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CCSN Spring Open, Mar 6-8, 1998

(Directed by Allen Magruder)

Fifteen players attended this, our first of (we hope) many tournaments at the Community College Southern Nevada (CCSN) on Torrey Pines and Charleston. We used Room 123 in Building A for the tournament games and Room 200 for skittles and such, both with good lighting, tables and chairs. As usual, the roster was top-heavy, with median rating 1810.

Top-rated Peter Walsh (2129) swept through the field without giving up even a draw for a perfect 5-0 result and first in the Open section (1900 & above). Tom Thrush (2125), the next highest rated player in the tournament, appropriately appropriated second place in that section, losing to Peter in the fourth round.

Walter Henry (1810) managed two wins and a draw against others in his section to go with his point from Albert Baron (1652) to take first in the 1700-1899 group with 3.5 points. Second here was shared by Laymon McGauhey (1818) and John Currell (1800), each with 2.5 points

First place in the Under 1700 section went to Princess McGauhey (1468) with 2 points, while Richard Risley (1517) came in 1/2 point behind that for the second place award.

The prize winners for this tournament were:

1900 & Up:
1st - Peter Walsh [2129]       - 5.0 (perfect score)
2nd - Tom Thrust [2125]        - 4.0

1st - Walter Henry [1810]      - 3.5
2nd - Laymon McGauhey [1818]   - 2.5
      John Currell [1800]      - 2.5

Under 1700:
1st - Princess McGauhey [1468] - 2.0
2nd - Richard Risley [1517]    - 1.5

Report by Allen Magruder and Ken Sims


1 E94
Walsh, Peter (X) - Henry, Walter (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d6 4.e4 Bg7 5.Nf3 Nbd7 6.Be2 O-O 7.O-O e5 8.d5 
Nc5 9.Nd2 a5 10.b3 Ne8 11.Rb1 f5 12.f3 Bh6 13.a3 Be3+ 14.Kh1 Qh4 15.g3
Qe7 16.b4 a:b4 17.a:b4 Na6 18.Nb3 Ba7 19.Ra1 N:b4 20.Nb5 Na6 21.N:a7 
R:a7 22.Be3 b6 23.Ra2 c5 24.d:c6 Nc5 25.R:a7 Q:a7 26.N:c5 b:c5 27.Qd5+
Kg7 28.f4 f:e4 29.f:e5 R:f1+ 30.B:f1 Qa1 31.Kg2 Qb2+ 32.Kg1 Q:e5 
33.Q:e5+ d:e5 34.B:c5 Kf6 35.Kf2 Nc7 36.Ke3 Ne6 37.Bd6 Nd4 38.K:e4 
N:c6 39.Kd5 Bb7 40.Kc5 Nd4 41.Kb6 Bf3 42.c5 g5 43.Ba6 e4 44.c6   1:0

2 B15
Currell, John (A) - Thrush, Thomas (X) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 d:e4 4.N:e4 Nf6 5.N:f6+ e:f6 6.Bc4 Bd6 7.Ne2 O-O
8.O-O Nd7 9.Bf4 B:f4 10.N:f4 Nb6 11.Bb3 Qd6 12.Qd2 Rd8 13.c3 c5 
14.Rad1 Bf5 15.Ne2 a5 16.Ng3 Bg6 17.a4 c4 18.Bc2 Qc6 19.Nf5 B:f5 
20.B:f5 N:a4 21.Rfe1 Nb6 22.Be4 Nd5 23.Qc2 g6 24.Re3 N:e3 25.f:e3 Qe6 
26.Re1 Rab8 27.Bf3 b5 28.e4 b4 29.Qa4 Qb6 30.e5 Re8 31.Bc6 R:e5   0:1

3 C11
Trivett, John (A) - Brailsford, Jim (B) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 d:e4 4.N:e4 Nf6 5.Bg5 Be7 6.B:f6 g:f6 7.Bd3 f5 
8.Nc3 Bf6 9.Nf3 Nc6 10.Ne2 b6 11.Qd2 Bb7 12.O-O-O Qd6 13.c3 O-O-O 
14.Kb1 Ne7 15.Qf4 Rhg8 16.Rhg1 Q:f4 17.N:f4 Rg4 18.Nh5 Bh8 19.h3 R:g2 
  [20.R:g2 B:f3 21.Rdg1 B:h5]
  [20...R:g1 21.R:g1 B:e5 22.d:e5 R:d3  wins]
21.R:g2 B:g2 22.d:e5 Bf3 23.Ba6+ Bb7 24.B:b7+ K:b7 25.R:d8   1:0

