g:f6 g:f6 24.f4 Nd4+
25.Kb1 Ne2 26.Rg8+ Rd8 27.Rg7 h5 28.f:e5 N:c3+ 29.b:c3 f:e5 30.Rg5 Rd3
31.R:h5 R:c3 32.Kb2 Rf3 33.R:e5 R:h3 34.f4 Kd7 35.f5 Rh8 36.Kc3 Rf8
37.Kd4 Rf6 38.Ra5 a6 39.Rd5+ Rd6 40.Ke5 R:d5+ 41.K:d5 Ke7 42.Ke5 c5
43.a4 b5 44.Kd5 c4 45.Kd4 Kf6 46.Ke4 b4 47.Kd4 c3 48.Kd3 K:f5 49.Kc2
Ke4   0:1

34 D94
Vela, Francisco (D) - King, Anthony (C) ()
1998, CCSN Summer Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.e3 Bg7 5.Nf3 O-O 6.Be2 d:c4 7.B:c4 c5
8.O-O c:d4 9.N:d4 Qc7 10.Be2 Rd8 11.Qb3 a6 12.Bf3 Nc6 13.N:c6 b:c6
14.Qc4 Bb7 15.b3 a5 16.Re1 Ba6 17.Qa4 Nd5 18.N:d5 c:d5 19.Rb1 Bd3
20.Bb2 B:b1 21.B:g7 K:g7 22.R:b1 Rac8 23.Rd1 e6 24.Qd4+ Kg8 25.h4 Qe7
26.h5 Qg5 27.h:g6 h:g6 28.Qb6 Kg7 29.Q:a5 Rh8 30.Qd2 Rh7 31.Kf1 Rh1+
32.Ke2 R:d1 33.Q:d1 Qf5 34.a4 Qc2+ 35.Q:c2 R:c2+ 36.Kd3 Rc7 37.e4
d:e4+ 38.B:e4 Kf6 39.Kd4 Rc8 40.a5 Ke7 41.a6 Rc7 42.Bb7 Rc1 43.a7 Ra1
44.a8=Q R:a8 45.B:a8 Kd6 46.b4 Kc7 47.Ke5 Kb6 48.Kf6 Kb5 49.K:f7 K:b4
50.K:g6 Kc4 51.Kf6 Kd3 52.K:e6 Kd4 53.g4 Kc5   1:0

Games provided by John Trivett