4 A40
Baron, Albert (C) - Brown, John (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 e5 2.d:e5 Nc6 3.Nf3 Qe7 4.Nc3 N:e5 5.N:e5 Q:e5 6.e3 c6 7.Qd4 f6 
8.f4 Q:d4 9.e:d4 Ne7 10.Bd3 d5 11.Be3 Bf5 12.Rd1 h5 13.Ne2 B:d3 
14.R:d3 Nf5 15.Bf2 Kd7 16.g3 Re8 17.Kd2 Nd6 18.Kd1 Ne4 19.Rf1 Bd6 
20.Be1 Re7 21.a3 Rhe8 22.Nc3 b5 23.N:e4 d:e4 24.Re3 f5 25.b4 Ke6 26.h4
Kd5 27.c3 Kc4 28.Kc2 Ra8 29.Kb2 a5 30.Bd2 a:b4 31.c:b4 K:d4 32.Rc1 
Rea7 33.R:c6 B:b4 34.Rd6+ B:d6   0:1

5 C42
Baugus, Eric (A) - Risley, Richard (C) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nf6 3.Nf3 d5 4.e:d5 N:d5 5.N:e5 Be6 6.O-O Bc5 7.d4 Bb6 
8.c3 O-O 9.Bd3 Nd7 10.Qh5 f5 11.Re1 N5f6 12.Qd1 c6 13.N:c6 Qe8 14.B:f5
b:c6 15.B:e6+ Kh8 16.b3 Qg6 17.Ba3 Rfd8 18.Nd2 Nd5 19.B:d5 c:d5 20.Nf3
Bc7 21.Qd2 Qh5 22.h3 Nf6 23.Qg5 Re8 24.Q:h5 N:h5 25.c4 d:c4 26.b:c4 
Kg8 27.d5 Be5 28.N:e5   1:0

6 B20
Chessik, David (D) - Buckendorf, Glen (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 c5 2.d3 Nc6 3.Nf3 g6 4.c3 Bg7 5.d4 c:d4 6.c:d4 d6 7.h3 Qb6 8.Be3 
Q:b2 9.Nbd2 N:d4 10.N:d4 B:d4 11.B:d4 Q:d4 12.Bb5+ Kf8 13.O-O Nf6 
14.Nf3 Q:e4 15.Rc1 Be6 16.Qd2 Kg7 17.Rfe1 Qd5 18.Rc7 Q:b5 19.R:e7 Bd5 
20.Ng5 Rhe8 21.Rc7 R:e1+ 22.Q:e1 Re8 23.Qa1 Qa5 24.Rc1 Qd8 25.Nf3 Re2 
26.Rd1 Qb6 27.Nd4 R:a2 28.Qc3 Qb2 29.Q:b2 R:b2 30.Re1 a5 31.Re2 Rb1+ 
32.Kh2 a4 33.Re3 Bb3 34.Nb5 d5 35.Nc3 Rc1 36.Rd3 Bc4 37.Rd2 R:c3 
38.Rd4 b5 39.g4 b4 40.g5 Ne4   0:1

7 A48
McGauhey, Laymon (A) - Sims, Kenneth (C) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.Bg5 Bg7 4.Nbd2 d6 5.c3 O-O 6.e4 Nc6 7.Bd3 Bg4 
8.Qb3 Qc8 9.O-O-O Nd8 10.e5 Be6 11.Bc4 Ng4 12.e:d6 e:d6 13.Rdf1 B:c4 
14.Q:c4 Ne6 15.h3 N:g5 16.N:g5 Bh6 17.N:f7 B:d2+ 18.K:d2 R:f7 19.h:g4 
Q:g4 20.g3 Qf3 21.Qe6 Qf6 22.Q:f6 R:f6 23.f4 Re8 24.Re1 Rfe6 25.R:e6 
R:e6 26.Rf1 Kf8 27.Kd3 d5 28.b4 b5 29.a3 Re7 30.a4 c6 31.a:b5 c:b5 
32.Ra1 Kf7 33.Ra6 Rd7 34.Rc6 Ke7 35.Ra6 Kf7 36.Ke3 Ke7 37.Kf3 Kf7 
38.Rc6 Ke7 39.Kg4 Rd6 40.R:d6 K:d6 41.Kg5 Ke6 42.Kh6 Kf5 43.K:h7 g5 
44.f:g5 K:g5 45.Kg7   1:0

8 B76
Brown, John (A) - Walsh, Peter (X) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 c:d4 4.N:d4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be3 Bg7 7.f3 Nc6 
8.Qd2 O-O 9.O-O-O N:d4 10.B:d4 Be6 11.Nd5 B:d5 12.e:d5 Qc7 13.Kb1 Rfc8
14.c4 b5 15.Rc1 b:c4 16.B:c4 Qb7 17.Bb3 a5 18.R:c8+ Q:c8 19.Rc1 Qf5+ 
20.Ka1 a4 21.Bc4 Rc8 22.Rc3 a3 23.Bb3 a:b2+ 24.K:b2 Rb8 25.Ka1 Rb4 
26.Rd3 R:d4 27.R:d4 N:d5 28.a4 Qf4 29.Ka2 B:d4   0:1

9 A46
Thrush, Thomas (X) - Baugus, Eric (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.g3 c5 4.Bg2 c:d4 5.O-O Nc6 6.N:d4 Qb6 7.Nb3 d5 
8.Be3 Qc7 9.Nc3 b6 10.Bf4 Qd7 11.e4 d4 12.e5 d:c3 13.e:f6 c:b2 14.f:g7
b:a1=Q 15.Q:a1 Rg8 16.g:f8=Q+ K:f8 17.Rd1   1:0

10 E61
Buckendorf, Glen (A) - Trivett, John (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.e3 g6 3.Bd3 d6 4.c4 Bg7 5.Nc3 O-O 6.Nge2 e5 7.O-O Nc6 8.d5 
Ne7 9.e4 Nd7 10.Be3 f5 11.f3 f4 12.Bf2 g5 13.b4 Ng6 14.c5 Nf6 15.c:d6 
c:d6 16.Rc1 Rf7 17.Qc2 h5 18.Nb5 Ne8 19.N:a7 Bd7 20.a4 g4 21.Bb5 g:f3 
22.Nc3 f:g2 23.Rfd1 f3 24.B:d7 Q:d7 25.Rd3 Qg4 26.Qd1 Nf4 27.R:f3 Nh3+
28.R:h3 Q:h3 29.Nab5 Nf6 30.N:d6 Ng4   0:1

11 D60
Henry, Walter (A) - Baron, Albert (C) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 e6 4.Nf3 Nf6 5.Bg5 Be7 6.e3 O-O 7.Bd3 Nbd7 8.O-O
h6 9.Bh4 d:c4 10.B:c4 Nb6 11.Bb3 Nfd5 12.B:e7 Q:e7 13.Qe2 Re8 14.Rad1 
Kf8 15.Ne5 Nd7 16.f4 N7f6 17.g4 Kg8 18.g5 N:c3 19.b:c3 h:g5 20.f:g5 
Ne4 21.h4 Ng3 22.Qd3 N:f1 23.Bc2 g6 24.R:f1 Rf8 25.Rf6 Kh8 26.h5 Q:f6 
27.g:f6   1:0

12 A42
Risley, Richard (C) - Currell, John (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 d6 2.d4 g6 3.c4 Bg7 4.Nc3 Nc6 5.Be3 Nf6 6.Be2 a6 7.f4 e6 8.Nf3 
O-O 9.h3 Na7 10.e5 Ne8 11.d5 Bd7 12.a4 f6 13.d:e6 B:e6 14.e:f6 N:f6 
15.O-O Qe7 16.Re1 Nc6 17.Nd5 B:d5 18.c:d5 Q:e3+ 19.Kh1 Nd8 20.B:a6 
Q:f4 21.Bb5 Ne4 22.Kg1 Nf7 23.Ra2 Ne5 24.Ra3 N:f3+ 25.R:f3 Qd2 26.Rb3 
Bd4+ 27.Kh1 Nf2+   0:1

13 D00
Brailsford, Jim (B) - Chessik, David (D) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 d5 2.Bg5 h6 3.Bh4 Bg4 4.h3 Bf5 5.e3 Nd7 6.Nf3 a6 7.Bd3 B:d3 
8.Q:d3 Ngf6 9.O-O Ne4 10.Nbd2 Ndf6 11.Ne5 e6 12.f3 N:d2 13.Q:d2 Be7 
14.Qe2 Qd6 15.Bg3 Nh5 16.Bh2 Qb6 17.c4 c5 18.Rfd1 Rd8 19.Kh1 O-O 
20.c:d5 e:d5 21.Rd3 c4 22.Rdd1 Bd6 23.Qc2 Rfe8 24.b3 B:e5 25.B:e5 f6 
26.Bh2 c:b3 27.a:b3 Rc8 28.Qf5 Q:b3 29.Q:h5 R:e3 30.Rab1 Qc2 31.Q:d5+ 
Kh8 32.Q:b7 Re2 33.Rg1 Re6 34.d5 Re3 35.Bf4 Rec3 36.Rgc1 Qd3 37.Rd1 
Qe2 38.Re1 Qd3 39.Rbd1 Qc4 40.Rg1 Q:f4 41.d6 Rd8 42.d7 Rc7 43.Q:a6 Kh7
44.Qd3+ g6 45.Rge1 Qa4 46.Re7+ Kh8 47.Qd6 Qc6 48.Q:c6 R:c6 49.Re8+ 

14 A57
Walsh, Peter (X) - Trivett, John (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5 4.c:b5 a6 5.b6 Bb7 6.Nc3 e6 7.e4 Q:b6 8.Nf3 
Be7 9.a4 e:d5 10.e:d5 O-O 11.a5 Qc7 12.Bc4 Ng4 13.O-O d6 14.Re1 Bf6 
15.Ne4 Nd7 16.N:f6+ Nd:f6 17.Bg5 Rfe8 18.h3 R:e1+ 19.Q:e1 Re8 20.Qd1 
Ne5 21.N:e5 R:e5 22.B:f6 g:f6 23.f4 Re3 24.Qg4+ Kf8 25.Qf5 Ke7 26.Kf2 
Bc8 27.Q:h7 Qb7 28.K:e3 Q:b2 29.Qe4+ Kf8 30.Rb1 Qc3+ 31.Qd3 Q:a5 
32.Kf2   1:0

15 A85
McGauhey, Laymon (A) - Thrush, Thomas (X) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 e6 2.Nf3 f5 3.c4 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.Nc3 d6 6.e3 O-O 7.Be2 Nbd7 8.Qc2
h6 9.B:f6 B:f6 10.O-O-O a6 11.h4 Qe7 12.Rh2 c5 13.Rdh1 {not a good 
idea, the rooks are offside} b5 14.c:b5 
  [14.Ng5 c:d4 15.Nce4  are among many ideas of attack here]
14...a:b5 15.B:b5 Bb7 16.B:d7 Q:d7 17.d:c5 Rfc8 18.c:d6 {his greed 
will cost him the game} Be4 19.Qb3 Bd5 20.Qb4 Rc4 21.Qb6 B:c3 22.b:c3 
R:c3+ 23.Kd2 Rc6 24.Ne5 R:a2+ 25.Kd1 R:b6   0:1

16 C00
Currell, John (A) - Brown, John (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 e6 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.Bc4 Nc6 4.Nf3 d5 5.e:d5 e:d5 6.Bb5 a6 7.B:c6+ b:c6
8.O-O Be7 9.d3 c5 10.Re1 O-O 11.Bg5 Bb7 12.Qd2 h6 13.Bf4 Re8 14.Re2 
Bf8 15.Rae1 d4 16.R:e8 N:e8 17.Ne4 f5 18.Ng3 B:f3 19.g:f3 Qd5 20.Re5 
Q:a2 21.N:f5 Q:b2 22.Qe2 Nd6 23.Ne7+ B:e7 24.R:e7 Rf8 25.Qe6+ Kh7 
26.Q:h6+ Kg8 27.Q:g7#   1:0

17 B06
Baugus, Eric (A) - Henry, Walter (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 d6 2.d4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.Be3 Nd7 5.Qd2 a6 6.O-O-O b5 7.f4 Nb6 8.Bd3
Bb7 9.e5 e6 10.f5 g:f5 11.Bg5 Qd7 12.Re1 d:e5 13.d:e5 Ne7 14.Bf6 B:f6 
15.e:f6 Ng6 16.Nf3 O-O-O 17.Qh6 Nd5 18.N:d5 B:d5 19.Kb1 B:f3 20.g:f3 
Qd4 21.Qd2 Q:f6 22.Qa5 Rd6 23.a4 b:a4 24.B:a6+ Kb8 25.Q:a4 Qd4 26.Qa3 
Qa7 27.Qb4+ Rb6 28.Bb5 c6 29.Qd6+ Qc7 30.Q:c7+ K:c7 31.Bc4 Rbb8 32.h4 
h5 33.Rhg1 Nf4 34.Kc1 Rbg8 35.Rg5 R:g5 36.h:g5 Nh3 37.g6 f:g6 38.R:e6 
Nf4 39.Re7+ Kd6 40.Rg7 h4   0:1

18 B52
Brailsford, Jim (B) - Buckendorf, Glen (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+ Bd7 4.B:d7+ Q:d7 5.O-O Nc6 6.d4 c:d4 7.N:d4 
Nf6 8.Nc3 e6 9.Be3 Be7 10.f4 O-O 11.a3 Rfd8 12.Qf3 Rac8 13.Rad1 Qc7 
14.Ndb5 Qb8 15.Rf2 a6 16.Nd4 b5 17.N:c6 R:c6 18.e5 Nd5 19.N:d5 e:d5 
20.R:d5 Rcc8 21.e:d6 R:d6 22.R:d6 Q:d6 23.Rd2 Qe6 24.Re2 Qc4 25.c3 h6 
26.Bd4 Bc5 27.B:c5 Q:c5+ 28.Qf2 Qc6 29.Qd4 Qc7 30.h3 Rd8 31.Qe5 Rd1+ 
32.Kh2 Qc4 33.Qe8+ Kh7 34.Qe4+ Q:e4 35.R:e4 Rd2 36.Rb4 Kg6 37.Kg1 h5 
38.g3 Kf5 39.a4 b:a4 40.R:a4 R:b2 41.R:a6 Rc2 42.Ra5+ Ke4 43.R:h5 Kf3 
44.h4 R:c3 45.Ra5 
45...K:g3 {about here, Glen offers a draw, Jim refuses} 46.Rg5+ K:h4 
47.R:g7 {now Jim says he'll draw, but Glen says no you don't} Rg3+ 
48.R:g3 K:g3 49.f5 f6 
  [49...Kg4 50.f6 Kg5 51.Kf2 K:f6 52.Kf3 Kf5  wins]
50.Kf1 Kf3 51.Ke1 Ke3 52.Kf1 Ke4 53.Kf2 Kf4 54.Ke2 K:f5 55.Kf3 Ke5 
56.Ke3 f5 57.Kf3 f4 58.Kf2 Kf5 59.Kf3 Ke5 60.Kf2 Ke4 61.Ke2 f3+ 62.Kf2
Kf4 63.Kf1 Kg3 64.Kg1 Kh3 65.Kf2 Kg4 66.Kf1 Kg3 67.Kg1   1/2

19 E61
Baron, Albert (C) - McGauhey, Princess (C) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e3 O-O 5.Be2 d6 6.Bd2 Nbd7 7.Rc1 e6 8.Nf3
b6 9.O-O Bb7 10.Bd3 e5 11.d:e5 d:e5 12.e4 Nc5 13.Bb1 Nf:e4 14.Qe2 N:c3
15.B:c3 e4 16.Ne1 Qg5 17.Qe3 Bh6 18.Bd2 Q:e3 19.B:e3 B:e3 20.f:e3 Rad8
21.b4 Nd3 22.N:d3 e:d3 23.Rcd1 Be4 24.Rf2 Rd7 25.Rfd2 Rfd8 26.a3 a6 
27.Ba2 a5 28.b5 c6 29.Rb1 Re7 30.g3 c5 31.a4 Rd6 32.Rf1 Rde6 33.Bb1 
Bf5 34.Re1 R:e3 35.R:e3 R:e3 36.Ba2 Bg4 37.Bb3 Re1+ 38.Kf2 Re2+ 
39.R:e2 B:e2 40.Ke1 Kg7 41.Bd1 Kf6 42.B:e2 d:e2 43.K:e2 Ke5 44.Ke3 f5 
45.h3 g5   0:1

20 D04
Chessik, David (D) - Risley, Richard (C) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 d5 2.e3 Nf6 3.Nf3 Bg4 4.Be2 Nbd7 5.h3 Bh5 6.Qd2 e6 7.Nc3 h6 8.a3 
c5 9.Ne5 B:e2 10.Q:e2 a6 11.Qd3 Qc7 12.Nf3 c4 13.Qd1 Bd6 14.Bd2 b5 
15.b3 O-O 16.b:c4 Q:c4 17.Qe2 Rac8 18.Q:c4 R:c4 19.Rc1 B:a3 20.Rb1 
Rfc8 21.O-O Bb4 22.Na2 B:d2 23.N:d2 R:c2 24.Rfc1 Nb6 25.Nf3 R:a2 
26.R:c8+ N:c8 27.Rc1 Nd6 28.g3 Nc4 29.Ne5 b4 30.N:c4 d:c4 31.R:c4 b3 
32.Rc8+ Kh7 33.Rb8 b2 34.Kg2 Ne4   0:1

21 A02
Thrush, Thomas (X) - Walsh, Peter (X) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.f4 Nf6 2.Nf3 c5 3.e3 g6 4.b3 Bg7 5.Bb2 O-O 6.Be2 Nc6 7.O-O d6 8.c4 
Rb8 9.Na3 a6 10.Nc2 b5 11.d3 b:c4 12.d:c4 Bf5 13.Nh4 Be4 14.Bf3 B:f3 
15.Q:f3 Qc7 16.g4 a5 17.g5 Nh5 18.B:g7 N:g7 19.e4 a4 20.b:a4 Rb2 
21.Ne3 Nd4 22.Qg4 e6 23.f5 e:f5 24.e:f5 Qc6 25.Nd5 Ne2+ 26.Kh1 Nc3 
27.Qf3 N:d5 28.c:d5 Q:a4 29.f:g6 Q:h4 30.g:f7+ Kh8 31.h3 R:f7 32.Qg4 
Q:g4 33.h:g4 R:a2 34.R:a2 R:f1+ 35.Kg2 Rf8 36.Ra6 Ne8 37.Kg3 Kg8 
38.Kh4 Rf7 39.Ra8 Re7 40.Kh5 Kg7 41.Rd8 c4 42.Rc8 Nc7 43.Rd8 N:d5 
44.R:d6 Nf4+ 45.Kh4 Rc7   0:1

22 D44
Henry, Walter (A) - McGauhey, Laymon (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 d:c4 5.Nf3 e6 6.a4 Bb4 7.B:f6 g:f6 
8.e3 b5 9.Be2 Bb7 10.O-O B:c3 11.b:c3 a6 12.Nd2 Rg8 13.Bf3 Qc7 14.Ne4 
Nd7 15.Nd2 f5 16.a:b5 c:b5 17.B:b7 Q:b7 18.f3 Nf6 19.Qc2 Nd5 20.Rfe1 
O-O-O 21.Kf2 f4 22.Nf1 f:e3+ 23.N:e3 Nf4 24.Reb1 Qc7 25.Qe4 N:g2 
26.N:g2 Q:h2 27.Qc6+ Kb8 28.Rg1 
  [28.R:b5+ a:b5 29.Ra8#  was missed by Walter]
28...Qg3+ 29.Kf1 Rd6 30.Qe4 f5 31.Qf4 Q:f4 32.N:f4 R:g1+ 33.K:g1 Kb7 
34.Re1 a5 35.N:e6 a4 36.Nc5+ Kb6 37.Kg2 Rg6+ 38.Kf2 Ka5 39.Nb7+ Kb6 
40.Nc5 Ka5   1/2

23 E90
Buckendorf, Glen (A) - Currell, John (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.Bg5 Bg7 4.c4 d6 5.Nc3 Nbd7 6.e4 O-O 7.Qd2 c5 8.d5 
Qa5 9.Rc1 a6 10.Be2 Nb6 11.O-O Bg4 12.Ne1 N:e4 13.Qe3 B:e2 14.N:e2 
N:g5 15.Q:g5 B:b2 16.Rc2 Bf6 17.Qe3 Na4 18.Nf3 b5 19.c:b5 a:b5 20.Ng3 
Qc7 21.Ne4 Bg7 22.Nfg5 h6 23.Qh3 Qc8 24.Qh4 Nb6 25.Rd1 Ra4 26.Nf3 Qf5 
27.Re2 Rfa8 28.Q:e7 R:a2   1/2

24 E30
McGauhey, Princess (C) - Baugus, Eric (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Bg5 h6 5.B:f6 Q:f6 6.e3 c5 7.Ne2 b6 8.Ng3
Bb7 9.f3 O-O 10.Bd3 c:d4 11.e:d4 d5 12.a3 B:c3+ 13.b:c3 Nc6 14.c:d5 
e:d5 15.O-O Rac8 16.Nh5 Qh4 17.f4 g6 18.Ng3 f5 19.Rf3 Na5 20.Ne2 Kh7 
21.Qa4 Rf7 22.Rc1 Qe7 23.Kf2 Bc6 24.Qb4 Qf6 25.Bb5 B:b5 26.Q:b5 Qd8 
27.Re3 Nc4 28.Re6 N:a3 29.Qb4 Nc4 30.Re1 Qh4+ 31.Ng3 Q:f4+ 32.Kg1 a5 
33.Qb5 Rd8 34.Re7 Kg7 35.R1e6 Qg5 36.Re8 R:e8 37.Q:e8 f4 38.Nf1 f3 
39.g3 f2+ 40.Kg2 Qf5 41.Re7 Qf3+ 42.Kh3 Qf6 43.R:f7+ Q:f7 44.Q:f7+ 
K:f7 45.Kg2 a4   0:1

25 C57
Brown, John (A) - Risley, Richard (C) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 d5 5.e:d5 N:d5 6.N:f7 K:f7 7.Qf3+ 
Ke8 8.B:d5 Qf6 9.Q:f6 g:f6 10.c3 Bh6 11.Na3 Ne7 12.Bf3 c6 13.Nc4 Bf5 
14.Nd6+ Kf8 15.N:f5 N:f5 16.g3 Rd8 17.d3 B:c1 18.R:c1 R:d3 19.Be4 N:g3
20.h:g3 Rd7 21.Rd1 Ke7 22.R:d7+ K:d7 23.R:h7+ R:h7 24.B:h7 Ke6 25.Kd2 
f5 26.Ke3 c5 27.c4 a6 28.a4 Kf6 29.a5 Kg7 30.B:f5   1:0

26 A22
Chessik, David (D) - Baron, Albert (C) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.c4 e5 2.e4 Nf6 3.Nc3 d6 4.d3 c6 5.Bg5 Be7 6.Be2 O-O 7.h3 h6 8.Be3 b6
9.a3 Bb7 10.Bf3 Na6 11.b4 d5 12.e:d5 c:d5 13.c:d5 N:d5 14.N:d5 B:d5 
15.Rc1 B:f3 16.N:f3 Qd6 17.O-O Rac8 18.d4 R:c1 19.Q:c1 e:d4 20.N:d4 
Bf6 21.Rd1 Rd8 22.Rd2 Qc7 23.Ne2 Q:c1+ 24.N:c1 R:d2 25.B:d2 Bb2 26.b5 
Nc5 27.Ne2 B:a3 28.Nd4 a6 29.b:a6 N:a6 30.Nb5 Bc5 31.Bf4 f6 32.g4 Kf7 
33.h4 g5 34.Bg3 Ke7 35.Kg2 Nb4 36.f4 g:h4 37.B:h4 Nd5 38.Kf3 Kd7 
39.Ke4 Kc6 40.Na7+ Kd6 41.Kf5 Ne3+ 42.K:f6 N:g4+ 43.Kf5 Ne3+ 44.Kg6 
Bd4 45.K:h6 Nf5+ 46.Kg5 N:h4 47.K:h4 Ke6 48.Kg4 Kf6 49.f5   1/2

27 D47
Walsh, Peter (X) - McGauhey, Laymon (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nf3 e6 5.e3 d:c4 6.B:c4 b5 7.Bd3 Bb7 8.O-O
Nbd7 9.e4 a6 10.Bg5 h6 11.Bh4 g5 12.Bg3 c5 13.d5 e:d5 14.e:d5 N:d5 
15.N:d5 B:d5 16.Re1+ Be6 17.Bf5 Qb6 18.Qd5 Qd8 19.B:e6 f:e6 20.R:e6+ 
Be7 21.Rae1   1:0

28 B15
Trivett, John (A) - Thrush, Thomas (X) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 d:e4 4.N:e4 Nf6 5.N:f6+ e:f6 6.Bf4 Be6 7.Nf3 Bd6
8.Qd2 O-O 9.Be2 Re8 10.O-O Qc7 11.B:d6 Q:d6 12.Rad1 Nd7 13.c3 Rad8 
14.b3 Nf8 15.Bd3 Bg4 16.Rfe1 B:f3 17.g:f3 Ne6 18.Re4 Ng5 19.R:e8+ R:e8
20.Kg2 Qe6 21.Qf4 Qh3+ 22.Kh1 Q:f3+ 23.Q:f3 N:f3 24.Kg2 Ng5 25.a4 Kf8 
26.c4 Rd8 27.Bf5 g6 28.Bg4 Ne6 29.d5 c:d5 30.c:d5 R:d5 31.R:d5 Nf4+ 
  [32.Kg3 N:d5 33.Bf3 Nb4 34.B:b7 a5]
32...N:d5   0:1

29 B23
Currell, John (A) - Henry, Walter (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 d6 2.Nc3 c5 3.Bc4 Nc6 4.Nge2 g6 5.O-O Bg7 6.Ng3 Ne5 7.Bb3 c4 
8.Ba4+ Bd7 9.B:d7+ Q:d7 10.f4 Ng4 11.f5 Bd4+ 12.Kh1 Nf2+ 13.R:f2 B:f2 
14.Qf3 B:g3 15.h:g3 Nf6 16.d4 c:d3 17.c:d3 h5 18.Bd2 O-O 19.Rf1 Ng4 
20.Ne2 e5 21.f6 Rac8 22.Bc3 Qc7 23.Ng1 Qc5 24.Re1 Qf2 25.Rf1 Q:f3 
26.R:f3 Rfe8 27.Nh3 Re6 28.Nf2 R:f6 29.N:g4 R:f3 30.g:f3 h:g4 31.f4 f6
32.Kg2 Kf7 33.Kf2 Ke6 34.Ke3 Rh8 35.d4 e:d4+ 36.B:d4 b6 37.f5+ g:f5 
38.Kf4 f:e4 39.K:e4 Rh1 40.Kf4 f5 41.Bc3 Rf1+   0:1

30 A40
Buckendorf, Glen (A) - Brown, John (A) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 e5 2.d:e5 Nc6 3.Nf3 Qe7 4.g3 N:e5 5.N:e5 Q:e5 6.Bg2 h5 7.Nd2 c6 
8.Nf3 Qc7 9.Bf4 d6 10.Qd3 Be6 11.Nd4 O-O-O 12.N:e6 f:e6 13.O-O-O Qe7 
14.h4 Nf6 15.Bg5 Kb8 16.Qb3 Rc8 17.Bh3 Re8 18.e4 e5 19.Rhe1 g6 20.f4 
Bh6 21.f5 g:f5 22.e:f5 Ng4 23.B:h6 N:h6 24.Qd3 d5 25.c3 Qf7 26.Rf1 Qf6
{Glen resigned because he needed to get home. Black is probably a 
little better}

31 C02
Baugus, Eric (A) - Brailsford, Jim (B) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Qb6 6.a3 c4 7.Be2 Na5 8.Nbd2 
Nb3 9.N:b3 Q:b3 10.Q:b3 c:b3 11.Nd2 a5 12.a4 b6 13.N:b3 Ba6 14.Nd2 
B:e2 15.K:e2 g6 16.Nb1 Ne7 17.Na3 Nc6 18.Nb5 Kd7 19.b3 Na7 20.Na3 Be7 
21.Kd3 f6 22.e:f6 B:f6 23.Re1 Nc6 24.Bf4 g5 25.Bg3 Rae8 26.Nb5 e5 
27.Rac1 g4 28.d:e5 B:e5 29.B:e5 N:e5+ 30.Kd4 Nc6+ 31.K:d5 Ne7+ 32.Kc4 
Rc8+ 33.Kd3 Nd5 34.Rcd1 Rhf8 35.Rd2 Rc5 36.c4 Nb4+ 37.Kc3+ Kc8 38.Re7 
R:f2 39.Re8+ Kb7 40.Rd7+ Kc6 41.Rc7#   1:0

32 D20
McGauhey, Princess (C) - Chessik, David (D) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.d4 d5 2.c4 d:c4 3.e4 e6 4.B:c4 a6 5.a4 c6 6.Ne2 b5 7.a:b5 c:b5 
8.B:b5+ Nd7 9.Qc2 Bb7 10.Bc6 Qc8 11.d5 e:d5 12.e:d5 B:c6 13.d:c6 Nb6 
14.Qe4+ Be7 15.Be3 Nf6 16.Qd3 Nbd5 17.Nbc3 Q:c6 18.Nd4 Nb4 19.N:c6 
N:d3+ 20.Ke2 N:b2 21.Rhb1 Nc4 22.Rb8+ R:b8 23.N:b8 O-O 24.N:a6 Rd8 
25.Rd1 N:e3 26.R:d8+ B:d8 27.f:e3 g6 28.Kd3 Kg7 29.e4 Nd7 30.Nd5 f5 
31.Nf4 f:e4+ 32.K:e4 Bf6 33.Nc7 Kf7 34.g3 h5 35.Nce6 g5 36.N:g5+ B:g5 
37.N:h5 Nf6+ 38.Kf5 Nh7 39.h4 Bd2 40.Nf4 Be1 41.Kg4 Nf6+ 42.Kf3 Kg7 
43.Nd3 Bd2 44.Ne5 Kh6 45.g4 Be1 
     If Black can win both the pawns, the B+NvsN ending may exceed the
  50 moves needed to win, if White can win a piece for a pawn, winning
  chances in the N+PvsB or N are minimal. 
46.g5+ Kg7   1/2

33 B12
Risley, Richard (C) - Baron, Albert (C) ()
1998, Spring Open
1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 Bf5 4.Nf3 e6 5.c4 d:c4 6.B:c4 h6 7.a3 Ne7 8.Nc3 
b5 9.Ba2 Na6 10.b4 Nc7 11.Ne2 Ned5 12.Qb3 Be7 13.Nf4 O-O 14.O-O Qe8 
15.Re1 Rd8 16.h3 Kh8 17.Bd2 N:f4 18.B:f4 g5 19.Bd2 Nd5 20.Rac1 Rc8 
21.Bb1 Bg6 22.Be4 Qd7 23.Qd3 Kg7 24.N:g5 h:g5 25.Qg3 f5 26.e:f6+ B:f6 
27.B:g5 B:d4 28.Bh6+ Kh8 29.B:f8 R:f8 30.Q:g6 B:f2+ 31.Kh1 B:e1 
32.R:e1 Rf6 33.Qg5 Qg7 34.Qh5+ Kg8 35.Qe8+ Qf8 36.Q:c6 Rf1+ 37.R:f1 
Q:f1+ 38.Kh2 Qf4+ 39.Kg1 Q:e4 40.Qe8+ Kg7 41.Qd7+ Kf6 42.Qd8+   1/2

Games provided by John Trivett